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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Podster
    LOL, I dig my 10 Pros so much I ordered two backup pairs off Drop and like you may end my KZ addiction with the 10's! Sorry @B9Scrambler to let you down but I've now got two lifetimes in iem's and with one starting college and the other just two years out I'm re-directing funds these days. Matter a fact I've really been hitting the gifting trail as of late and this is pretty much my current KZ stable outside of ZS1 Mini's (yes Slater the Garden Hose version of B9's beloved cable) and of course chrome ED9's (originals) to go with my black V2's.

    Fading KZ’s.JPG
  2. B9Scrambler
    Not sure why I have any reason to be let down, lol. I have no horse in this race. Besides, they really started losing me with the introduction of CCA. The Tripowin TP10 was the TPing point :3 KZ's lineup was already packed with redundancies. Adding in two sub brands that bring nothing new to the mix is ridiculous and only serves to further dilute KZ and confuse people. When they start doing something new maybe I'll revisit them, but my main reason for loving the brand has been long gone, ever since they started focusing on hybrids and ditching development/production of their uber low cost models.
  3. Slater
    The sad thing is that the only dynamic they’ve made in the last year (possibly 2) is the ZS3E. Everything else is a hybrid (as you mentioned).

    Yet they’re putting some nice dynamics in their hybrids (Tesla magnets, graphene, titanium, etc). So they have the ability to bust out some dynamics.

    I mean, how about updating the ATx shell with a newer driver and removable cable? Or the ZST shell with a dynamic? Or something with a nice coaxial dual dynamic?
  4. Podster
    That was just based on the fact you have always been my go-to/reference for KZ's:wink: I'm with you on the branching out into CCA/Triptowin, they could have at least tried new configurations, more shell designs and drivers and kept everyone far more interested IMHO:thinking: I've got a little extra dough coming in early October and a Birthday at the end and I'm planning my last hurrah in iem's to be a pair of Rai Penta's as I sit here just enjoying the heck out of my $2.98 Sony MH755's:rolling_eyes:LOL (Except maybe the dumbest cable design/configuration eva)

    Anyway with this collection of KZ's, Rai Penta's, YY HQ12's, IDUN's, TFZ Queen's/Secret Garden's, Advanced Elise/ M5-1D's, Mee P1/2's, IMR R1/R1 Zenith's, 9 Tails, BGVP DMG/DM6's, :scream:Master's, Icarus III's, Delta V2, Vyrus, Sabre's, ASG Rocket's, Noble "X", LZ A4's/05A's, Sendiy M1221's, PFE 022's, Klipsch S3/X7's, Tin T2's plus some I'm sure I missed I'm kind of set:grin: At this point my mindset is what I've not heard I won't miss:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beerchug::beerchug:
  5. mbwilson111
    You have not yet recabled yours? I could never have lived with that J cable.

    The problem here seems to be too much curiosity about what we have not heard. With so much out there we need to find a way to not care. I believe I have reached that point with headphones and iems. Buds... well ... that is a whole new area.
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  6. Zerohour88
    Anyone can direct me to any source that says Tripowin is a KZ subbrand? At the very least, the IEMs could be ODM or something, but even judging from their responsive social medias, they're a far cry from the super silent KZ. Even the KZ weibo is barely updated now compared to back then.
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  7. B9Scrambler
    Regardless of whether or not they're a sub-brand, their existence still dilutes the KZ brand. Same packaging, same parts, similar tuning. The only aspect that differs is what is printed on them. You could leave everything the same and simply replace Tripowin with KZ and no one would think twice about it. According to my ex-source for review samples (Linsoul Audio), one of Tripowin's brand goals is to be interactive with the community so it make sense that they are.

    Edit: On their Facebook page they advertise their cable with the ZS10 Pro. Why not the TP10? Also this, lol.


    If they are not a sub-brand, they are doing a wonderful job trying to make it seem like they are.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
  8. Zerohour88
    Its like that Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 comparison slater made the other day. For some reason they applied this to earphones. It would've made a bit more sense if the shell design was different, I guess.

    if its really the same founders, the most likely explanation is that KZ's been associated with "cheapo chi-fi crap" in some circles and having another clean-slate brand solves that a bit. A bit baffling they didn't go further than change the stamping and the brand (if this is the reason, that is).
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  9. Podster
    Well if I have a top pocket I can put my phone in it upside down and they are fine or of course with my ES100 but me re-cable anything would be like asking Igor to do brain surgery:rolling_eyes:

    Yes, I'm pretty much at the end of the spend on portable, time to just enjoy all that I have and live my fantasies through those who still ride the train around here:wink:

    @Zerohour88 in regards to B9's comments and it's not hard for even a dummy (referring to myself here) to see Tripowin & CCA are coming off the same production line (regardless of what one may or may not be able to pull up on it)! Might want to watch the Hawaiian Bugle Boys video again on the manufacturing/seller food chain:thumbsup:
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  10. B9Scrambler
    Can also toss the Supra/BMW Z4 in there, lol.

    I edited my post with some examples off their Facebook page. I would be shocked if they were not a spin-off brand.
  11. Zerohour88
    hence my ODM comment. Any tom, dick and harry can go to the factory and commission enough units to get their own brand stamped. Its a matter of how the brand itself will be managed (tuning, pricing, etc).

    simply commenting since it puzzled me to see people being "disillusioned" (if that's the right term to use) about KZ possibly making another brand or an off-shoot using KZ's factory to start their own brand. But I digress, should learn to keep my mouth shut then.
  12. Podster
    Not at all, we all sure need to talk this stuff out (if not really flesh out what's really going on) and why I made sure the Dummy reference was pointed directly at me an no one else:wink: I'm sure we are fed just as much misinformation as we are facts:thinking: :beerchug:
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  13. B9Scrambler
    No way! Makes sense to question it being a spin off. The way they're marketing suggests they are though since they routinely mention KZ in numerous posts, going so far as to say the TP10 is an upgraded AS10. It's quite bizarre really.
  14. B9Scrambler
    Oh yeah, and a Tripowin rep contacted me a week ago offering additional review ops; a cable and the ZS10 Pro. I can't see why they would suggest reviewing a product from a competing brand unless they were related. Completely forgot about the email until now, lol.

    "I am reaching out to you because I have two products that I think it will be appropriate for your audience. Would you be willing to test it and make review video or article of KZ ZS10 pro which are the new HIFI IEMs with attractable sound. At the same time, we hope you can make review of one Tripowin QDC C8 connector cable as well. This cable can work perfectly with the KZ ZS10 Pro. Noted, the cable has three option of 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm. So please tell us which cable you want it and we will send it with IEM."

    Edit: Sent a response asking if they're able to confirm if they are a sub-brand.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  15. Veyska
    Given I relegated my KZ/CCA collection to "variety/curiosity/merely-annoying-if-I-lose-them" because of a premium dynamic (IE 40 Pro) I'd definitely be curious to see what KZ could do with cheaper versions thereof, the ZSN/C10/etc form factor's not at all uncomfortable but there's something to be said for slimmer models as well.

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