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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    From the official Tennmak store they have an 18pc (ie 9 pairs total; 3 of each color) pack with NO case, for like $8.


    With either that one, or the one with the $2 case you can specify ALL 1 size. So for example, if you only use S tips, you just send them a message and say ALL S. So you will receive 9 pairs of S tips. Or, if you use L and your significant other uses S, tell them you only want those 2 sizes. That's $0.89 per pair, and you don't waste any money on sizes you'll never use. Make sense?

    The alternative is ONE set of KZ, with SML for ~$1.20. Well, in the example of you only using S tips, you basically paid $1.50 for 1 pair of tips because you can't use the M or L. And your 1 pair of S tips will fall apart in a few weeks, because the KZ Whirlwind tips are fragile pieces of junk.

    The Tennmaks are significantly cheaper per pair, and they last 100xs longer than the KZ version.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  2. oMalakai
    I bookmarked that link, thanks! Now that makes more sense. I'm gonna look it up and see what I can do, they do look nice and you can never have enough tips anyway. Guess I'm gonna end up asking for an SMM pack. I should get rid of all my L tips at this point...

    Thanks again for the advice anyway, the KZ ones looked nice at first.
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  3. oMalakai
    Alright now I'm rather confused. I was just listening to the same stuff with the ED16 on my laptop, and noticed that everything sounds rather smooth and warm. "Huh, curious". Then I compared the same song on my Cowon D3 and holy crap the difference in sound is massive. The D3 sounds MUCH brigther and a bit harsh compared to my laptop, that has smoother highs and the mids seems more pronounced. I assume it has to do with the impedance?

    Bass seems to suffer quite a lot on my laptop tho. It loses a lot of rumble. It's the first time I've experienced such massive difference between sources
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  4. MDH12AX7
    The Mandarins are pricey but you can get 3 pairs for $10 US direct from Symbio.
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  5. hakuzen
    yes. output impedance of the source will affect upper mids and highs (balanced armatures).
    and output decoupling capacitors (low capacity ones) in source will affect the bass dramatically.
    lower impedance of iems accentuate this.

    you can make your own "symbios" easily..
  6. skeewiff
    I agree with dhruvmeena96 listening to all those who say they sound better I put wide bore tips to my es4 and have improved in clarity.

    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  7. nxnje
    I'm always here Reading about Wide bore tips, but I can't Still understand Which kind of tips do you mean
    Could you please a photo about the wide bore tips so I can understand which tips are you talking about?
    I am going to get new headphones soon so if I know those actually works well I would maybe know how to solve my fitting issues if they appear
  8. audionab

    the bore(hole) in the tip is wide(big)
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  9. skeewiff

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  10. nxnje
    Oh i understood now.
    Gonna try those asap
  11. Slater
    As others have mentioned, wide bore simply means the center “bore” (ie hole where the sound comes) out is very wide. Compare this to KZ Starlines or Sony Hybrids, or Olive tips, which have a very narrow bore.

    Auvio tips are my favorite wide bore by far. They fit as securely as the Starlines, but are wide bore. KZ is nuts for it making these, as they are far superior to their crap Whirlwind wide bore tips:

    There’s many other wide bore tips too. Here’s some which I think are originally intended for some Beats IEM (power beats maybe):

    Here’s some random/generic wide bore tips:

    I even have some wide bore double flange tips, which is nice because most double and triple flange tips have a very narrow bore.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  12. andry.dvt
    hello I bought the kz es 4, and seeing your comments about the eartips, I took the whirldwind of the kz because I do not know what size to take and leave them all, I also ordered by mistake the eartip foam always kz but I read that they come off
    easily .. I was right to take the whirlwind of the kz? There is much difference with The tennmak? and one last question I should take a couple of better foam eartip of kz or whirlwind sound better with these headphones?

    Thank you..

    Ps. does the silver plated cable really improve the sound?
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  13. dhruvmeena96
    Tenmak center core or the pipe or anything you want to say is more solid and is better connected to eartip surround. More solid to wear and tear when you start using it.

    No sound changes but will last for lifetime.

    Silver cable 4core is just aesthetic, the 8core metal connector is a little upgrade in tightening the treble range due to 1/2 impedance compared to normal.
  14. andry.dvt
    OK thanks. and about the foam tip do you advise me to order them or do you think that these kz amplify the bass too much? do these whirlwind of kz isolate from outside sounds well enough? Thank you
  15. Slater
    Tennmak tips are made better. Visually, they look the same (except different color choices). But the KZ tips tear very easily at the top. Tennmaks are cheaper and stronger.

    Also, if you don’t know what size you need, you can order the Tennmaks as a SML set just like the KZ SML set. It’s just that with Tennmak you can also specify a specific size (if you happen to know it). You cannot do that with the KZ tips.

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