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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    I too would be afraid to use such expensive iems. I certainly would not take them out of the house. Maybe I would lock them in a safe:)

    I have some surprisingly good Benjie earbuds as well... the ones that came with my Benjie X6. They have a different shell from the more common MX500 (Monk)shell.

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  2. zazaboy
    Any impressions about the KZ zsx terminator they look Bright from the graph from the description?
  3. KipNix
    Funny, I thought this was the KZ Impressions thread, where ALL impressions about a certain model are discussed.
    When I come here needing to know about a certain KZ IEM, I want to hear all impressions from everybody who has it and decided to share what they have found.
    So yeah, I want to hear every "random impression".
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  4. Podster
    I'm pretty sure that's the $8 TRN cable that also comes in Silver & Black as shown here along with the Yellow Silver combo, makes a red iem rather Iron Mannish:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    KZ TRN ParTey.JPG

    That's too bad on the higher end KZ @igorneumann because IMHO these babies are the real deal:beerchug:

    Solid Budget.JPG

    It is also my opinion that these multi all BA iem's can hang with like iem's costing 5 - 6 times as much but I'm also sure others will disagree just because they feel KZ uses inferior BA's to the ever loved Knowles:rolling_eyes:

    Come to stink of it and I'm sure this will really fluff some feathers here but for me personally I prefer my BA10 to my BGVP DM6's:open_mouth: Oh no he deent:scream_cat: But fear not BGVP fans I truly love both my DMG's and DMS:thumbsup:
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  5. Zerohour88
    I'm not advocating "stop all random impressions". I'm merely saying "if you don't like feeling like you burned money on a purchase based on random impressions, then don't do that again".

    but I guess even that part needed to be explained. I'll stop since people have reported me for being too "personal".
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  6. Caipirina
    In one dispute case they told me that they can't access youtube because its blocked in china ... i had to compress my video to under 20MB I think ...

    Why would an IEM not connect??? or is the OP talking about the T1?
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  7. Coldheart29
    Soooo, i was checking this for reference, and one question arose when looking at the cable on my ZST: do C cables work with B earphones? I'm asking that because it looks like the only real difference between the 2 kinds of connectors is that the C connectors have shorter pins, but the recess in the plastic looks about the same. And looking for cables for the ZST is making me a bit paranoic xD

    Also, kz connectors are the 0.75mm variant, right?
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  8. igorneumann
    Is about the T1... I would get warranty anyways but Admins didnt liked my *illegal* solution.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  9. igorneumann
    Yes, .75mm... The pins have the same lenght, its the "condom" around it that is larger, you can easily cut it.

    The same way the "b" fits the "c" but didnt get as nice looking.
  10. Slater
    All KZs use 0.75mm (except for the original matte black ZS3 which used 0.78mm, which was recalled due to defects so very few people have them).

    However, the connectors are shaped differently. The paragraph A and B are shaped like a bullet - a rectangle with a curved end on 1 side. The paragraph C is shaped like a rectangle with curved ends on both sides.

    Also, the paragraph C sticks out of the top of the earphone. Whereas the A and B are flush with the earphone (or even recessed in some cases).

    You can use a B cable on a C plug, but it fits kinda janky. Personally, I wouldn’t do it, because some people are having the plastic around the C plug crack off. I don’t know if it’s just a fragile design, or if the people having cracking problems are using ghetto rigged B cables? It would be interesting to find out...In any event, I would use the correct cable in all cases (A on A, B on B, and C on C). It’s not like the upgrade cables are expensive.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  11. citral23
    Random impression : just received some pairs of cp145 and cp155, to counterbalance what I don't like on some of my iems, after various cheap tips testing and finding good sizes but often sub-par silicon quality.

    With cp145 the ZS10 pro improved a lot to me. That's not to say it's suddenly superb, but the bass got more controlled, and the mids are a bit relieved because of it, making the whole sound less "enclosed" or "congested".

    I find the bass has still too much impact, which causes fatigue for me but eq can remedy this dialing down 150-200.

    KB100 otoh is great with cp155, can listen to Jamaican dub without wondering if the sound system forgot to plug in the subs :p Can go back to 145 for classical/jazz (or not), versatile.
  12. Coldheart29
    I see. so it's not just about the plug sticking out, but also the actual shape.

    I guess cables like this one will work without issues even thought there's no recess?maybe just higher risk of bending/snapping the pins if one's not carefull enough?
  13. Slater

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  14. Coldheart29
    well, double thanks for answering the questions of a paranoid headfier :ksc75smile:
  15. Podster
    It's all good fellas, we don't need to go there and hopefully we all gather good intel from these post. Sometimes how we approach does not come out like we intend but its all for the good/fun of the hobby:beerchug:

    That is correct @Coldheart29 , I have several of Jim's 8 cores and a boatload of 16 cores waiting in my cart for the 28th! Here's that same cable in 8 core with his M6 iem's:wink:


    Sorry @Slater , if I'd hit the Post Reply button when I'm working on a reply I would not cross post saying the same thing:rolling_eyes:

    Even the original Tri-Braids did not recess all the way into the sockets but worked just fine albeit I guess one could break them off easier but I generally don't wear my iem's when playing Ultimate:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    KZ Walnut Guy.JPG
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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