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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. igorneumann
    I just use foam tips in the ZS6 because of how painful its to use it otherwise.
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  2. Podster
    The best for everyone is find a reviewer they can relate best to by what they hear the same:thumbsup: Of course no two people will align 100% but for sure if you are within an 80/85%'tile you'll like/love what they do:wink:
  3. Zerohour88
    me? lolnope, learnt this after my 2nd purchase 3 years ago or so (basically got into KZ during the ZS3-ZST-ATR debacle)

    I'm just reminding people (or at least telling since it seems people don't know this). That's how you get stupid remarks like "WTH, EVERYONE SAID THIS WAS GREAT BUT I BOUGHT IT AND I DON'T THINK ITS GREAT".

    The other thing I'm always bored of hearing is about how "tuning matters more" like its some kind of wise secret passed down among the monks of audio.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  4. Podster
    Ah, Monks of audio. Those guys that make the killer $5 ear buds:rolling_eyes: Yeah, you know a lot of people just stopped hanging here because of those who open the trap before making sure the bait is good:open_mouth: Then you have those that can't heed graphs and reviews then it becomes a tuning issue! My fave is when all else fails we can start down the Tonality/Timber trail ala Peter cottontail:scream:
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  5. courierdriver
    I bought my second set of ZS10 PRO'S from Aliexpress in June, during their mid year sale. $37 CDN, including shipping with tracking. And no extra fees. They just landed in my mailbox about 2.5 weeks after I ordered them. I've been really impressed with Aliexpress so far.
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  6. courierdriver
    +1! I've got both the V90 and ZSX in my cart at the moment. A comparison would be hugely appreciated.
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  7. HungryPanda
    28th August is the one day Aliexpress summer sale
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  8. courierdriver
    Great...same day I get paid. If I'm smart, I'd buy an dap with a balanced output. But I'm not, so I'll probably get more iems. Sigh...
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  9. Slater
    Get an ES100

    Low output impedance, Dual AK4375a, USB DAC, Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 receiver, balanced output, app with loads of hardware control, custom EQ profiles, aptX, aptX-HD, AAC, LDAC...
  10. Podster
    I've been buying from reputable Ali-Ex sellers for years now with great success myself:beerchug: For sure you should get an ES100 to BT with a phone and make phone files sound way better and I think Drop just had them for $75! Now for a balanced DAP Drop also has my # 1 in the Bit Opus # 1 right now as well:grin: If I was a chick I'd be a Temptress:rolling_eyes:
  11. lgcubana
    Still on sale for $85, on Amazon
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  12. Slater
  13. courierdriver
    Yeah, I think you might be right. I've been pondering this thing for months now. Maybe it's time I finally got myself one. Thanks, @Slater !
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  14. courierdriver
    It's in my Amazon cart now...$129 Cdn. Will most likely buy next week.
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  15. Zerohour88
    I love how one of the narrative was that "KZ JUST CRAM A BUNCH OF BA IN A SHELL AND PRAY" when most stuff are tuned a certain way. Timbre/tonality, that's more to the capability of the transducers used, I'm actually more excited about ZSX because I want to see how the new mid-high drivers are (the DWEK BA model).

    Well, if you're not willing to get a DAP, there's the new E1DA ES9038S and PowerDacV2 USB-C DAC, really good measurements in review. Some sound engineering went into them.


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