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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TheVortex
    I agree about the aesthetics. I am using the newer silver KZ cables with my CCA C10 and ZS10 Pro. My green cable is in the drawer as a backup.

    They are perfectly silver at the moment. They are not bad cables and fairly supple.
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  2. gourab1995
    Doesn't that have 2 sets of wire running down each side? If it is so. Go by the picture. The braid must have confused me.

    Update: Yup just verified it. They are 8 core. Thanks for correcting me on that detail. Changed in previous post.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
  3. GoLDii3
    I wish KZ would stop giving transparent cables,i dont like the color of copper at all. A nice white or black cable would be great.
  4. xxAMAROKxx
    Then, we won't see if it's pure copper or something else.
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  5. Makahl
    I'm not a fan either.
    The ZS4/3E have a nice soft black cable but the Y-splitter is a bit thick so not the most comfortable thing. Nowadays I just stick to the TRN/NiceHCK/Yin/Jcally black options IMO it always looks more "classy" aesthetic-wise.
  6. HAMS
    I agree. Copper color is too obscene to wear on public. lol
  7. PhonoPhi
    One won't see (distinguish) whether it is pure copper or 90% or 70%, or copper-plated anything.

    Then if someone's silver cable became green that means this cable had quite a bit of copper in it, since "green" are the copper salts - no blue/green common silver compounds, and silver usually blackens by sulfidization.
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Copper color is so blingy. Its a bit much honestly, but it is far superior to the other KZ cables, so I use it. I try to jedi mind trick myself into thinking its more punk to be pretty then to be tough and cool. :shrug:

    Anyway regarding the cables. I measured them and this is what I found.
    Bronze/Brown KZ stock 4core R+ 0.911 R- 0.934 L+ 0.908 L- 0.968
    KZ Spc 4core R+ 0.375 R- 0.381 L+ 0.390 L- 0.386
    KZ Copper R- 0.308 R+ 0.307 L- 0.307 L+ 0.302
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  9. archdawg
    ZS10 Pro - Two weeks in

    ... or around 300 hours of playtime/heavy burn-in with things starting to really fall into place after more than ~200 long hours.
    Some days ago I still preferred my ZS7 over the new 10 Pro for pretty much anything other than EDM. In the meantime I kept rolling cables and tips and finally settled on a white 8-core Jcally cable, my standard wide-bore double flanges and some bi-color standard tips that AFAIR came with some KZs for a less bassy more balanced sound.


    Switching back and forth mainly between those two sets for the last few days I suddenly found more and more songs that I actually preferred through the 10 Pro. It started with some R&B, then suddenly some latin vibes sounded more pleasing than before and now there are even some acoustic jazz and fusion tracks that I enjoy more through the comparatively more balanced and relaxed sounding 10 Pro but of course a lot depends on individual recordings.
    There are still some subtle issues with the timbre of acoustic pianos, tenor and alto saxes and some other natural instruments but nothing really annoying, especially considering their low price. OTOH the 10 Pro have the most natural sounding highs and treble of any of my KZ IEMs and after those 250 hours have become some of my favorite KZs, next to my trusty ZS6 and ZS7 - money well spent - after all.

    PS: does anyone have any issues with a sharp spike around 7.9 kHz on their ZS7? Just curious.
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  10. BrunoC
    I don't sense any peak on 7.9kHZ in my ZS7. In fact I would like more treble out of the ZS7...
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  11. Podster
    I have to agree with you Arch:beerchug: The ZS10 Pro IMHO is the best iem's (tuned wise) to come out of KZ to date and I love my ZS6's and 7 (Truthfully bang for the buck all my KZ's) but the more the 10 Pro's break in the sweeter they sound, timbre, slam, instrument separation, sound stage and ability to scale just about to everything I own is pretty crazy for what I paid for these:wink:

    They are truly the Silver Surfers of Chi-Fi budget iem's:grin:

    Silver Surfs Up.JPG
  12. GoLDii3
    I just purchased today a pair of ZS10 Pro's :upside_down:
  13. DocHoliday
    This video is golden for understanding feedback on earphones, cables and DAPs in the Chi-Fi threads.

    Chi-Fi is a great hobby and information like this can help clarify a reviewer's possible motivations (carrot and stick) but it will also will help you filter the reviews you're reading so you can keep things in proper perspective.

    p.s. - I don't want to make multiple posts in several threads so can someone else post this info in the "Chinese/Asian Brand" thread.

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
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  14. TheVortex
    Done and thanks for sharing. It's an interesting insight into how it all works.
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  15. LaughMoreDaily
    I disagree. :wink: Copper rules the audio world!

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