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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Wiljen
    for me, ZSR > Ed16 but only slightly, and ES4 > Zsa when EQ'd but Zsa > ES4 without EQ.
  2. C2thew
    For me the ZS4 is the next hype train! YESSSSSSSS

    The ZS10 was bittersweet. I mean it's good but the recessed mids and comfort kind of derailed that train so fast. Even if the ZS4 is too sibilant, you can always fine tune it by plugging the BA with different materials.

    If the ZS4 is everything i've been wanting in an iem, I'll probably grab a few more for gifts.
  3. Slater
    Well don’t expect sonic miracles. I suspect it will sound similar to the ZST or ED15.

    I’m going to be happy if it simply sounds better than the ZS3.

    The strength of the ZS3 (and hopefully the ZS4) is the awesome fit and wicked isolation (plus looks great). Although I know the fit isn’t perfect for everyone.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  4. Danfish98
    What EQ settings do you use for your ES4?
  5. Wiljen
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  6. wind016
    Woowee! KZ brought me back to Head-fi! I actually lost my password years ago but collecting Chifi has been so fun that I just had to come back to talk about this stuff!

    Man, China is on FIRE. I didn't even expect this. I left Head-fi when Hifiman and Woo Audio were doing some good stuff, though premium. Now this KZ company is making some great stuff. I got their ATE, ZST, ZS6, ZSR (so good I bought 2 pairs), ZS10, ED16, and AS10. I think I have some more somewhere. Probably ZS4? ES4? I dunno. I lost those, but I want to offer some comments about the newer ones because I love them.

    Does anyone else feel like these are voiced like Beats headphones? It's like they took the ZS10 and then looked at Beats and thought, "That's what they want." It's SUPER V sounding. The low end is so overbearing that in order to bring details back, they increased the treble so sharp that it distorts. I'm not sure how so many reviewers are saying these are so much better than the ZS10. It's not even like I hate bass. I'm a basshead maybe half the time I listen to music. However, the bass is so emphasized that it bleeds into the mids. I even have to EQ the bass and treble down on podcasts, but these headphones handle EQ like a champ. Bring down the bass and treble and the bass won't bleed into the mids and the treble will not distort. However, even going back and forth between this and the ZS10 does not show a substantial difference in sound. The ZS10 already has strong bass and some sharp treble. The distortion levels are about same, very low. The detail retrieval and separation is about the same, which is to say fantastic for the price. The AS10 is like the ZS10 with emphasized bass, sharper treble to compensate, smaller soundstage, and more comfortable earpiece. I love the AS10, but I have to listen to it EQ'ed.

    These are AMAZING for the price. I didn't even think the Chinese could do this let alone at this price. Low distortion, great soundstage, excellent instrumental separation, excellent detail retrieval, powerful bass, non-sibilant treble, low price, low comfort haha.

    These are my main work and study earphones. Comfortable, exciting forward sound, strong bass impact, clean treble due to treble fr dip, sound doesn't get congested even with the small soundstage, low distortion, looks good, doesn't need a lot of power. Like these so much, I bought 2 pairs.

    Pretty disappointed. The treble distorts quick. I could not get it to sound better than the ZSR. They should just keep a treble dip.
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  7. pbui44
    Wow, another person falling from Summit-Fi to Chi-Fi. What has this world come to???:wink:
  8. Strat Rider
    @mbwilson111......they may have the nail polish in purple :smile_phones:
  9. DocHoliday

    Truthfully, I was hoping that KZ would mix things up a bit and put that 31005 Mid & High" balanced armature to use in the ZS4.


    The ZS3's complete isolation really only needs a decent spatter of micro-detail with a warm and full-bodied midrange. If the ZSA's bass has good texture and speed then I would expect the same for the ZS4. A full-bodied warm yet detailed IEM with supreme isolation from KZ would be a welcome treat right about now. Warm and detailed when done right can be just as engaging as bright and detailed.

    Case in point:

    20160727_132739 (0).jpg

    The HDS3 is somewhat unique amongst its siblings. One of the older and more popular KZ's whispered that the HDS3 wasn't born in Shenzen like other KZ's.....pssssst, it was adopted......from Japan.


    Apparently, the goal with the HDS3 was to get a DD to mimic the qualities of a BA.


    Wouldn't it be interesting if KZ attempted to mimic the qualities of a high-end DD.

    One can only hope!

    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
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  10. NeonHD
    Yeah I was surprised because the HDS3 was long out of stock, you can find them for around $40 on eBay, but these ones from the official KZ store are at its normal price.

    Funny thing is that they should be worth much more than its normal price.
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  11. CoiL
    Yes, it was me:blush:
  12. vegetaleb
    Some stores are a joke, when you go into store coupons they clearly put as number 1 the AE 2$ coupon (to exchange with 10 coins), which I did, but then when you go to pay suddenly this coupon is not listed anymore, I lost 20 coins with that trap, I tried to explain this to Chat of AE but the lady there was too lost to understand even after several screenshots.
    Looks like I will have to wait for 11.11 for real discounts
  13. mathi8vadhanan
    Please go one size up and try a shallow seal. ZS10 with Shanling M0 is really growing on me. With Sony A17, there's just too much sub-bass rumble.

    Now we know, why they have vents on the shell and the BA bass driver. You could try increasing the size of the bass vent.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  14. nxnje
    Happened the same to me.
    I bought 4x 2$ coupons, then i can't use them. What's best is that aliexpress support is always not helping you as their operator are not so good in english language and can't assist you even in these simple things.
    I paid 24.86 for my trn v80 while i could have paid less thanks to the coupon but 3 operators couldn't help me and the same as happened when it showed me a discount for the kz ed9.
    Impressive how they can sponsor something that is not actually all true.
  15. vegetaleb
    @Slater How good are the KZ Type C cables?
    The memory wires are good enough or it's just a scotch tape on the edge of the cable?
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018

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