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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. HungryPanda
    I use KZ starlines, RHA, Auvio, MandarinES and generic silicone tips all depending on the iem
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  2. phthora
    Price is one thing, obviously people are still buying them, but you would think that JVC would notice how successful their product is and start making them widely available in the US. Crazy that such a popular and broadly loved eartip has to be gray-market ordered from Japan. I'll gladly still pay $20 or $25 bucks a box, but I hate also waiting two weeks to get them.

    And, yeah, KZ Starlines suck. It's usually only out of desperation for fit that I pull those off the bench. KZ Turbos are worse though. They make everything sound awful.
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  3. phthora
    *Sigh* As of this moment, Amazon doesn't even have any Large or Medium-Large Dots for sale. Come on, JVC! You are losing money.
  4. BadReligionPunk
    Yea Im not a huge fan of the whirlwinds/turbos either. I find them also hard and uncomfortable. I do really effing love the red tube KZ tips that came on the ZS3. Don't know what they are called but Audio Technica has some like that. Seems to clean up bass bloat for me.

    Anyway My best friend is coming into town soon from Japan so I am going to fire off a line here asking for 2 packs of spiral dots and 2 packs of Sony hybrids. They currently run $8 each(JVC) and $4(Sony) on Amazon Japan.

    Still though. Too expensive here for sure.
  5. mbwilson111
    Wow.. the Starlines are my favorite for many of my iems. If those don't work I try Auvios and finally if I really have to I use Spinfits (they are kind of expensive).

    I use Whirlwinds on the ones that have a thicker nozzle and a larger opening.

    I always try the stock ones first with any iem . If that works then I save myself a lot of tip rolling... which gives me sore ears for a day or two from taking them in and out too much.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
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  6. phthora
    Do you mean the Sony Noise Isolation eartips? The ones with the foam, right? Like these:

    The Hybrids have no foam, like these:

    Not trying to be pedantic, but it would suck to order the wrong thing. I've done it myself.

    There are also some identical knockoff foam-filled ones from Penon:

    But, you should buy a caseload and set up you're own eBay store if you can get the real deal for those prices.
  7. Slater
    Those red core tips used to be used on literally every older KZ! I have a huge bag of them.

    I think they were all 1 size if I remember correctly (medium).

    I don’t remember them being particularly special, but it sounds like I need to give them another try.
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Yea the hybrids. Been on those things for a long time now. Originally before I knew tips even did anything sound wise I was using the hybrids just because of how soft and comfortable they were.

    Here the link on the spiral dots. https://www.amazon.co.jp/EP-FX9M-B-...qid=1536362836&sr=8-1&keywords=jvc+spiral+dot

    Sony Hybrids.
    Say EP-EX11M which is without foam. Pictures in user reviews.

    Never tried the foamy ones. Maybe should get a pack of those too.?
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  9. Wiljen
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
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  10. BadReligionPunk
    They probably suck, but I like em. LOL

    Like those weirdos that like starlines. :p
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  11. phthora
    YES! They go for like $30 a pair on eBay. Buy them to resell, if nothing else. You could fund a nice headphone purchase.
  12. BadReligionPunk
    Yea and apparently on Amazon Japan too. Like $42 yikes.

    Nevermind. :cry:
  13. phthora
    Damn... I would have been your first customer. lol
  14. crabdog
    So, day 2 with the ZS4 and I am amazed by the quality of this IEM. I think it might be my new favourite sub $20 earphone.
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  15. HungryPanda
    I agree it is my new commuting earphone

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