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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. CoiL
    I melted down and got a pair for 16€ (insured and tracked). Hope they do better than ZS3 which had lot of quality problems (sound tube). I bought 4 pairs of ZS3 for 4$ per pair for modding purposes.
    IMHO... the best way to get custom IEM currently is to get ZS3 or ZS4 shells, open them and install some good BA`s or DDs or both and Your`e done ;P
    Though this need testing unit and measurements and etc. ...but perf vs. cost vs. comfort is damn high!
  2. Slater
    I hope so, but doubtful. It can be seen in at least 1 photo, and in the wire instructions:

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  3. C2thew
    Dang where was I when they were selling those at $4 a pair? Someone post the next time the ZS3's or ZS4's go on sale.
  4. Makahl
    My DIY adventure wasn't that "cheap":
    - TS80 iron soldering with the feature to regulate temperature otherwise you can easily damage your BA $80
    - Bondic UV glue $20
    - Tubes, Knowles dampers, wires $5
    - Blu-tac to get a good grip to solder BA and such $3
    - Knowles RAB-32257 pair $25
    - ZS3 IEM $15 (I know i could've got it cheaper like $8-10 but it's so random and at this time hasn't any good promo)

    So something about ~$148 probably more because I don't remember exactly the shipping.

    Ofc now I can build/repair a lot of IEMs/earbuds but for a beginner without tools, it'll be kind of expensive. Also the RAB-32257 (10mm - brown damper) it's amazing for classics like Pantera, Slayer which is aggressive but something modern like TesseracT the bass is just missing especially compared to a good DD. So that project ended up not being a great all-rounder IEM which is ok, also there's room to improvements like adding CI BAs or DD for bass. However, I think ZS4 will do it better as an all-rounder and cheaper lol. Looking forward to getting mine.
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  5. Slater
    I doubt that is going to happen. Gearbest's sale prices in the last year have been quite different than in years past. I'm not sure the reason though, but I have only bought 1 thing from them in the last year (TRN earphone case), vs dozens of large orders in previous years.

    If you did want ZS3 just for shells, I'll bet you could buy as many defective pairs for nothing but shipping cost, as they had that problem with defective ZS3 drivers last year.
  6. Nikostr8
    damn now im really tempted on buying a pair of ZS4's since the ZS3 fit so damn well in my ear...
  7. khighly
    Initial ~2hr AS10 Impressions:
    Decent isolation, good fit and really great seal. No comfort issues yet. Extremely easy to power. Definitely a more full sound with more mid bass & upper mids than any of the KZ IEM's in my signature. I actually feel like the mid bass overpowers and bleeds into male vocals a bit (Mac DeMarco - For The First Time), but they can definitely move air. A little darker than most KZ IEM's I have with quite a roll off for the highs but nothing detrimental. Bass is fairly big & low & it seems like it might be distorting slightly on some songs. Soundstage is slightly below the ZS6 which I feel is the best soundstage I've experienced from KZ. I feel like the AS10's are going to be strongly mastering dependent and picky.

    Initial ~2hr ZS10 Impressions:
    The tube doesn't really go far into your ear which is somewhat weird and much different than the AS10's which go deep. It fits and seals well, but will need further testing. Sound reminds me more of the ZS6's with controlled highs & no sibilance. Very airy. Extends higher than the AS10, cymbals are very apparent & crisp. Microphone pops really move air and it's exciting. Less of a low end & less mid bass than the AS10, but still present in line with everything else than any other of my KZ's. Mid bass really appears & fills when it needs to but isn't always seemingly there like the AS10's. Lows extend lower than the AS10's and are cleaner, sub-lows feel separated from everything else and don't interfere. Overall sounds more flat & tuned where the AS10's have noticeable peaks at some frequencies (though keep in mind, this is only at 2hr). Soundstage seems a bit less wide than the AS10's. I think this is also going to be heavily mastering dependent, and I remember the ZS6 being this way as well. These are pretty impressive.

    *Please keep in mind these are ~2hr initial impressions. These may not be final reviews, and they may initially be worded messy as it just jot things down.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
  8. Jenz
    Was the ZS4 already measured? Is it easy to drive with a smartphone?
  9. Makahl

    Depends on the model. But I believe for most of modern smartphones it shouldn't be a problem.
  10. Jenz
    Thank you! My ZS4 is also on the way to me. The ZS3 fit me, although the original - so the SD2 and the SD2s did not fit.
    Currently I'm listening to the Blitzwolf BW Vox1. I wonder if the ZS4 sounds better. Find the Vox1 very well.
    My LG V10 is enough to power the Vox1. That should then work synonymous with the ZS4.
    The ZS4 would then probably have much more low bass than the Blitzwolf. Hopefully not too much.
  11. HungryPanda
    ZS4 for the win
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  12. stryed
    Very confusing comparison. I have no idea which IEM is being described =(
  13. groucho69
    It is bolded above the impressions. AS10 first, then ZS10.
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  14. stryed
    My bad, I read it as a AS10 in both after 1 vs 2h of listening time.

    Definitely makes me rethink jumping on the AS10 and going for a KZ6 instead or even the KZ10, as soundstage wows me.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
  15. hakuzen
    hope BA10 will be tuned differently to AS10. the mid-bass boost is exaggerated, and aggravated by the shy upper-mids and treble. too dark. i'd wish to opine about their treble detail, but can't hear it barely. it's a pity, because mids seem to be the best in KZ's line, if they weren't obscured by the bass. once again, EQ is suggested, like was with ZS6, my fav (followed by ED16 -their upper-mids don't bother at me-).
    tried ZSA a bit more, and find them balanced (except mids, as always), and ZS4 (a few minutes), also balanced and my best KZ's fit and isolation. but both less detailed and less separation than ZS6, AS10, and ED16.

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