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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    His next video is going to say, "I forgot to burn these in before I made my review video and now they sound amazing!"
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
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  2. purplesun
    That's another useful datapoint for potential AS10 buyers. I am not really a basshead myself and, particularly, dislike it when bass overwhelms the rest of the music.So I prefer the AS10 with some bass control.
  3. loomisjohnson
    What is yacht rock?
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  4. sino8r
    It's rock for rich folks :p

    I have no idea what that other stuff is either
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  5. BadReligionPunk
    LOL. Basically Soft Rock

    Think Hall and Oats, Kenny Logins, Ambrosia, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan. That type of stuff.
  6. alex5908
    Are you sure it does?
    I am sure I am not the only one who thinks it does not.
  7. loomisjohnson
    you're killing me--i used to have so much respect for you....
  8. Letm
    I agree about the source dependence of the as 10. The as 10 sound with my LG g7 is interesting, but for some reason they sound better with my old htc m8 (that I still keep for sentimental reasons). Still, between my as10 and my tin audio T2, I will always prefer the last one.

    The problem with the as 10, for me, is the level of detail in the sound and not the bass. Although the comparison is not fair, my dt 770 is a bass cannon and has a great level of detail.
  9. canzz

    Thanks to you I got the IT01 and I must say this little guy is pretty good! Sound signature fits and also its unexpectedly small and comfy!

    This will definitely keep me away from checking earphones regularly, at least for a while, until I jump to higher tiers later on. :)

    Edit: Also, shockingly, I got it in an amazing speed from Penon in 5 days! I didnt even selected paid shipping.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  10. rokushoo
    KZ why must you do this? :disappointed: I just received a new set of ATRs that i was planning on modding, but upon listening I immediately noticed they sounded different from my other three. After opening them up I noticed they are using different drivers.This driver has a silver metal shell and seems to be smaller.[​IMG] [​IMG] This new version sounds darker than my other ATRs.
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  11. Jeb94
    I was wondering which IEM should i go and buy, the AS06 or CCA C10.

    i like something that makes rock music and metal music sounds good (Iron maided, buckethead, aerosmith, the black keys). i don't really need something that sounds good for all genre (since i have MH755 for that). also do anyone know if CCA C10 have crossovers? since iirc zs6 doesn't have one

    any help would be appreciated.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  12. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    Yes, the C10 is excellent for laid-back listening, they won't fatigue easily, they sound so smooth. I personally love all the little details flying around my head and all the weird little side-sounds instruments and singers make, I find it really impressive to listen to. Don't get the DT6, it is a detail monster, I love it.

    Haha yes. I think a good reviewer should do that and try different tips, cables and sources before judging.

    Wow, that is really bad, it invalidates all reviews. I hate it when manufacturers do that. Had this with a monitor once, rave reviews, received one with a different panel that was quite disappointing.
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  13. DallaPo
    You can't really compare the ZS7 with the C16, completely different signatures, but booth are worth it!
  14. Slater
    Both CCA C10 and KZ ZS6 have crossovers.
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  15. maxxevv

    They are geared towards different music genres and preferences.

    The ZS7 has a prominently elevated bass profile and a general V shaped sound profile. The C16 is more or less balanced with a very, very shallow V sound signature.
    The details on the C16 come in sounding more 'filled' and 'thick'. The ZS7 sounding more airy. Both have excellent staging as well as separation for instruments. The C16 having an edge in really complex tracks such as full orchestra classical symphonies. The details from separate instruments come across as being easier to make out compared to the ZS7.

    The ZS7 shines where "energy" is called for in a track such as in pop and dance tracks. Very punchy and deep bass, very fun sounding signature. The C16 sounds less so, but the bass energy comes across is taut and "on point".

    Both have a bit of treble roll-off, with the C16 sounding smoother but yet not losing detail nor too much energy. The ZS7 having a more elevated, energetic treatment of its treble details but generally not to the point of sibilant though.

    Talking of which, both sound excellent a low to moderately low level volumes. But both will show hints of sibilance once a threshold in volume is breached. It seems to be a driver limit or that the damping of the drivers were not adequate for higher output levels.

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