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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    Any good upgrade cables out there for ZS6 v2? or ZSA, the lone ranger who hates non-stock cables?
  2. courierdriver
    I'm kinda dumbfounded. First, why haven't you even listened to the Crescent?! Second, why do you think you should have bought a Bqeys instead? What is it sound wise that you are searching for?
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  3. courierdriver
    I bought my second set of ZS10 PRO for $37 Cdn from Aliexpress in the middle of June, during their half year sale.
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  4. SoundChoice
    The Crescent is a comfortable pleasant-sounding surprise.
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  5. LaughMoreDaily
    No doubt... I hear it sounds like a Kanas Pro... Well, half of one. :wink:
  6. LaughMoreDaily
    I think I am so used to the KZ style and ease of use that I havent paid attention to the C yet. I am trying to get my KZ's to sound their best before I go there, I guess?

    Unfortunately, KZ's need some mods sometimes to sound their best... whole other brands make iems great out of the box.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
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  7. LaughMoreDaily
    I sort of liked the ZS6 v2 today. Unfortunately, he's picky at what music he likes to listen to. But when he finds a recording he enjoys (it takes a while), he's a "winner".

    Because of this problem though, I will rarely listen to him. What a jerk!
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  8. Caipirina
    Sure that's a 'he'? :D Sounds more like ... :wink:

    anyhooo, how again do I know if it is V1 or V2? I got the red ones like 6 weeks ago, so Guess that's a V2?
  9. archdawg
    Based on what has been discussed and more or less agreed upon here a while ago there seem to exist at least 3 versions of the ZS6:
    V1: no lip on the nozzle (aka 'nozzle-lip'), old Bellsing 30095 BA with infamous piercing treble but very spacious soundstage
    V2: same Bellsing BAs > sound, stage, air, etc... but lip on the nozzle (I own one of these)
    V3: 'nozzle-lip' but newer, 'customized' 30095 BAs (see text in KZ product images), less piercing treble but somewhat reduced soundstage and less airy. I own two copies (green and red) that I bought in February and March this year and the treble sounds distinctively more tame and rolled off compared to my older, grey V2 set.
    There's also a chance that KZ changed components of the passive crossover to tame the treble, but I haven't done any measurements myself.
    With that being said I'd suspect that there exist different versions of other KZ models as well (standard Bellsing BAs/ customized KZ BAs), but since I don't own multiple copies of any other KZ hybrids apart from the ZS6 and later ZS7 I can't confirm this.
  10. auraldesire95
    Odd question. Which is the best store to order the CCA C10 from: NiceHCK Audio Store or CCA Global Store?

    NiceHCK have more orders in comparison. (1,120 > 662)
  11. megapowa
    I ordered various things from nicehck store. No problem at all.

    But I see no reason to order from 3rd party instead of the official store.

    Cca is a newer store hence why it has fewer total orders.
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  12. Caipirina
    Thank you for taking the time for this very detailed response!

    I do recall the whole nozzle-lip discussion ... looks like only my ZS5 is lip-less :) So far I never noticed a piercing treble on my 6ers , but I did not go search for it either.

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  13. Caipirina
    Only can vouch for NiceHCK store, very good experiences, they have seen a lot of my money :D
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  14. baskingshark
    I have bought from NiceHCK Audio Store many times and they have fast shipping and good service.
    But personally, I go for the cheapest deal (with free shipping) on Aliexpress. If the price is thereabouts, I would go for the one with the best shipping speed/communication based on the storepage review.
    Aliexpress is quite safe IMHO, they will keep the money in escrow and will only release the money to seller once you have confirmed a satisfactory product. I bought ~ 100 items from them and they all sooner or later ended up at my doorstep. Only received 1 lemon which was refunded after I contacted seller.
  15. Coldheart29
    I bought the ZSR cause it has a noticeable dip in the 3.5 to 4.5 khz range, and that should be great for me, since i'm quite sensitive to that region of the audible spectrum.
    And i got the zse just because it was 2 buck and with a coupon i had it was basically free.
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