Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread
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Going back in time to yet another model that has stopped receiving attention; ED16. They have a really well done sound stage. Been running them with liquid d'n'b tracks tonight and effects float all over the place. They really do feel like a colder, more balanced ZSR. Not a fan of the ergonomics but I know I'm in the minority there. Overall pretty good stuff :)

The ED16, once you get a good seal, do excellent on Electronic music. Calyx & TeeBee and Fred V & Grafix sound phenomenal on them. I'm assuming that's because you're listening to genres that play to the strengths of the ED16 where there's not a whole lot of midrange information in the production. If I'm going to listen to straight Rock (especially Classic Rock), I tend to reach for a more balanced pair, but you're right: they do great on Electronic music.

And glad to hear people are recommending Shpongle as I've been a fan for about half a decade at this point. Really glad I'll finally get to see them in Red Rocks no less. I'd also suggest you give Mr.What? a listen. Similar vein, but different enough for variety's sake.

I just got a minor electrocution from my purple ZSN with the black stock cable. It was like firecrackers exploding going from my Zishan Z1 all the way up the cable to the purple ZSN and a final explosion like fireworks when it hit the earpieces. It was really weird.

That happened to me with both the purple/silver ZSN and a previous pair of ZS6. My guess is they're not properly insulating the internals on some of these, which can provide for shorts. If you feel industrious enough, you could probably pad the internals if it becomes a persistent problem, but feeling that "pop pop pop" on your ear is definitely an uncomfortable experience and something I've only experienced with KZ's stuff (only those two pairs so far, though).
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I'd say ZSN, can handle a fairly wide range of genre's (rock, rap, edm, pop, etc) and is not bad for what it is.

Depends on which bluetooth module.
IF you go for the TRN BT20 true wireless setup, it should be fairly good as long as the source (xiaomi mi 8 for you) has a good enough BT antenna.
There is also the BT10 (wired in between) which is supposed to be better than the BT4.1 KZ cables. I had the BT10 for a bit (MMCX version) and it was decent.

I don't know about the newer BT4.2 aptx KZ cables, which do have the new C-paragraph pin that fits the ZSN. I ordered one, but it's not yet arrived.
Thank you, I think to buy a KZ module, because it costs 5 times cheaper than the TRN bt20 and 3 times cheaper than the TRN bt10
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jejeje.. Yes 1clearhead! the earhook gives you a good clue, hard to put it in other way.

Haha!...I didn't mean to be sarcastic, but I've seen colleagues and even friends that are not used to the fact on how to even wear earphones that wrap around the ears for that matter and assist them several times to actually get it right while trying to figure out what ear tips fits them best.
You seem to know your, my apologies! :wink::thumbsup:
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I feel for you friend.

My right ear canal is very narrow compared to my left. Luckily, both sides sound the same and I can also wear the same size tips for both.

I would say you’re on the right track with your ideas. Try larger and/or different tips in that ear. If you’re worried about a foam tip reducing treble on the larger side, you can try making DIY hybrid tips by stuffing the foam behind a silicone tip. It will fill out the silicone tip and make it fit tighter, but will still sound like a silicone tip.

There’s different ways to make the hybrid tips; if you search you’ll find them. If you can’t locate the posts for whatever reason, lemme know because I’m pretty sure I have them bookmarked on my laptop.

Tried to do a little research but couldn't find clear posts. Could you please link me something?
Thank you in advance!
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Guys I'm now using the TRN IM1, I was very curious about the extra treble presence on this, switched from the KZ ED16 but I hadn't listen to it the last two weeks so I lost my reference.
So, first impressions about IM1 is that they lack bass energy to me, it feels bright and incredible live and every instrument sounds foward but for personal use I would really enjoy more bass so I'll try some EQ just to see how it does.
Then I switched back to the ED16 right after and now the bass is on point, I would say the IM1 is analytical, foward and full sounding while the ED16 is more dynamic, musical and more recessed (bigger soundstage) having a more V shaped signature but this is just first impressions. But cable (no moldable wire) and fit (in my case) are incredible, they are very well packaged and made too, really liked that.

(Sorry for the quality my phone is pretty bad on this)

But talking about wider bore tips, can someone say the differences in sound versus starline tips? I wanna know first because I broke one tip changing on the ES4, the eartip hole was way thinner than the nozzle.
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The ZS7 and CCA C10 are close in sound, I find the C10 just a bit more coherent, more pleasant to listen to
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The ZS7 and CCA C10 are close in sound, I find the C10 just a bit more coherent, more pleasant to listen to

Interesting, you would think the ZS7 should in theory be more coherent given the placement of the treble BA's, but then again it all comes down the system as a whole, maybe the crossover in the ZS7 was designed for the CCA, and so it doesn't take into account the different placement. I have been resisting the ZS7 but I love the "looks" and aluminum shell over the CCA C10, but I know the C10 would fit better given I have a ZSN. It would be cool if I could transplant a ZSN cover onto the C10.
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Hey, any of you guys compared the cca16 to the bgvp dm6 yet?

Wondering if cca16 is worth trying?

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