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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    Why 5? The ZSN is only 1. I name the KZ ATR.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  2. mono-type
    Well, it's your opinion. YMMV. I should've clarified that I don't like the sound of the ZS6 in its stock configuration (starline tips), but it definitely improved when I used the knock-off Comply T400s that you could buy in Aliexpress, though personally I'm not really a fan of foam tips, since I don't like the hassle of all those pinching and rolling before wearing, and they're disposable. I want something that could be put into your ears immediately and could be used for a long time, like silicone tips. Good thing I've learned of the Ostry OS200 tips that I've read somewhere in this thread, and with those, the ZS6 became one of my most used KZs again, since it helped reduced the harsh treble and boosted the bass a bit. Still, I stand by my opinion that the ZS7 is an improvement over ZS6. Again, YMMV.

    I do much agree on your last paragraph, though. I own all three that you mentioned, and indeed they are the must-buy KZ models, especially the AS10 (if you're a detail freak) and ZS7 (if you want it all). Personally, I would add ED16 (in which for some reason has "ZS7" printed on the shells) to those three. :p
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
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  3. nxnje
    I'm still waiting for my ZSN Pro and do not have the ZSN, but the EZ Audio D4 are the most impressive budget pair and i carry them always with me alongside with the edr1.
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  4. nxnje
    Already tried some earbuds.
    The problem is the earbuds which are suited for my listening sessions should have lot of sub-basa and impactful bass, something that i didn't find with pk2 shells.
    Mx500 shells are not for me, too big and i feel sick after 10 minutes with them in my ears.

    I love music and i have to find some workarounds, but it's really hard everytime.
  5. BrunoC
    KZ ZS6 is still one of the best KZ's. I use it with foam tips.
    No piercing highs at all.
    FANTASTIC sound and stage. I got a green backup ZS6 for 21€. Incredible value.

    If you want piercing highs just get the TRN V80 :)
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  6. Superluc
    I hope you will compare it with also the C10.

    The ZSN fit me so well that i may change them, as my daily driver, only over an upgrade with the same fit :ksc75smile:
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  7. Benik3
    I ordered the KZ ZS7 and I can not wait for it! :ksc75smile:
    (Now I have MOE-SS01)
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  8. nxnje
    I am not treble sensitive and i've liked my zs6 with silicone wide bore tips.
    I think the ZS6 are great but the ZS7 have a more mature sound with a bit more coherent and organic timbre.

    The v80s are extremely aggressive on the lower treble but they're one of the most technically capable IEMs under 50$. I think they're outstanding for the price.
  9. BrunoC
    I agree that the ZS7 has a better organic timbre and is more coherent. I use with wide bore tips to get some treble extension, and it works.
    The ZS6 and ZS7 and different and I love them both.

    About the V80, I simply can't stand the ultra-agressive treble, even with foam tips.
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  10. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    I haven't used any earbuds that had good bass, I guess that is because they don't seal well enough.
  11. nxnje
    I have a pair of NiceHCK EB2 which have great bass.
    The main problem is the fitting so it's not about earbuds not being capable in providing a good bass response but wearing the earbuds in the right and comfortable way.
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  12. crnbrry
    Fair point, but I don't think this is saying much, just that they're low end headphones that are okay.

    I still think ZSN were hyped out proportion. ZSN is not better than early IEM like ATE, ATR, which can be had for same or cheaper. ZSN one of KZ lowest models in my opinion, too narrow, no separation, uninteresting sound. Beauty over sound.
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  13. BadReligionPunk
    Which is your subjective opinion that no one can argue. Most people's subjective opinion, mine included, are that ZSN is great.
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  14. 1clearhead
    Yea, you said that the first time, we get you. :wink: ...But, the majority of KZ owners might not think the way you do, since it's all about personal preference and taste.

    For most KZ owners it brought a new design with unique detachable cables, which at the time was hard to get at such a low price, and it wasn't the average typical V-shape sound, since it provided a new and interesting sonic signature to the sound, which sounded crispy, lively, and even above average for the price. Many that still own them today still vouch for their interesting sonic approach.
    You probably just received a bad unit, since anything is possible in Chi-fi. :smirk:
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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  15. BadReligionPunk
    What do you define as good bass? There are plenty of earbuds that kill. I'm a basshead and there are good heavy thumping buds too.
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