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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    Can't believe it always happens to me.

    First time i ordered a KZ headphone was last year in 2017, the KZ ZS3.
    Arrived at home, the right earbud wasn't sounding.
    As i had bought it from amazon, they just shipped another sample and i returned the bad one back.
    Received a new KZ ZS3, same problem.
    Returned again, new sample was functioning but so uncomfortable.
    I returned it back and bought a memt x5 from aliexpress. Way better imho, but still a bit angry for the KZ ZS3 journey.
    EDR1 waa broken and didn't work when i ordered it.

    Now we're quite a year forward, ordered KZ ED9.
    Received it yesterday and was full of hope as i was curious to hear how they sound.
    I put the jack in my DAP: it seems like the right earbud just sounds at a lower volume than the right part, or maybe it just doesn't sound in the same way, i don't know.
    The left earpiece sounds great wether the right one is just so dark and low volume.
    I bought it from an ebay seller with a discount given by ebay for like 6$.
    Now i don't know 6$ are not so much money, but i don't know what to do if i can request a refund or not.
    Everytime i buy KZ products there's always a problem.
  2. Koolpep
    Sorry to reign into the parade....

    Have listened to the KZ-AS10 the last week and my GOD!! How far have we come that you can get a 5 driver BA in ear with such great sound quality for under $100.

    I do have a few IEMs that are in the 4 figure dollar range but I really question my sanity (sometimes). The AS10 is pretty amazing and now my absolutely recommendation for a sub $100 in ear.
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  3. Wiljen
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  4. hakuzen
    thanks, great review. complete and detailed. and it matches how i feel they sound, including the poor isolation issue.
    in my case, due to my ears, they become uncomfortable after a while.
  5. ddmt
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  6. crabdog
    It's true, we've seen massive improvements across the board not just from KZ but Chi-Fi in general. The AS10 is definitely a good IEM and I enjoy it quite a lot. But zomg I just cannot believe how good the ZS4 is for the price. It is absolutely bananas.
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  7. Slater
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  8. crabdog
    Is anyone else hoping this will be the one where they ditch the memory wire?
  9. tripside
    Better than current sub 30$ offerings like F200, Hypersense and Deat Small ?
  10. Dcell7
    I hope they do something about their QC with such a price.
  11. crabdog
    I would rate it above those 3 yes. However it's still nice to listen to a single dynamic iem from time to time. While the hybrids sound technically superior there's something satisfying about good old analog DD.
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  12. CardigdanWalk
    Just heard that BA10 release have been postponed until the 15th.

    Seems to be offf sale on Aliexprss now

    (As in its there, but the buy button is unavailable, so you can’t add to your cart.)

    Looking at stock numbers, it seems that they had 800 of each, so a handful 7 or 8 or each seem to have been placed
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
  13. eggnogg
    no, unfortunately, but hey new cable!

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  14. crabdog
    Someone actually must have seen the artist's concept drawings and said: "Looks great, let's go with that." I love Iron Man as much as the next guy but crikey that's hideous. Mind you, if they sound good I'll put them in my ears. I don't give a ***.
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  15. eggnogg
    they better do!



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