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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Podster
    Only cause it's cheaper than Silver & Gold:smiling_imp:
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  2. HungryPanda
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  3. courierdriver
    Totally disagree...unless someone is a total freakshow, most people don't stare at your ears to see what iems you're wearing. It's the bling of the cable that makes people notice that you're wearing a special and good sounding set. I get it if you're the shy type and don't wanna be noticed...but I'm not. I TOTALLY love the bling of a nice, transparent copper cable. A couple of days ago when I got on the bus, the hot female bus driver wanted to feel my cable on my Kanas Pro (ISN AUDIO C16). Giggidy! Cables are like jewelry...some like gold, some like silver, some like pearls and some like a nice Black Onyx. Different strokes, for different folks, as the old saying goes. Me, I like shiny stuff!
  4. mbwilson111
    LOL that is too funny. She wanted to feel the cable.

    BTW I don't find copper blingy at all.
  5. courierdriver
    Yup, it sure does. Not only does a quality made one sound great, it also complements the look of a nice iem. Just my opinion, of course.
  6. raccoon city
    Another copper fan here!
  7. B9Scrambler
    Best KZ cable. Come at me, brah.

  8. courierdriver
    No, lies...true story. She noticed my phone in my hand with a Fiio Q1MK2 attached to the back with strips of 3M Dual Lock. She asked me what this stuff was all about, and I said "good sound quality". Then, she saw my cable, and she reached out to feel it. I can't say that's ever happened to me before. Then again, I've only been wearing/using iems for 4 months. I can honestly say, that in my 40 years as an audiophile, no one ever wanted to feel my home audio system...or my speaker cables. The cable was definitely a conversation starter.
  9. courierdriver
    Edit: BTW, I fall into the "total freakshow" category. Whenever I see someone who's wearing iems or buds, I strain to see what brand they are. Sadly, most everyone I see or meet on the bus, uses those gawdawful Airpods.
  10. BadReligionPunk
    I always get weirdo 20 somethins asking me if "those are hearing aids"?
  11. mbwilson111
    I try when I am watching a tv show, lol. I also notice peoples ears and sometimes comment on how difficult it might be for them to fit iems,,, buds,,, headphones. Ears are really weird looking.
  12. mbwilson111
    Our mailman does wear hearing aids. I feel bad for him constantly bringing us little packages from China that say earphones on them... or headphone cable.. or earphone accessories. It is kind of embarrassing.
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  13. Slater
    Agreed. Honestly, I’ve considered them an end game (for KZs anyways). They’ll have to come out with something pretty special to dethrone the ZS10 Pro (at least for me).

    It was definitely a grand slam for KZ

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  14. courierdriver
    Yeah...I can't say the ears are the first thing I notice when meeting people for the first time (unless something about them really makes them stand out...like overly huge or something like that). The thing I can say about this hobby though, is that ears make the biggest difference. Ears shapes and size make the difference between a headphone set that sounds great, or not. Just like the size of a room, room acoustics, etc. make a huge difference in how speakers sound. Different problems, but both depend on other factors. In the case of iems, IMHO, tips are a huge factor.
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  15. PhonoPhi
    It reminds me of ED9 that I got recently out of curiousity.
    I would take the "copper" cable of ZS10, etc. instead any time. I am of a minority that is perfectly fine with those memory wires. (I did grow to appreciate the fit, feel and aesthetics of 8- and 16-core cables, but no sound difference for me).
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019

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