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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. PhonoPhi
    Unfortunately, ZSA and CCA C04 use a special cable (looks like type B, but a bit smaller).
    ZSA seems to be a dead branch of KZ evolution...
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  2. RikudouGoku
    Since the ZS10Pro fits me much better it gets the better isolation, not a huge difference so using foam tips would help both a lot
  3. nxnje
    I own many KZ (ZS6, ZS7, ZS10PRO, ZSN PRO, ED9, EDR1, and some from CCA like CA4, A10, C10 and so on)..

    I miss ZSA in my collection.
    Do you think it's a piece which is good to get?
    Do you think i should
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  4. PhonoPhi
    ZSA and C04 are cheerfully V-shaped. ZSN and ZSN Pro largely superseded them my sound, to my ears. Though the difference is not drastic, and some may still prefer ZSA for its energetic signature, C04 is a bit more refined.

    ZSA may me advantageous for small ears (really nice shell but a bit loose for me).

    If just for collection, C04 shell is unique and may be worth to consider (?)

    P. S. Minus their unique cable.
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  5. HungryPanda
    As much as I really like the ZS10 Pro I am listening to the AS06 a lot at the moment. They have a very laid back sound which is great for acoustic music
  6. mbwilson111
    The type A will fit the ZSA but of course will not have the angled connector. If it fits an ED16 it will fit a ZSA. I am using the stock cable from my husbands ZSA on my ED16 because I like the angled connector but the B will not fit. He is using an aftermarket balanced cable on his ZSA. @LaughMoreDaily try one of the A type cables that you probably have on other KZs. You will see.
  7. PhonoPhi
    You are right!
    Actually, I was just checking it out.
    Generic two-pin connectors fit ZSA and C04 quite well, so @LaughMoreDaily can use his advanced/fancy 8-core and 16-core cables :)
  8. archdawg
    I'm using my ZSA on a NiceHCK 8-core cable with standard 2 pin (0.75mm) connectors without any probs whatsoever.


    No idea what you should do but I like those tiny puppies quite a bit. Sure you could get something like the ZSN (Pro) or whatever for about the same money but I wouldn't want to miss the ZSA in my (non-)collection for their unique sound sig. BTW, their build quality is just amazing.
  9. igorneumann
    BA10 look like a ergonomic nightmare... I cant stand the ZS6 i own, so never looked twice at it.

    How is that? Does it changed?

    I have one from when they launched and the only weird thing I had was that its connector was loose (it kept falling from the connector).
    I then pressed a standard Paragraph B adapter pin's tip with a plier and still using it since then.
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  10. xxAMAROKxx
    As a laidback KZ iem (with realy soft treble), I know only ZS10-new revision.
    I'm waiting for AS10 and hope, they are too.
    According to phonograph.net frequency graph AS12 isn't laidback at all.
    What about BA10? Are they? Or any other tips? Thanks.
  11. Wiljen
    For anyone else who was told the CCA A10 and Tripowin TP10 were different tunings... These measurements were done on my rig 17 days apart so are not even done back to back and were not tweaked in any way to tighten up the graph. They were level matched only in the fact that the input level is set on the measurement rig to be constant so differences in amplitude would be visible. I would argue that other than the name on the shell, no differences exist in the two. I should have the KZ and KBear versions shortly to overlay too and see if all 4 are indeed clones or if any tuning variances exist on any of them.

    CCA A10 - Tripowin TP10.jpg
  12. BadReligionPunk
    Yikes! Those graphs are kinda scary to me. Lots -o- treble.
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  13. Light - Man
    Hey Doc, just go for the Tin T3 and return it if it disappoints you.

    I also reckon on balance that the T3 is a step up to the KZ ZS10 Pro. It has an overall coherence and refinement that makes it special. Isolation is good, I use foam tips (NewBee and Flare).

    The cable is really nice and does not tangle easily like the 10 Pro.The T3 never loses composure and has little if any coloration. The T3 sounds like an open back where the 10 pro can get a bit congested/ muddled with the bass drifting into the mids on occasions. The T3 seems to benefit from extended burn-in time. On a few occasions the T3 can show up a tinge of harshness in the treble but that is just a side effect of a revealing treble.
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  14. Wiljen
    They both earn an "avoid" in my book unless you just love a bright treble.
  15. nxnje
    It'a about the little shell i'm thinking, i think i could like them.

    I have the AS06 but i feel better chosing the CCA A10 if i want a complete BA experience.

    Do you own ZS7 or ZS6? could you make a comparison between the ZSA and one of the two? I own a ZSN Pro but i prefer my ZS10 so i'm just making a gift to my little cousin with the ZSN Pro.
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