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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
  2. LaughMoreDaily
    The ZS10 is great for rock music.
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  3. coflaes
    Zs10 pro is waaaaay better than zs10, dont trust people that only buy cheap crap, the diference in money is not that much. Zs7 and zs10 pro are the best kzs yet.
  4. KimChee
    I wish both companies would consolidate their lines and focus on iems that are a bigger upgrade. Not that I don’t enjoy the every few months releases, but they seem to be more sidegrades and I’m trying not to own 10 of these things...
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  5. Coldheart29
    Hm, in that case i guess the question should be, how do the as06, zs10 pro and zs7 actually compare to each other?
    From what i've gathered, the zs7 is bassier than the the zs10 pro, while the zs10 pro is more detailed. But i'm not really sure of which one is the smoother sounding, and of how the as06 compares to them(i think the as06 has a less fatiguing tuning than the as10?).
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  6. citral23
    The ZS10 pro has more treble than the ZS7. Some call it more detailed because of that.

    The ZS10 pro is more congested than the ZS7 (despite the stronger ZS7 bass). It has almost no soundstage at all. Mids are overly recessed. I find it increasingly hard to listen to, moreso after spending more time with my KPE and KB100 lately. Still trying as I somehow want to like it but....

    I think it sucks in fact. Unnatural, congested, "in your head", fatiguing sound. The added treble doesn't bring any air to it.

    Still like the ZS7 for EDM and death metal. Not for acoustic music.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  7. Slater
    I agree, but as an example 10x$40(or $50)=$400-$500, vs 1x$120=$120.

    Which do you think KZ would rather have us do?
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  8. Coldheart29
    Hmm, that makes it sound like i'd like the zs7 more afterall, as i thought. And the part about edm and death metal is quite usefull, as i happen to listen to those genres.
    I guess you haven't heard either the as06 or as10 to make a comparison?
  9. citral23
    No, I have not. Heard they don't have much sub, but faster bass being all BA.
  10. clerkpalmer
    I can’t comment on the other models but I certainly endorse the zs7. Sounds pretty awesome for rock music. Bass hits low and fast but with no bleed. I previously owned the xelento among others and while they don’t get to that level, the price to performance ratio is off the charts.
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  11. clerkpalmer
    The sub bass is there but it does decay extremely quickly. Impressively so.
  12. KimChee
    I listen to edm and death metal zs7 is awesome for both...

  13. baskingshark
    Actually I think KZ tried to muscle into the $100 USD price bracket recently with their KZ AS16, but it wasn't that successful, especially when many had the cheaper CCA C16 already. And at that price bracket there are other bigboys to compete with.

    I still think KZ does great with their sub $50 USD IEMs but as you say, a lot of the recent offerings are sidegrades. Let's see how the KZ terminator and CCA C12 turn out.
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  14. clerkpalmer
    I am new to this chifi stuff but I am pretty amazed at the zs7. If I wanted to say double my budget to 80 to 100 what would you guys suggest and would the upgrade be significant?
  15. Zerohour88
    other brands? head over to:


    I don't think there's a consensus on a model to recommend so far around that tier (fiercely competitive).

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