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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Joong
    Seriously defending Hd800, I never saw this much of arguing against this humble zs10, which were usually ignored as is the feeling of " how dare you compare cheap iem to 1k dollar..."
    Thanks for the explanations and reasoning to share.
    But at the same time I felt that zs10, As10, or one of these chinese iems have been well advanced in technical terms that somebody began to argue or brave enough to compare it to venerable hd800.
    I might buy one of them like AS10 to see really it is giant killer or has disruptive technologies that were based on Chinese innovation.
    China has the history of magnet ( a key component of iem) and the associated technologies, also has very good labor productivity which can never be achieved by Western world where HD800 was born.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  2. khighly
    There's no real problem defending the HD800, but there is a problem when you compare a ZS10 to a HD800 with only 10 minutes of listening time. It ends up pulling down the ZS10's view among the community artificially because it seems like the ZS10's aren't good performers.

    I will have the ZS10 vs AS10, and other IEM's throughout the next week.
  3. Joong
    I agree that 10 min comparison is too short to...
    Some case the brain break-in process can take several weeks or months to really appreciate the sound of the phone.
  4. rum_runner
    I'm not sure how onboard I am with that... I think sometimes the phones just aren't very good, like the AS10s and then the brain takes a while to adjust to normalise everything. After listening for long periods on certain styles of music, I have grown to accept them, but objectively they are still horrible compared to say my properly driven P1s (or even my T2s) on anything with vocals..
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  5. nxnje
    Already said mine wasn't a major review, and it wasn't intended to be as it's a personal impression.
    If you still don't understand, i can paint you on a piece of paper and then i send you the photo.

    Don't blame me, it's just i've written like 4 times already it was my personal impression, 10 mins or 1h imho doesn't change the fact hd800s are technically superior even if they're not 100% comparable.
  6. nxnje
    And anyway i'm not defending the hd800, there are many good headphones on the market.
    Then i even said zs10 is a great performer for the price.
    So what's the point in saying i'm showing the zs10 as a bad performer?
    So saying a 800 euros headphones sounds better than a 40 euros earbud is like putting the second one in bad light? What the hell..
  7. nxnje
    Didn't see your message
    Anyway, i think the ZS10 is actually a great pair of IEMs.
    Their technology is sure more advanced compared to the one in the HD800.
    They sound great for what they cost and that's sure, but my point was another i think..
  8. s8grave
    ZS10 is great, not super-bright but very detailed, great separation, lows are not overwhelming, but my zs10 died in an accident :"(
    So I got AS10, and for my ear AS10 is tuned almost similar to ZS10, but slightly more mid-forward, and balanced. I had a couple of full BA earphones like westone w40, es60, shures 535, sony xba300 - and AS10 have the most punchy bass than any of this models, very fast and again its not too elevated. And its very sensitive, so they need less power to drive and make some amp hiss hearable from some sources.
    And AS10 is slightly smaller and have longer waveguides so it fits better than ZS10(in MY ears).
    So, hope my bla-bla-bla makes some sense for someone) Recommend both of these models, and some wide bore tips, chi-fi rocks!
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
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  9. Wiljen
    Posted my As10 review tonight to my blog. Probably late enough in the cycle that most of it is old news, but it is still deserving of some good press.
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  10. Danfish98
    How does the ZS4 compare to the ZSA?
  11. HungryPanda
    ZS4 has more bass and is more comfortable fitting for me
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  12. HAMS
    I think what makes kz popular is their expensive looks/form at damn cheap price. Soundwise they are consistently decent. 10 db boosted bass, linear mid, boosted high. They obviously no match to studio monitoring grade linearity. Imo multiple driver are just harder to tune for linearity.
  13. Devodonaldson
    Awaiting your thoughts and comaparison
  14. murano
    Can you please provide us a link. The one in your signature doesn't work :frowning2:
  15. Surrealsky

    Quite the same observations i've had. And yes they are really loud and easy to drive. More so than the zs6 which is already quite powerful.

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