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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. PhonoPhi
    ZSN Pro rather than ZSN - almost the same price, more refined.
    From a sister/relative KZ company, CCA, CCA CA4 (very similar to ZSN Pro) and CCA C10 (nice resolution, treble is gently subdued) are good candidates.
    Also ZS10 Pro - a recent consensus favourite may be worth to consider.
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  2. nxnje
    Hey boy! I'm from Italy as well! If you need some tips, don't hesitate contacting me.

    In any case, the ZSN Pro could be fatiguing for some in the upper range, and the ZSE is an old product. Nowadays you can buy something better than this last one.

    Pizza > espresso cafe

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  3. nxnje
    I own both and like both.
    ZS10 Pro has a more powerful and emphasized bass region, forward midrange and sparkling highs with lots of detail. They are very easy to drive and soundstage is just a tad above average considering the almost linear mids.

    The T3 are musical with a more neutral presentation but could show some sibilance.
    Technically, the T3 are some steps above, but i'd say i quite feel i need always mi fiio a3 to carry out the best from them, while the ZS10 pros are much easier to drive.

    They're different, and there's not one which is better than the other.
  4. shockdoc
    Wow, thanks so much for the awesome comparison. One last question. How do they compare as far as isolation? TIA
  5. Crandall
    What you're describing is essentially the same as what I was looking for, found it with the ZS7. I had tried the AS10 before, but didn't like the subdued sub bass, and had too much upper mid/lower treble.
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  6. chi-fi mel
    I received my RevoNext QT5 today. It's a premium product other than the useless eartips. It sounds good, but I doubt it can challenge the AS10 as my daily driver. I've read a lot of raves in this forum for the ZS10 Pro, ZS7 and a few others and I'm wondering if anyone feels there's any KZ that's clearly better than the AS10.
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  7. SoundChoice

    Get ZS10 Pro and call it a day
  8. igorneumann
    ZSE isn't a specially good model, if you are going Dynamic, I would get the classic ATE, instead... but I wouldn't go dynamic as the hybrids are so much better and so cheap.

    ZS10 Pro is amazing but more expensive than what you are looking for, check out the ZSN Pro, ZS4, ES4, or even the TRN v80 or IM1.

  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I can't seem to find my ZSA cable... :frowning2: Apparentely, they made it so you can't use any others.

    I hope I can find one on Aliexpress?
  10. Coldheart29
    Oh wow, so many answers in so little time.

    Hey, nice to meet someome else from Italy (and yeah, pizza is definitely better ).
    What about the ZST? I must admit they look rather nice. Is the sound quality up to the task?

    As far as fatigue goes, i mostly need something to use when i'm on my mountain bike, so 1 or 2 hours sessions at most (got other main headphones), so i'm not particularly concerned about that. They can be bright, just non so bright that after a couple songs i feel the need to take them off. Actually, i am looking for something a bit brighter, since the headphones i use nowadays (Monk+ and sony mdr 100aap) are more on the darker side of things (the sony ones, my mains, particularly so).
  11. nxnje
    Which genres do you like most?
    The zst is an old product, like an outdated product compared to the more recent kz line.

    I would advice you going for the ZS10 pro.
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  12. jeromeaparis
    ZSE, as ZS2 is an old double dynamic, bassy, without trebles and details
    ZST is the first hybrid (with one BA) ZST colorfull is ok, but ZSN or even ES4 are much better with newer technology
    maybe it is better you buy only one better earphone as the ZS10 pro than two as one ZSN + one ES4
    And stock purple ZSN (with cooper cable) is better than ES4, cause stock ES4 is too bassy, that can be solved with silver plated cable or whirl large bore tips.

    my advice: If you dont need a second one for your friend, buy one ZS10 pro
    otherwise buy two ZSN (not the pro), these are the best. You get a lot for the price.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  13. igorneumann
    The ZSA cable is a regular "Paragraph B" cable, look for ZST cable.

  14. PhonoPhi
    BA10, as long as the fit is not an issue. The same drivers etc but a bit more resonant and coherent.
    Then I very much agree AS10 is really nice.
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  15. igorneumann
    I personally prefer the Pro version (tighter bass), maybe getting a ZSN and a ZSN Pro and deciding for himself.


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