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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Hmmm, I searched for that Cipher app and can’t find it in the Apple app store.
  2. pbui44
  3. Slater
  4. pbui44
    You do need a Audeze Cipher cable to use the Audeze Cipher app, but I also sent you a PM.
  5. Devodonaldson
    Some jobs expect individuals to be qvaiavail, on call, as needed. That's the world we live in today and as an individual in the prime of my working life, I have to stay competitive. I still don't buy cables with mics. RegrdRega the plug, I think it depends on the application. I used to be big on angled plugs howener, my current DAC (portable) is 3.5mm balanced and my 2.5 to 3.5 balanced adapter is right angle, so I get straight plug 2.5mm cables to still eventually wnd in a right angle termination
  6. vegetaleb
    Is it normal that the ZSR don't hold well on the ZS3 stock cable? they unplug too easily
  7. phthora
    It's normal that KZ build tolerances are not very tight. For their price range, that's hardly unexpected. My Brainwavz B400s had the same issue. There will be some unit-to-unit variation in the sockets and in the cables at this level. If it's a real concern, you can see what sort of warranty KZ has.
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  8. Wiljen
    Not in my experience. You do have to watch as cables are available in both .75 and .78 millimeter pin sizes and once you use a .78, you will have to from then on as the .75s will fall off like you are describing.
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  9. neo_styles
    More fuel for Anglegate 2018. This works really well for keeping my DAP in my back pocket.

  10. Slater
  11. DocHoliday
    The ZS6 is a top notch metal IEM.
    It's all good all of the time.

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  12. Tobsen88
    Is there any other iem that can keep up to metal? Anybody has the dmg to compare?
  13. neo_styles
    Probably doesn't qualify as an IEM in the technical sense, but my iSine 10 is INSANE for metal. It's just something about the way that midrange shines that seems to make even crap-recorded metal sound great. Only hard part is figuring out how to get a solid seal to bring out the meaty low-end.

    I understand if it's completely out of your price range, but I think you can find a pair for around $200 with some patience. r/AVExchange is a great resource for that.
  14. antdroid
    I second iSine as a highly recommended!
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  15. BadReligionPunk
    I guess I am not supposed to name the company that makes them but imo the "6 in 1" is dope AF for metal. W shape with fast tight slightly elevated low end. Clear articulate mids that are forward sounding, and a clean crisp high end that gets really close to shhhplashhhy , but never gets there. At least to my 42 year old punk rock ears. While the iem is warm tones, the only gripe I have is that male vocals can sound thin. Oddly enough though I can actually understand cookie monster vocals clearly with these iems. Opeth, Carcass, Emporer, Dimmu all sound great. No muddy muddy to my ears.

    I also like TRN V20 for metal too. Still waiting on my ZSA. Should be today or tomorrow.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018

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