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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. billbishere
    I have been tip rolling like crazy on the zs10 pros. Every time I try a memory foam tip it looses a good portion of the sub bass but it tames the top a bit as I find them midly sibalant on some songs. I have get to find a tip that retains that sub bass but tames the top. I have more coming tho .
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  2. Assimilator702
    But if you DO hear something "missing" with the ZS10 PRO it would only be when directly compared to something with a different sound signature. Don't get caught up in the head games that come from proponents of expensive gear being vastly superior to budget gear. I enjoy my CCA CA4 and ZSN just as much as I do $1200 headphones.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  3. Assimilator702
    20190720_120613.jpg 20190720_120709.jpg
    Look what the mailman left on my porch today.
  4. Assimilator702
    First impressions are very good. Seems more of an improvement to the AS10. No treble murder out of the box and wide or narrow bore silicone tips work for me. Bass digs deep but there isn't a heavy midbass boost. It seems KZ put that extra 22955 BA driver to good use.

    Only a quick impressions post but so far I am very impressed. Tracks that hurt with the CCA A10 are not painful and that's such a relief as I was worried KZ would simply add an extra BA bass driver but have the top end overbearing as with the A10. After a few days of play time I'll give a more thorough impression.

    I haven't really analyzed detail retrieval yet. One thing at a time as I'm just happy they have a more conservative tuning in the upper mids and treble.
    But if any of you were on the fence the AS12 sounds like a progression of the AS10 which I'm sure will please many people.
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  5. pbui44
    I was talking to someone during CanJam RMAF 2014 about how our ears, heads, and brains are all different and that we will hear things differently as a result, and he had an absolutely perplexed look on his face while listening. Yet, it is basically a conundrum when we think about what we want, not just with audio, but in general.

    That is why I approve of KZ products so much, which makes the most checks on what we want most in IEMs at a Walgreens/CVS price. The LZ A4 I just received sounds better than my ZSA...but there are so many ear tips and filters, some of those filters so not work well in very humid weather conditions, quality control on the internal parts is questionable...etc. The LZ A4 is not even that expensive at $200 MSRP, but it was recently discontinued does not quite sound to precise in a noisy coffee shop, so my $16 ZSA kept its place as reigning champion for outdoor stuff.
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  6. Wiljen
    and the KB10 completes the triplets


    If there are differences between the Tripowin TP10, the CCA A10, and the KBear KB10, they are pretty minimal.
  7. Makahl
    If you keep struggling to find a good tip might one of those mods will fix it for you:

    1) Shoving a piece of foam inside of the tip. Example:
    2) 3M Micropore mod (not transpore):

    Those mods work like a charm for taming highs and it's rather easy to perform (or undo).
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  8. mbwilson111
    You could visit the BQEYZ thread. People do seem to agree that they are consistent in doing good models. I love my KB100 and I know my husband loves his BQ3.

    Here is a link to the thread:


    someone posted this chart in one of the other IEM threads but I do not see it in the BQEYZ thread so maybe I should add it there.

    I have no idea if this is meant to be quantity, quality or some kind of combination...or if listeners would agree.

    This is the post where I found it :

  9. moisespr123
    I've found the "bass" tips to work better for me, because the nozzle is closer to my ear and the sound seems better that way. I've tried using that tip with the ZS10 Pro and it improved things, but not to the level as to me wanting to use it for every day use. They are softer too compared to the KZ star tips. Unfortunately, finding these tips are almost impossible unless you buy an FiiO or Hidizs IEM.
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  10. Assimilator702
    What's the difference between Micropore and transpore?
  11. Makahl
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  12. LaughMoreDaily
    The ED16 with the 8 core silver KZ cable is sparkly and bright but noisey and possibly passable with this config as albums sound as they were recorded, different.

    The ZS6 v2 which sounds dark, crisp and clear. But potentially boring as it lacks sparkle. But it's still a contender and a good buy.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  13. nraymond
    I guess you can disagree with the producers, mastering engineers, maybe how a live performance was mic’d and hey it’s up to you to try to correct those decisions with your audio equipment. But if you don’t disagree with those decisions, and especially if we’re talking about live music, there is the baseline 100% experience of being there live, and then listening to a recording on audio equipment is some percentage of that live experience. Different speakers/headphones and different audio equipment comes some percentage close to that, and that’s true for everyone.
  14. macky112
    Can anyone comment if the stock ZS7 cable is better or worse than the stock ZS10 Pro cable?
  15. baskingshark
    I always suspected this, thanks for the graph to confirm it. The rolled off subbass and scary lower treble peak make this a hard pass for me for all of these sets.

    I started my journey in CHIFI due to KZ, but other than CCA doing some good work with the tuning of their lineup and the KZ ZS10 Pro/ZS7, I've been pretty disappointed with tripowin and the other latest KZ offerings.
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