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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Danfish98
    ES4 has strong mid bass but I find the ZSA has better sub bass and it doesn't bleed into the mids like the ES4.
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  2. david8613
    I just picked up the the kz zs10, not too crazy about them. I am having a hard time getting a good seal, I tried ear some spare tips I know give me good seal on other iems and no good. I think its the angle of the tubes. Even when I push them in and twist them with to get a good seal they sound better but I get some basss but I am still not getting the bass people are talking about and the highs and high mids are very forward and pronounce to me, not laid back like in other reviews. I am hoping its because I am not getting a good seal. advice anyone?
  3. Deveraux
    I’m very sorry I was not specific. All I need is a replacement for the silver upgrade cable I bought a year back. Something equally good or better than the silver kz cable for the same amount preferably under 10$. Looking for the one that gives the best sound and mic is preferred. Rest are just optional. Would like something that doesn’t turn green though.
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  4. tripside
    Trn has launched a new cable. I just came across it. It costs twice as much as their current cable....

  5. hakuzen
    my tips and cable for ED16. stock black starline tips with foam inside, pushed all down i could. this way, short wide tips, highs are better listened with less sibilance. sub-bass is powerful in ED16, so no need to use long narrow tips.
    used the foam inside to provide a tighter fit (better seal), because nozzles are short and the combo is shallow.
    sources used always have low output impedance (<0.2Ω).
    their sub-bass is great for EDM, for example, and doesn't interfere with other frequencies. they sound pleasant, but more defined mids and highs would be desired. not tried EQ yet.

    KZ-ED16-01.JPG KZ-ED16-02.JPG

    my first impression of AS10: too much midbass, they are a bit dark as a result. hope they will respond well to EQ, because it's needed for most tracks.
    it seems kz boosted the lows BA because they thought that bass wouldn't be as powerful as with dynamic driver. and this wasn't necessary at all.
    resolution is high, though. they are very sensitive (quite lower volume needed compared to ZS6 and ED16), and i'm afraid their impedance is lower than specified (will measure it). much source dependent, surely, and not forgiving with low quality tracks. potential is huge, i have to spend more time with them..
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  6. fedcas
    mmh... talking about ZSA and ES4... I have a pair of ZSR since a few days and I really like them... so I wanted to try another model from KZ, but they are infamous for having so many models... I ended up with this shopping list XD (I also have a 3 USD seller discount, and maybe even some more discount from a code I found in a review on SoundphileReview)


    (note the Es4 has 2 extra cables, it's 11.26 USD otherwise). I have checked the price history and the discounts are real (not the fake 50% advertised on the item page of course, but still relevant) here is an example: https://www.pricearchive.org/aliexpress.com/item/32875117793

    Yet, I think 5 KZ models is a bit too much :p and it's over 50USD... so which one would you avoid? For example, I'm considering dropping the ED16 unless it's really worth it, cause I don't think the cables I'm buying for the ZSR are compatible with the ED16 (or unofficially they are?). Or myabe there is some other must-have model I forgot?

    By the way, is there any other cheap accessories I should add to the cart? (the KZ USB-C cable and the TRN BT cable are already in the list)
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  7. Slater
  8. Danfish98
    Haven't heard the ED16 so I can't comment on it but I'd pick the ZSA by a fairly large margin over the ES4. I feel your KZ pain. I had 0 of them 3 months ago, now I own the zs5, zsa, zs10, and es4.
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  9. fedcas
    interesting... but... twice as much as this other vendor you mean :wink: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1825606/search?origin=y&SearchText=trn+bluetooth
    (both models slightly less buying in the app)

    EDIT: I've read the specs of both models, but the only difference I can see is that one is bt 4.1 and the other 4.2... mmh... should I wait for a review or it should be safe to buy the BT10 instead of the BT3?
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  10. Slater
    Hmmm, specs look exactly the same as the previous one. The only difference I can see is the neck wire. I personally don’t think that difference alone is worth $40 vs $20. You can buy (2) BT3 for every (1) BT10.

    I guess it depends on each individual if the neck wire is worth it.
  11. hakuzen
    don't drop ED16.. they sound very pleasant without any EQ, they are absolutely worth it at $16, and might be discontinued soon..

    aliexpress coupon of $2 (on orders of $19 or more, any product) is only available for platinum/diamond customers. it costs 200 coins.
    same with coupon of $8 (on orders of $59 or more, any product), 800 coins.
    but you can only get one of each during this sale.
    despite of the type of customer you are, you can get lot of "select" coupons of $2 (they are only valid for products/shops which state it explicitly).
  12. peskypesky
    Thank you! I'll check out reviews of the ZSA.
  13. fedcas
    read my post just above yours :wink: by the way, is 20ish USD the normal price for the BT3 or before this promotion days it was more around 30 USD?
  14. tripside
    The vendor had priced it horrendously....
    They could have also improved the dac, hard tell without listening to both models. A few people have mentioned that the older cable makes the sound more bassy.

    Looks like the retail price is close to the older cable. I think the new neckband design is cleaner. Hopefully it will sound better as well.
  15. loomisjohnson
    if you already have the zsr you don't have to have the ed16, which has a similar character (albeit a little smaller, more comfortable form factor), altho i really like the ed16. i'd do a coin flip between the es4 and the zsa; you definitely need the ed9 (everyone does).

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