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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. clerkpalmer
    Thanks. Looks like I have some reading to do. I’ve owned other iems that cost a lot more. B400, Titan T5 and it’s been awhile but I’m not sure I think they were any better and they sure cost a lot more.
  2. lgcubana
    What would you want to change, of the ZS7's profile ?
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  3. clerkpalmer
    Excellent question. Not sure. Is “better” an option?
  4. lgcubana
    Nope, because my "better" could be a meh for you

    Are there any of your favorite tracks that don't play quite right, on the ZS7s ?
  5. clerkpalmer
    I’ll listen more. I really have zero complaints and are quiet impressed by them. If I had a reference point, xelento are the best iems I have ever heard. Warm, musical and even more importantly fun.
  6. DynamicEars
    sometimes boosted trebles are often perceived as "more detailed" in fact they are just perceived you to heard as more detailed, not real resolution details. You will know if you have TOTL to compare with. I agree with this.

    ZS10 Pro is more congested than ZS7? so ZS7 handles complex tracks better without distortion?

    I don't have ZS7 because I don't intend to collect too many KZs like I did in the past (and a bit regret because they're useless but I take that as a learning curve to know more about chifi world). ZS10 Pro biggest turn off for me is the tonality, weird tonality (just like other KZ with mid-high BAs, sounds steely, not organic).
    In comparison I got Moondrop KP and BQEYZ KB100 too, they have great tonality. Is ZS7 have oraganic natural tonality? how is is compared to KB100? I prefer KB100 than ZS10 Pro honestly even ZS10 Pro have some plus points against KB100.
  7. LaughMoreDaily
    I'm pretty sure only Headfi members buy one of every model of a brand. Before Headfi I just stuck with one pair of earphones at a time.

    Headfi is great for an earphone education that there is more to offer.
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  8. Slater
    Toneking Nine Tail would be my recommendation at that price range. It comes with 3 different front and rear filters, allowing the sound signature to be adjusted in 9 different combinations.

    Im sure others will have good suggestions as well.
  9. clerkpalmer
    Thanks Slater. Always appreciated.
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  10. KimChee
    Yeah, I had C16 already do I want that interested in AS16...I might just wait for C20, and I’m also looking into some of the higher customs like Empire Ears...

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  11. gbrgbr
    Any way to fix this ?

    The volume of the right earpiece of my ZSA sometimes gets very low. Sometimes even goes dead. Later on it sounds ok, then after some time the same prob starts,

    Tried diff cables. Tried diff sources. If I attach the right side cable to the left earpiece, the volume is OK. (EDIT : If I attach the left side cable to the right earpiece, same prob.)

    So the prob is with the right ear piece.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
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  12. Coldheart29
    Eh, i guess i'm convinced about the zs7 then.
    Just one more question, how big are they? If possible a photo next to the zst would be great, since i have them and it would be easy to compare the 2.

    Well, i guess that's another matter of taste, cause i, for example, like to collect different models even from the same manufacturer, even just for collection sake. And chifi is great for that since you won't need to bleed yourself dry to afford a decently sized collection
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  13. SinisterDev
    I'm really curious about how the ZSX is going to turn out. I'm also curious about the CCA C12. I remember seeing the C16 when I bought my first Chifi IEM, the C10. Wonder why CCA made the C16 first and are now making the C12? Seemed like some other companies had released their multi BA IEMs in order. So I wonder how different the 12s will be from the 16? Lol, I'm still learning so much about all the different internal components. Different DD types, and all the different, popular BAs and their pros and cons. I am interested in taking the plunge in the future and getting an iem in the $100 range. So many choices haha. Based on what y'all have said here about various IEMs, I'm very interested in experiencing several IEMs and how they differ in sound. So far I only have the C10 and ZS10 Pro to compare. And I really like both, but I wanna hear more!
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  14. citral23
    It's not really about distortion, by congested I mean the sound seems packed up awfully tight in there with no way to escape, think of those consumer supermarket "hi-fi" systems of the 90s (Aiwa, Pioneer etc) that were competing for consumer attention with overly compressed sound that had literally 0 3D quality to them.

    I wouldn't say the ZS7 has an organic tonality. But that's not a big issue for saturated guitars or EDM tbh. It plays jazz ok, but far from "great". At least it's not congested like the ZS10 pro so music can breath with it, but unless you eq it honestly it's too much bass on say Getz, Gilberto and it becomes detrimental to the presentation. KPE has slightly too much bass to be called audiophile I think, but it's very controlled and enjoyable, with superb contrabass rendition, very enjoyable for me.

    Sax, voices, piano all sound much more natural on KPE. A lot more.

    But KPE struggles with death metal imo, it's like trying to rock death metal on a vintage fender amp, that's fantastic for country but not up to the metal job. ZS7 is your Peavey or Randall, if that makes sense.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    Your signature says you're either a liar or not a very good collector. :wink:


    IEMs/Earbuds: KZ ZST, VE Monk+ candy, Shure se215.
    Headphones: Sony MDR-100aap, Koss PortaPro.
    Sources: Fiio X3ii, Oneplus 3t.

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