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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    My FiiO X7mkII probably isn't much of a bottleneck, so investing in a more expensive cable to use with my favorite earphones could be interesting. My spiral dots have been serving me well for the earphones I have, but I would like to try some Shure olives style tips on them some time, because they isolate to well, I really liked them with my ER4.
    A-B-ing between cables it a bit tricky if you don't have two pairs of earphones that sound exactly the same. By the time you swapped the cable and have the phones back into your ears it is difficult to compare the sound to what you heard minutes ago.

    Now that I have received some more balanced cables, I've been listening to my other earphones again. There's something that makes the AS10 so pleasant to listen to. The sound is full and tight because of the BA drivers, with nice texture. Quite forgiving and non-fatiguing. I has a pleasant warmth to the sound and doesn't seem to have any annoying spikes or dips in the spectrum. It sounds pretty smooth, I would describe it as organic, analog sounding. Very good for music with lots of atmosphere, the Stranger Things synth OST sounds really good on it.
    There's the treble roll-off, the soundstage is very small, instrument separation is okay. Somehow when I try them I don't feel like taking them out again.
  2. DynamicEars
    I bought ZSN pro after C10 (and both after Kanas Pro).
  3. nicksson
    I own a DT6 item. I bought it because I was curious about the combination of 3 drivers (dynamic, piezo and b.a.). Yes, it sound different from KZ's items, but not bad at all. I like it. I use memory foam tips. It's always a good ideea, I think, to have or to try more then one item, to do comparisons directly with your ears. This is the only way to know what is good for you. As you see, you don't like DTS6, but I like it. The reviews ant the common sense ot the users are a good initial point to decide about buying or not one or other item, but the last word comes from your... ears!
    So, if you don't like DT6, don't be sad, give it as a gift/sell it to one of your friends of collaterals. :wink: And of course, stay ready for the new ZS 10 Pro :)
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  4. 416805
    well, i find the zst kinda lacking something soo

    i just bought cca c10, should be arriving in 2 days

    i hate the fact that cyan is out of stock so i grt the purple one. i feel cyan is the nicest color. but oh well what ever.

    i just hope its gonna be a significant upgrade over Zst pro

    if im not satisfied i prolly gonna look over the zs10 pro review then try it my self. then if its still no go. i go with moondrop linrs
  5. hakuzen
    yea, time between swapping cables is too much. focusing in definition a short frequency range each time helps a bit, and then, overall sensation. that's what i do.

    some BAs of one of my AS10s (green/cyan) might be out of phase, because sound is awful. i ought to open them and check.
    the other one (red/black) is "right" (but to achieve a more balanced tonality, nearer to my fav signature, have massively eq'd it using an ascending line near to -10dB at 20hZ, to +10dB at 16kHz; excessive)
  6. khighly
    ZSN Pro extends to the limits of my hearing as a 28y/o female. It's controlled, but I notice a lot of live recorded songs have a high pitched ringing in the background.


    Barely in my hearing range "hats": tickles something at the top of my throat.

    I actually hope they make their new IEM's extend this far and stay under control because in real life there are no low pass filters :). It actually makes me realize I've been missing a lot to a lot of music with IEM's.
  7. CardigdanWalk
    So I still really love my ZS5, and I am now considering ZS7.

    But I am also considering getting some custom IEM sleeves made for them. I think by Snugs?

    Naturally the don’t make them for KZ products, but the do for campfire andromeda’s ... anyone know if the shell /design is actually identical / would fit?
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  8. B9Scrambler
    Shell design is completely different (edit) - in terms of dimensions -. KZ's are larger and lacking a number of bends and curves seen on the CAs.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
  9. WhatToChoose
    That lineup in your sig...looking forward to those reviews
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  10. B9Scrambler
    I am too. That also reminded me to update it. Thanks :thumbsup:
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  11. Podster
    You are one busy camper:wink:

    So these bad boys are really settling in and opening up nicely, doubt that this TRN balanced cable is doing anything to them but they are sure growing on me, not de-throned the 6's yet but at times have met them head on:astonished:

  12. neo_styles
    Glad you were able to notice a difference running the AS10 balanced as well. Seems to be exactly what they needed.
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  13. BoZ29
    Blues for J is a little piercing om my zs7. It’s the recording, not natural PA sound with a good mix.
  14. 1clearhead
    Finally, my KZ ZSN PRO impressions! :yum::thumbsup:

    Post #22985

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  15. nicksson
    I agree! Me too, I like very much the new ZSN Pro. This is a no end way from good to better iem: yesterday ZSN, now ZSN Pro, tomorrow ZS 10 Pro. After that will be AS10 Pro?
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