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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. courierdriver
    Plus 1 for ZS10 PRO. They are coming down in price on Aliexpress. Absolutely crazy fun sounding! They sound great straight outta the box, with the stock tips too. Stock cable leaves a bit to be desired, but overall sound of this set is superb. It only gets better when you roll tips and cables. My favorite daily driver right now.
  2. SinisterDev
    Ah! I looked into the cable 130 and researched "single crystal" cables in general, since I kept seeing the term used in a bunch of high end cables. From a scientific perspective a cable made of a monocrystaline structure sounds pretty fascinating! I can see why many of them are so pricey, especially ones made of pure silver. Really interesting. I'd love to hear the difference. Maybe someday..
  3. DynamicEars
    read @Slater and @nxnje suggestions below, i just want to add more things.

    Agree with super helpful man @Slater here, I would suggest KZ released after ZSN Pro, because previous KZs for J-pop especially for female vocal, have tendency to be shouty at 3khz peak. I can confirm from ZSN pro (or C10 actually) they have tamed down the 3khz peak
    all ZSN pro, C10, ZS10 pro are safe for female vocal jpop. I have those KZs except ZS7 and EDR1.

    And since @Slater talked about BQEYZ KB100, they are on ZS10 Pro level, with some pros and cons, for tonality i prefer KB100, more natural than a bit "steely" BAs from ZS10 Pro, but at complex tracks, ZS10 Pro handles better. Sub bass better on ZS10 Pro than KB100. Trebles on KB100 way more smooth and not tiring but ZS10 Pro has more extension on high end.
    Soundstage on ZS10 Pro is wider, but KB100 is deeper with great imaging

    So I cant say which one is better from the two, but for me tonality is important factor so I would pick KB100 over ZS10, but again remember its just personal preference.

    *edited : just realized I wrote all ZS10 without "Pro" word behind, it will make wrong perception. Yes I was talking about ZS10 Pro version which are very different from old ZS10. All corrected and added soundstage comparison

    Good advice from @nxnje too.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  4. xxAMAROKxx
    I agree with you and the user. These cheap "silver", "silver/gold" or mixed cables destroy soundstage (maybe they add some scary layer or harmony into the sound). Instruments aren't placed on the spot, but stretched into my head. It's not natural for me also.
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  5. citral23
    No because the cable adds to your IEM impedance. If you had a high Z output, it would even be beneficial to have a high Z cable then, to reduce the mismatch.

    The benefit of low Z is that it's easy to drive from a phone or whatever low output device, it has little to do with sound.

    The main factor of how a set sound is how air is moved by the membranes of your DD/BAs. The electricity that reaches them travels the same way through copper, silver or stainless steel, electrons don't reorganize themselves depending on the cable they travel to make music sound different, it's scientifically impossible.

    It's just common sense vs narratives.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  6. Slater
    Diamond cables sound the best:

    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  7. citral23
    Ah yes, they make the bass sound rich and the trebles shiny. The soundstage takes that exquisite diamond shape, too, that even gold cables can't reproduce.
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  8. nraymond
    And when your diamond-covered cables start to wear down, you can strip off the insulation and then tie them together and use them as kite string and battle other kites, as an alternative to the glass-shard covered kite strings. Diamond is stronger, so you should be able to dominate your kite battles!
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  9. Caipirina
    These look kinda sweeeeet ... and I've seen the ZSX mentioned here before, but this is the first time I see a picture ...

    But I am putting myself on a time out for now, until I actually really listened to all the KZs I bought over the summer and totally neglected over TWS :D

  10. KipNix
    I think those were used in the Turbo Encabulator, too.
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  11. B9Scrambler
    Has anyone pointed out that KZ clearly specifies the number of drivers is per side? Good job KZ. Now people won't be as easily confused.
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  12. Coldheart29
    In general, yes, that's the case, but i'm actually not sure that stands true for crossovered earphones (the ones with passive crossovers at least, dunno if there's any iem with active crossovers).
    I'm no electrical engineer, but a couples years back i rembember researching the matter a bit, and as far as i remember the conclusion is that because of the way passive crossovers work, the llwest the inpedance leading to their imput, the better they work.

    Again, i'm no electrical engineer, i only had 1 electrical engineering exam in my course at uni, and it butwas a while ago, so i might have some things mixed up, but i remember reaching this conclusion back then.

    Wait what, diamond cables? Now that's something new to me.
    Well, at least they must be really shiny
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  13. youngarthur
    Well..... KZ buds worked well first time.(20 Minutes) Second time, would not connect to each other, but problem solved after dispute with KZ. Now third time of use, the buds won't connect to each other. Have opened dispute again!. Other buds I have, work flawlessly, so I do know what I am doing.
  14. Caipirina
    Well, actually their choice of words initially very much confused me ...

    "what? there's only stuff on one side? What about the other side" ?

    'One sided' is not the best way to describe it, but by now I should be used to Chinglish enough (also, only took me about a minute :wink: )
  15. assassin10000
    Also good for jail breakouts to saw through those pesky bars.
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