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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. deco cat
  2. ssnjrthgr8
    Looks dope. Hope it sounds dope too
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  3. dhruvmeena96
    Yup, it does look dope in blue colour. And I think they made it like the old mid centric v1 but better build and some treble extension as per review
  4. dhruvmeena96
  5. Deveraux
    Suggest an upgrade cable for ZS5 v1 and ED16 please
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  6. Slater
    That’s a very individual preference thing.

    The main differences are:
    • color of insulation (yellow, silver, grey, black)
    • impedance preference
    • braid style
    • ear hook style (memory wire, molded rubber hook)
    • mic or no mic
    • 3.5mm plug type (straight or angled)
    • 2-pin plug type (straight or angled)
    • if silver plated wire turning a slight green tinge bothers you or not
    • Bluetooth or not
    • budget
    • If you have a brand preference (genuine KZ, TRN, 3rd party generic)
    Saying “recommend me a wire” is like saying “recommend me a car”. You could get 20 different answers. You need to be a little more specific if you have specific preferences. For example, a lot of people get irritated when the silver plated wires turn a faint tint of green.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
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  7. HungryPanda
    TRN replacement cable
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  8. Slater
    The yellow/orange KZ one, because it’s rare and I’ve seen very few HFers with it.
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  9. hakuzen
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
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  10. oMalakai
    Hey there! It's been a while since I've posted here but after my Zero Audio Tenore died, I had to get a replacement for 'em and ended up buying a pair of KZ ED16 for 16$ which seemed like an excellent deal.

    So far I'm not that impressed tho. They are comfortable, the bass is much more engaging compared to the Tenore and the soundstage and separation I would say it's better too but, I'm not really convinced by the highs. Some cymbals or hi hats sounds rather off, and seems like some vocals (From some Muse songs to be more specific) have some rather annoying sibilance, same with certain sounds. It's weird because they don't really feel bright, but I don't know, I kinda expected more. The overall sound feels weirdly "dry" if that makes sense. I will still give them more time anyway and I wouldn't say they are bad but they aren't certainly what I expected. Any tips, experiences with them? Are they affected a lot by the player you are using? What about the silicone tips and stuff?

    Thanks in advance
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  11. mbwilson111
    I had a difficult time with finding the right tips... usually the stock Starlines work for me for everything. This time after trying several tips I ended up with Spinfits on my ED16.

    I have mainly used it with my Cayin N3, my Hidizs AP200 or my desktop system... PC playing Flac thru Foobar 2000 to my Firestone Audio Dac/Amp
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
  12. GamerGuppy
    In my previous post I shared my impressions on the ED16. I regard them as the best all-round KZ IEM I have heard to date (ZST, ZSR, ZS5v2, ZS6).
    Though the ED16 ended my quest for a good sounding IEM with which I can comfortably sport with, I still pulled the trigger on an ES4 since many people here praised it and I kind of dig the cyan color. Was I wise to join the hype train?

    My conclusion in short: The ES4 has a fun-tuned, likeable sound-signature and does very little wrong for those looking for some colored IEM's with an enhanced bass or for those who are particulary sensitive to sibilance. However, those seeking more detail, better staging and an overal more neutral and coherent sound signature should choose the ED16 for just 5 bucks more.

    The ES4 has a fun sound signature with a boosted bass and succesfully dodges many typical KZ problems such as recessed mids and sibilance. In fact, the ES4 has the least sibilance of any KZ I tried thusfar (equalling my IT01 in this respect). However, the ES4 clearly achieves this through recessed upper-mids & lower-treble. And this has it's side effects. E.g. acoustic guitars quickly loose their spark and sound dull since the higher-pitched crispy sounds when the strings are picked seem absent (Listen e.g. to the intros of "Seven Days in Sunny June" by Jamiroquai or "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac.)

    Vocals are placed prominently up front with the ES4, more so then the ED16 or IT01. However in music where vocals are accompanied by deep bass, some bass bleed is noticable. The ES4 has a prominent bass boost which gives it a boomy character in the low-end (unlike the ZSR which has a more punch like character). Check for example "Limit To Your Love" by James Blake. It is a song with a relatively simple composition but has a bass that goes unusually deep and kicks in for the first time around the 0:55 mark. The ED16 and IT01 show better detail, seperation and imaging over the ES4 in the parts where this deep bass is present.

    Though the ES4 is bass heavy, it does not go as deep as the IT01. At the 3:40 mark of "Limit to Your Love", for example, the bass on the IT01 sounds a bit like a distant nightclub playing loud-music such that you feel the rumble of the deep bass through the vibrations of the ground. However, I can't help but picturing myself one of these heavily bass boosted car-stereos when I'm listening to the same part through the ES4. The ED16 on the other hand might be lacking some bass here and is not as submersive as the other 2.
  13. hakuzen
    this matches exactly how i feel ED16. extended lows, boosted sub-bass, mids forwarder than other kz, good separation, but highs.. "Some cymbals or hi hats sounds rather off" and some sounds and vocals show "annoying sibilance"; i thought this exactly.

    in order to try to change highs/resonances, before trying eq, i've pushed the starline tips all way long, leaving only 2mm from the nozzle mesh to the top of the tip. but ED16's nozzles are not long, and the result is very shallow in my ears: so i've put some foam into the starline silicon tips (DIY symbios), to provide a shallow but tight plug. highs have been improved, but still testing them this way to check if it is enough.

    ED16 has low impedance (<8ohms) and 2 BAs. i've not measured their impedance curve yet, nor sensitivity, but guess low output impedance sources (<1ohm), with decent current capabilities, will be recommendable.
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  14. dhruvmeena96
    Is there any improvement, because spinfit tends to change sound due to tapered horn opening and deeper insertion.

    Boosting bass and reducing sibilance treble
  15. dhruvmeena96
    Try Wide bore with ES4.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018

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