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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. neo_styles
    Ordered one for my son, but he's not very good with listening notes I'm afraid. If it's simply a bassier ZSN, I could imagine them being a good consumer choice.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  2. neo_styles
    Cheaper than that during the sale. A whole whopping few cents more than the regular ZSN :wink:
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
  3. Benik3
    Thanks! Very nice price (I assume that the seller is OK).
    And it all started today just by buying new ear plugs... :D
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  4. stephanNL
    I currently have the ZS5 v1 and I'm wondering if the ZSN would be an upgrade. I mostly use them via Bluetooth during my workouts at the gym. I mostly listen to electronic music and rap .So bass is important. Not a big fan of super sibilant highs cause of my tinnitus. ZS5 has served me well but the ZSN looks an enticing buy.
  5. crnbrry
    Disagreed! The ZS6 is technical, detailed, and has a very large sound stage with a pleasant sound signature. The ZS6's treble spike isn't as large as it's made to be here, and adjusting between ZS6 and ZS7 takes only a few minutes, especially on new ZS6 models with lips where the upper sound signature differs slightly than day-1 ZS6 models. The ZS7 is fantastic as well, however the ZS6 is still my personal favourite IEM.

    The ZS6, ZS7, and AS10 are the only KZ models anyone in present day needs to buy. (CCA not included)
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  6. crnbrry
    The darker ZS7 right now for $35 - $37 on Aliexpress is your best bet. It is a step up from the ZS5v1. The ZSN's have slight sibilance in their highs and high-mids.
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  7. 1clearhead
    Ironically, yes! ...The bass on the ZS7 and ZSN PRO are very similar. Both extend really deep, but it all changes in the higher MID and treble ranges. The ZS7 sounds nicely detailed and smooth, while the PRO's sounds crispier, but less harsh than the original ZSN.
    That's what I got so far! I'm still burning the ZSN PRO's and probably won't provide further information until later in the week. :wink:

  8. LaughMoreDaily
    Does anyone else agree with crnbrry despite the "sibilance" (and all the new models) the ZS6 is still worth buying?
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
  9. SybilLance
    Hi! I have both the KZ AS06 and CCA C10. Both, incidentally within a similar price range, are quite good. The AS06 is exceptional with strings, chamber music and intimate jazz or acoustic settings where recordings would invariably be closed-miked. So is the CCA C10; but, it also excels in practically all other genres and recording environments. Plus, its smooth yet detailed treble makes for longer fatigue-free listening. In short, the CCA C10 is simply a much better in-ear headphone than the AS06, sound-wise.

    Fit, being uniquely personal, is another matter.

    My thoughts, articulated with clarity and conciseness. :thumbsup:
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  10. neo_styles
    It really depends on what you value more between the bass impact of the ZS7 and the spaciousness of the ZS6. Each has its strengths. IMO, they're different enough to stand on their own merits.
  11. crnbrry
    Always take the initial hype with grain of salt .

    The ZSN hype very unwarranted and greatly overstated in many different forums, in my opinion. Narrow sound stage lacking any interesting character, sibilance on highs and vocals. I buy all 3 colors, never use over ZS6, ZS7. They are suitable for backup pair in my backpack.

    I buy ZSN Pro, but expect to only have different color resin and gold painted components for same or cheaper price. Many would buy simply for differrnt Pro label. I buy for that reason!
  12. crnbrry
    Agree! Both are best KZ models and ZS6 still stand high. ZS6 can go very low but not as impactful as ZS7, like you say.
  13. Slater
    I just bought another pair, so yeah I think the ZS6 is still worth buying.
  14. Slater
    For $12, the ZSN are excellent. Name me 5 IEMs for $12 or less that are significantly better.
  15. Benik3
    Are the KZ ZS7 still shipped with the memory cable?
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