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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Try to wear them with the cable up over your ears. That will help hold them in place.

    Also, foam ear tips will help lock them in place.
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  2. PhonoPhi
    The shell of AS16, A10, C16 etc is a well-established design close in constituents to ZS10 pro, etc.
    The top is actually zinc-aluminum alloy, which is heavy (hopefully for acoustic purposes).
    The main difference of AS16 shells with the ones of ZSN pro is that the former is tighter to fit, but the isolation may be better, even to much.

    AS12 is tempting, but I am waiting for C20, C18 or possibly C12 :)
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  3. igorneumann
    I have the AS10, I understand is the same shell with the outer layer in alloy instead of transparent plastic... If thats true, I like how it fits.

    But I still dont like how it looks... Not about the shell itself but the outer plate design.

    And it feels so weird to write this as I always had been a "sound quality is the only thing that matters" guy but after a couple of years hoarding KZ, there are simply so many options that I started to skip some due to ergonomics (ZS7), look (AS16, because of appearance and price, I do like treble bombs) or both things (BA10, really, What?), specially when they are over 35$.
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  4. PhonoPhi
    AS10 fits a bit gentler for me than the designs with the top alloy plates, no major difference though.
    The top plate is noticeably heavy, since it is zinc alloy rather than aluminum.
    Talking of BA10, revisiting it for the comparison, I was surprised how light the shell is (only 6 g), it is beautifully made and the sound is more refined AS10.
    Just the corners, those corners...
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  5. igorneumann
    I hate to hear good things about the BA10/ZS7, as it makes me want to buy them, im pretty sure they both have terrific sound signature, but also that they would end up neglected because of fitting just like the ZS6. (That still one of the best sounding KZs).

    Im pretty sure I would use it very often if was my 2nd IEM, but when the number of iems is on double digits there are less time for it.

    I just think KZ is unable to make a aluminum IEM that I like.

    Zs6/7 shell is a pain to use.
    ED9/15 dont stay in my ear (heavy in the wrong end)
    My ZSA had a loose connector and never sounded right to my taste (and I want to love this IEM so bas as I love its shell)
    The BA10 gives me pain just to look at it... Specially the golden/red one, Really?

    Thats why I felt in love instantly by the TRN V80, its like TRN got right what KZ was trying so hard.

    One day I lost it and bought a new one the same day, just to find it a week later... And Im glad I did as the new ones are way less attractive IMHO (they are shiny blue not "blue with metallic dots" as the one I have).

    Maybe too much information but that extra V80 ultimatelly turned into weed.

    Funny fact: I was about to "step up the game" and buy a Kanas Pro when I "lost" my V80, that incident made me go back to my 50$ budget for each IEM.

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  6. igorneumann
    Tried that, the cables over my ear helped... I could manage 15 steps before it falling out, or 2 head turns, big improvement from "instant fall".

    Foam didnt helped but then I reminded of a Spinfot cp240 and IT WORKED!

    Similar story with the ED9 (this one I had managed to use indoors before, it stayed in my ears as long as I dont moved), a double tip did the job.

    Ill try them outside in a while but for the first time I could properly test my ed15 (bought at launch).

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  7. SilverEars
    I forgot that I had these, and measured it. KZ ZS5 V1. And just like other graphs of it we've seen, we can see the suck-out at effectively 4-8k.

    KZ ZS5 L&R.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  8. Mybutthurts
    New Bee silicone tips ain't bad either, I'm only just coming around to using their foam tips on the ZS10 Pro having not on well with them on AS10 and original ZS10.
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  9. Slater
    V1 or V2?
  10. SilverEars
    Not sure. How to tell? Perhaps it's V1 since I got it when there were a bit of a hype around them when came out.
  11. Slater
    If you look in the nozzle with a flashlight, how many BA drivers do you see behind the nozzle screen? They look like tiny metal circles/tubes.

    If you only see 1, it’s ZS5 v1. If you see 2, then it’s a ZS5 v2.

    This is what it looks like with the nozzle mesh removed:


    Note that you can still see the drivers without removing the mesh, like this v2:

    See the 2 ‘circles’ that show up through the mesh? Those are the BA drivers.
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  12. SilverEars
    I can see through the mesh and it's only one sound outlet, so it's for sure V1.
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  13. Slater
    That’s a rare and sought after model, friend. Cherish and enjoy that well. Either that, or sell it (which you’ll have absolutely no problem doing).
  14. SilverEars
    If anybody wants to buy it from me, please PM me. I had no idea it was a sought after item, why is that?
  15. Slater
    Some people really like the sound tuning. It really needs the right kind of source to sound good, because the drivers are all wired in series (not parallel). If you just try it with a phone, it will sound like crap.

    Also because of supply and demand. It was not out for long before being replaced by the v2, so it is sought after.

    Finally, it has a huge sound stage (probably the biggest of any KZ), which people like.

    Probably the only KZ models more rare are the micro ring, ANV, and ZS1 v1 (with the brass ring).
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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