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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HerrXRDS
    I'll take the ZS6 with a little EQ over ZS7 any day.
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  2. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    I see, I usually have less problems with earbuds in that respect than with earphones. Do you use foamies on them?

    I meant bass that isn't rolled-off. Good to know there are earbuds that don't have that problem.
  3. Slater
    Ditch the foam covers and wear the earbuds sideways. You'll have all the sub bass you ever wanted.
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  4. megapowa
  5. neo_styles
    The last NiceHCK cable you linked is exactly what I've ordered to use with all my KZ pairs. I currently have the 16-core version and it works just fine with the ZS7, AS10, ED16, and Noble X. Considering they use the same 2-pin connector, I can confidently say you're okay.

    When it comes to linking stuff from AE, though, please delete everything after the .html (so the question mark and everything afterwards). It keeps the links from being too long and head-fi doesn't take kindly to affiliate links.
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  6. megapowa
    Thank you!
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  7. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    Interesting, I'll have to try that some time, I don't think I have earbuds lying around that are in a good state.
  8. neo_styles
    Today's gratuitously-unnecessary office setup. Really, it's there for the volume knob...the 360mW going to the AS10 is just icing on the cake.

  9. Nimweth
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  10. mono-type
    Indeed, beauty over sound. Admittedly, it's one of the well-designed KZ IEM's in terms of aesthetics.

    You made the right choice. You'll definitely get your money's worth.:thumbsup::raised_hands:

    ZSN is, like @crnbrry said, over-hyped, from what I also observed. The moment some people said it was basically an upgraded ZST (in which I personally don't like the sound), it's a turn-off for me. Like I said above, it looks cool, though.

    That's always the problem with earbuds; the seal. They always fall off my ears. That's why I never spent past 10 USD on earbuds.
  11. Slater
    Nice setup. Cool looking candy cane cable. And you have good taste in music :wink:

    I also like that AS10 upgrade cable. Which one is it?
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  12. neo_styles
    Thanks all around, bud. Funny what happens when I seem to hoard cables at work. The big cable is technically my 10-footer Amazon special that I use on a pair of SHP9500, but they're up to the task here, too.

    As for the IEM cable, it's courtesy of OKCSC:
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  13. Podster
    Who said that TRN cable is not working with ZS7? Now mine is balanced but there is a 3.5 option:thumbsup:

    TRN 7.JPG

    Does not fit any different than KZ's own black cable:wink:

    Shanzing 7.JPG
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  14. Slater
    The TRN cable fits my ZS7 just fine. In fact, I’m listening to it using that cable right now.

    The TRN cable doesn’t have the rounded and flat part (as shown in the link in my signature), but none of the aftermarket cables do. Only genuine KZ cables have the rounded and flat part. But that doesn’t stop 2-pin cables from plugging in and working.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  15. neo_styles
    And, had it not been for the post that helps you identify which pin goes to which, I think I'd have been lost for hours when I was trying to use my balanced cable. Now I just remember the mnemonic "flat Earth" (flat side = ground) and everything's peachy. Ironically, the positive pin on my balanced cable has a blue dot rather than a red one. Makes for easy ID, but had me head-scratching a bit.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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