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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Surrealsky
    How does the zs4 compared vs the as10? I do have the zs6 and prefer the as10.
  2. khighly
    Just grabbed the AS10 after having some trouble with my hearing in one ear after an incident. Back to normal with approval from my audiologist :)

    I'll leave an initial review when I get them Monday, compared with my other IEM's. I will expand on it throughout the week.

    Edit: Bought the ZS10 as well, why not? :D Both arrive Monday.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
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  3. Slater
    Hope you recover OK. Sending positive vibes your way! :satellite:
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  4. khighly
    I don't think 10 minutes is enough time to provide a valuable opinion on any IEM's.

    My ZST's sound miles better than my iBasso IT03's. I can't even use my IT03's anymore, they just aren't very good. I feel ripped off, and I bet if I got the chance to try any Campfire Audio's, I'd be extremely let down as well. I think there's a "price makes it sound better" idea among audiophiles, and from what I've tried and owned in the past, it's simply not true that more expensive equipment automatically sounds better.

    ** I'm searching, but does anyone have a ZS10 v AS10 review? I might be curious in the ZS10 as well (I did find the two posts Slater linked to in an earlier post).
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
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  5. nxnje
    I don't think a 40 euros IEM like the ZS10 can compete with the HD800s and
    That was my impression and i wrote it.
    As i used to be a hard HD800s listener and as i've used the ZS10 even for a small time, i can say there can't be a comparison.
    ZS10 are technically monsters, i admit it, but HD800s are on another level and it's obvious they aren't comparable
  6. TheVortex
    Looks like on the official KZ store on Aliexpress they have released a release date for the KZ BA 10 which is 2018.10.9 and a new wired KZ-BTE earphone and it looks like the cables are not detachable but I may be wrong and is allegedly released 2018.9.15 and states it's a hybrid, 8 hours battery life and supports AptX.
  7. Slater
    From their Facebook announcement "KZ-BTE is a Bluetooth headset that belongs to KZ, but this Bluetooth headset is different from other products: APT-X lossless transmission, professional coil iron configuration, long endurance of 8 hours, balanced and comfortable wear, and KZ unique ear amplifier EQ switching function, instantaneous switching between intelligent sound mode and super-bass mode, adapted to you not The same needs for listening."


    That's cool that it's aptX and has an 8 hour battery life. I really hope KZ will have ironed out the bugs from all of their previous bluetooth stuff, and somehow made it super rock solid for this product. If not, it will be a big tragedy. Because no matter how good it sounds, the overall product will suffer if it has bluetooth connection skips/dropouts, audio delays, unreliable connectivity, etc.
  8. khighly
    I'm guessing the play time will average more around 4-5 hours. My MEE Audio Bluetooth aptx MMCX cable says 8, but only runs around 4-5 and charges EXTREMELY slow. I personally wont be buying and other BT IEM's in the near future due to how poor battery life still is.
  9. khighly
    This is like doing science and only performing your test once instead of repeating it to verify the results. If I go from IT03 to ZS5, it takes around 30 minutes for my ears/brain to even simply adjust, and before that time the ZS5's sound like hot garbage. I'm sorry, but this opinion should not be taken seriously by anybody until further tests have been done, as this opinion sounds purely based on price. How do the higs, mids, lows, soundstage compare between the two to you even?
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  10. tripside
    The upgraded KZ Bluetooth cable that I have while beset with problems , does give me 6+ hrs of battery life against claimed runtime of 8. Any further with current tech will likely need a grotesque neckband to cram a larger battery.
  11. Slater
    Unfortunately, there's no photos of the full BTE cable yet. It's possible the BTE is nothing more than the current KZ aptX neckband cable, but with a hybrid IEM permanently attached. I really hope that's not the case.

    Likewise, it could also have batteries in 1 or both earpieces, as well as in 1 in the neckband (adding it all up to 8 hours of battery time).

    In any case, I don't honestly even see the need for this product. I mean, with the existing KZ bluetooth cables, you can attach it to about 15 different IEMs from KZ, TRN, BQEYZ, Revonext, etc. You can choose anything from a more balanced flat signature (BQEYZ KC2) to a deep v (TRN V80). With this KZ BTE, the bluetooth portion may be totally awesome, but you're going to be stuck with whatever sound tuning KZ gives it.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  12. tripside
    Thats what TRN did with AS10. Phonograph reviewed it recently, and its nothing worthwhile.

    While I agree with the versatility of using different IEMs with their existing bluetooth cable, a Bluetooth IEM does have a market. If they add IP protection, it could be useful for sports. Might also fit better with they get rid of the stiff memory wires they use.
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  13. nxnje
    I'm answering you in a calm way as i don't wanna get nervous but it seems like you can't read.
    I said it was a personal opinion and i already thought it was obvious the hd800s would have been way better considering the fact i used them so much team and they're used by many studios as reference for the mixing and mastering session, and i used them for the same purpose.
    Then if i had to compare i can't be general: for fun purpose and on the go listening fun sessions, i would go with zs10 (even if they are huge intending about the shell and i can't wear them for so much time as they hurt my ears): easier to drive, more portable, generally more "ergonomic" dunno how to explain.
    The hd800s are my paradise when it comes to studio sessions: highs are perfect with so much details that is actually impossible to forget.
    Mids are huge: vocals sound awesome and i can mix them perfectly when it comes to their adjustments with the rest of the track.
    The impressive thing is how vocals sound natural and airy compared to other headphones.
    Bass is well textured and controlled, so balanced that i even feel sometimes there's not enough bass as i'm an old freaky basshead.
    Overall the sound signature is not fun at all, everything is precise and detailed, imaging let tracks play instruments where they belong and where they should be, soundstage actually has great depth and width.
    Now, if have to say which headphone is technically better, i have no doubts saying the HD800s are much more precise, wether the ZS10 are much more a surprise considering their cost.
    Having a better price/performance ratio doesn't mean the product is better than the other one.
    I'm safe to say the HD800s sounds technically better if we have to speak clearly about technical performance.
    Then what you like more and what i like more is not actually the truth.
    What i've written was my personal opinion and it's not a general statement everyone should approve actually.
    Next time before judging someone just because of a post, think that everything you read here is all about personal opinion and preferences.
    Just that.
  14. Devodonaldson
    Can't wait to hear your comparison and thoughts. It's amazing to me the hate the ZS10 received. I personally love mine with either symbio wide bore or comply audio pro tips. Really surprised me and is an awesome companion to my iSine 20 when I need isolation.looking for the next great wide sounding step up if not too costly
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  15. khighly
    Probably FUD from people heavily invested in pricey IEM's, who don't like budget players competing.

    I'm not saying anything personal about you, just that 10 minutes of listening is not adequate enough to form a valuable opinion, and that your opinion based on such an extremely small period of time should not be taken seriously by others. It's fairly pointless to even post such opinion. Most here is entirely opinion, but I don't see many people giving major reviews here based on <10 minutes of listening time.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018

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