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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. BadReligionPunk
    Don't know how you people like them starlines so much. They are so hard and uncomfortable for me.

    Also, how come of all the things China copies, they cant figure out a cost effective solution to JVC spiral dots? Them things are so comfy and sound so good on just about everything I have ever put them on. Currently on my ES4's, ZS10 and FXT200's. Its just insane that they are $15-$20 a pack.
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  2. Slater
    Auvios are the closest you’re going to get to the Spiral Dots.

    I wish they cloned them though. Too expensive!!
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  3. BadReligionPunk
    Cool. I actually ordered 3 packages of Auvios from RS last week. Never used em before but thought Id try em for as cheap as they are right now.
  4. Slater
    Yeah, like them a lot. Not a perfect replacement for Spiral Dots, but the next closest thing for a fraction of the cost.

    One of the major advantages of spiral Dots (other than the Dots) is the granularity of the sizes. No other tips that I know of have the wide range of tip sizes available - usually it’s SML (and even that varies between tips ie one company’s M is another company’s L).
  5. vegetaleb
    How's the SQ compared to ZS3?
    Also are the memory wires as good as the ones on stock ZS3 or as bad as ZSR?
  6. mikp
    Today I got my third kz aptx bluetooth. This one actually works after a quick test. Controller is on the right and channels are correct. Range is also ok and not that "amp" sound on the others.

    So to sum up:
    1. controller on the right and wrong channels. Amped sound and disconnets after 2 meters.
    2. Controller on the left, correct channels according to markings. Amped sound and 2 meter range
    3. controller on the right, correct channels. no amped sound and ok range.
  7. Slater
    So, 1 out of 3 —> basically KZ QC strikes again?
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  8. Vestat
    Definitely agree, ZS6 has a lot of sparkle for the high frequencies of drums and cymbals while giving a lot of energy on the bass ones if properly EQed.
    The only downside is that the eq setting is not always universal for every song or every metal style. I find myself often adjusting the settings depending on the track or the band..

    BTW, I know that this is probably something obsolete for most of you, I found the pleasure of understanding HI-Res Audio files, Properly playing them and Enjoying them. So bad I spent half of my life looking for 320kbps Mp3 considering them as the most quality wise choice... Just realized how Uncompressed HI-Res FLAC are making my emotions shine again if properly played...

    And I have to admit that, a 4 driver unit like the ZS6 is definitely improving with such audio files... Soundstage is doubled IMHO..
  9. C2thew
    So i've had two KZ old stock rubber cables fail on me. Both of them are the older sticky rubber cables that came with the ZS3 and the ZS6. To be fair, they were used under abusive situations: i.e. running while attached to my phone. My phone was dropped and saved my the cable a few times so again user error is definitely at play here.

    My concern though is that the connection failures occurred at the same location:right where the cable has the rubber bend area by the 3.5mm connector. the sound continues to cut in and out of the left ear only. this happens on both cables that I have and only on the left side. Switching the R and L channels just confirms that the left channel is dead.

    sucks that these cables cost $3-4 per with a month lead time. To be fair though i've had a cable fail on my UE triple fi 10's with the same issue.

    just wanted to document this.
  10. Slater
    The wire is quality copper wire. When the 3.5mm ends fail, I just cut off the bad part and solder on a new 3.5mm plug. You can get really nice ones from Aliexpress for roughly $1 each. I buy them 10 at a time, so then I have them on hand when I need them. No need to wait a month - I just attach a new end and 10 minutes later I'm back up and running!
  11. crabdog
    Adding my 2c regarding the ZS4. I agree with what others are saying. Nice punchy bass, very clear mids. Treble is a bit bright but not sibilant at all. Comfort is crazy good and this is the best cable I've seen from KZ yet.

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  12. stryed
    I still have my ZS3 but their sound is a bloated bassy mess even with the slater mod that is highly recommended. However, comfort wise they were amazing but had this suction feeling after a while - that's how perfect the seal is.

    How would you compare the ZS4 to the ZS5/6 AS10 and other recent KZs?
  13. crabdog
    I haven't heard the 5 or 6. Since I have spent very little time with the zs4 I can't say too much about the sound yet. It is brighter than the AS10 and has a bigger, punchier bass. I need more time with it before I can elaborate.
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  14. Wiljen
    Does that mean you have two half Kz children?
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  15. harry501501
    Agreed, starlings are horrible tips. It's like putting a tyre in your ear
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