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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    No worry friend. I understand it is a language barrier. We welcome you, and we help our friends of every language and country. We all speak the same language of music!

    For the 8 core wire, do not expect better performance. The difference is not noticeable by ear, only scientific measurement equipment.

    The upgraded wires (including 8 core wire) has better appearance (fashion), and the wire is softer and more flexible than stock wire. It also makes less noise in your ear when the wire brush against clothes (this is called microphonics).

    It is a cheap upgrade to make your earphones more personal and unique. Like if you change to fancy colored shoe laces on your basketball shoes. They make your shoes have more individuality, amd they may also be better “performance” because they will not loosen and make you fall down. But they will not make you Michael Jordan and make perfect jump shots.

    Does that make sense?

    As far as other models, we will help you but there are many choices. We need to ask more questions before we know what model is good for you. What type of headphone sound do you like? Lots of bass? Good midrange? What about treble? What kind of music is your favorite? Jazz? Classical? Pop music? Trance?
  2. andry.dvt
    ah ok thanks :) I prefer a flat profile .. I listen to rock but also a bit of pop and jazz
  3. mosz
    ZSR is great but they are quite big and the nozzles are just too long - after a few minutes one of them will get out of my ear. Should I get the ZS3 or ZS6 for better fit? Or ZSA?
  4. MDH12AX7
    If you are a fan of the ZSR sound, the ED16 is often described as an updated ZSR sound and is much more comfortable. Smaller shell, smaller and shorter nozzle.
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  5. Slater
    Tin Audio T2 for sure.
  6. andry.dvt
    I already bought the kz es4 ... I found them at $ 9
  7. Slater
  8. Bartig
    I read that on several sites as well, and I think they're wrong. Comparing them side to side and with the other recent releases of KZ thrown in, the mids of the ED16 sound more flat and less detailed than its siblings. Also, I find it to miss a hard to describe punch the ZSR has - which makes music so much fun to listen to.

    The ED16 definitely has a better fit though.
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  9. nxnje
    Uh yes, i've done the same thing with foam tips to choose their size for my memt x5, think i'm gonna do that again for zsa tips, hoping i will not get that strange vacuum feeling that i feel with usual silicon tips because of the driver flex (at least i think it's the reason).

    I'm italian too! Glad to see some italians here finally, we're gently coming into the chi-fi world like many other nations already!
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  10. Slater
    Viva l'Italia!
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  11. Makahl
    Wait... maybe that's old news now but I didn't read it on the last pages. Is there a new KZ ZST?

    Google translated from Facebook:
    NEW ZST >>> zst
    Included, I used to use zst for three generations including this model.

    For the first edition, the sale of the sound will be minimal, but there is a pointy sound that is more ear-stabbing than the current generation, both models and the first generation, the amount of bass will be less
    This one inside can see that there is a grilles, a dynamic driver from the previous generation, as I compare, but based on the back of the dynamic driver, the same is probably different, but it's the same model driver. I don't know how true it is, because from the evidence of the evidence, the lid is closed. The body is very close. The previous model, the late one, is the same knit line that is free in kz zs10,. There is a different filter. The Color of the headphones is red, clear and blue, bright, inner body. There are small holes.
    Sound story
    The sound of zst cheerful has a difference from the previous generation (in the middle version) is that there is an opacity of a slightly reduced sound texture, causing more transparency. The Overall sound sounds a little easier. The Details, the other parts are still original. The Bass sounds fun as usual. In the middle of all the differences, it's from a little bit of a change of headphones, with a new type of line, which makes it all the same, and it's a little different
  12. Wiljen
    Was it ever proved that the Zst Pro even existed? I've heard some swear it did (phonograph) and others (most here) who thought it was the Zst Colorful. I've had the original and the colorful and thought the sound was exactly the same. I know two is hardly a fair sample size, just sharing my experience thus far. Before we can establish a 3rd generation of Zst, I'd like to see evidence of a true Gen 2.
  13. Makahl
    I've only heard that rumor in Asian forums. But there's neither proof nor measurements of a good batch between carbon and pro (colorful) to say something that's not a rumor (also most of the people here with both models say they sound identical). But this one there are a lot of visual differences though.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  14. Wiljen
    it may well be the 2nd generation. I agree that some of the visual cues are enough different to at least suggest it is a new variant.
  15. jthew
    Is it pretty much agreed by all that the ZS6 has less bass punch than the ZSR?

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