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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Assimilator702
    Try the NiceHCK translucent grey/red core tips that most everyone sells for less than $1 for a set of six. Basically whoever is selling them puts their name. They look like he tips that TFZ packages with their iems but have a slightly larger opening and a rounder corner profile. I’ve categorized all my tips, measured the bores, taken note of the corner profiles and these tips for me are one of the best if not THE BEST tips available. Every set I’ve tried them on sounded good while certain tips like the famous Sony Hybrid could make the treble siblant due to the smaller hole. When certain tips like a TRN which are also very nice didn’t give me a good seal these tips gave me a seal in the Medium and Large size. The bore size seems to control sets with excessive treble but not restrict the treble that are just right for me. Bass is always preserved.

    While my go to tips were always Sony Hybrids these are my go-to tips now and I stock up every time I place an order on AE. The TRN Black or Whites are also nice and very similar but have a slightly different sized opening and outer profile.
  2. lgcubana
    I'm sure I missed a few, but thanks for steering me towards the ZS7
    They're a fun setup, without any fatigue, at higher volume,
    with an assist from the ES100

    ZS7 winner.jpg
  3. Coldheart29
    Ok, looking ar the description on AE it looks like they're a universal size. So, at this point the question is, is there any difference between the different colors, or is it itst an aesthetical thing?
  4. pcpeasant
    Can anyone suggest the best pair of KZ earphones under 20 dollars for rock (Rush, Green day, The Beatles, RHCP etc)?
  5. nraymond
    Does anyone have both the KZ ZS7 and the CCA C10 and can offer a comparison? ThePhonograph.net's review of the C10 talks about how similar they are. Their graphs indicate some differences in treble response, while the bass doesn't look that different, but they suggest the ZS7 is for those who want more bass than the C10 offers. Does that observation hold out for most people, and are there noticable differences in treble response as well?
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  6. megapowa
    I can confirm that the zs7 is a bass cannon.
  7. pbui44
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  8. KimChee
    The 7 treble is a bit rolled off, ZS7 has a deep sub bass rumble with good texture, if you cable it it greatly increases soundstage detail and separation

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  9. KimChee
    Cable 130?

  10. SinisterDev
    What is this Cable 130 I keep seeing people mentioning? I was trying to find a link or something for it...
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  11. Dani157
    KZ ED9 (filters allow you to tweak sound per your liking) and ZSN/ZSN Pro
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    You should post a link to cable 130 because I don't know what that is. :wink:
  13. LaughMoreDaily
    Does anyone know a good cable for the ZS6 v2?

    I just realized I have been confusing cable microphonics with the music I thought I was listening to!
  14. voicemaster
    Just get trn bt20s no more microphonic
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    I don't use bluetooth or wifi to listen to music. Only wired cables.

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