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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. surfacecube
    It's not about the nozzle, the case is just way too big for me :frowning2:
  2. mbwilson111
    You make a good point. It depends on if you want to play with numerous new toys or, if you would be more comfortable just having something you enjoy and use all the time. I have to admit, sometimes I wish I did not have so many choices, Sometimes I don't know what I want to grab...plus they take up space.
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  3. MariusAB
    "You make a good point. It depends on if you want to play with numerous new toys or, if you would be more comfortable just having something you enjoy and use all the time. I have to admit, sometimes I wish I did not have so many choices, Sometimes I don't know what I want to grab...plus they take up space".

    it's not because of too much choices. It's because too good living and too much money we have to spent fur such stuff that no body really needs. When you don't have what to eat, you think where and how to eat. But when you have too much to eat you are buying 15 earphones and then worrying about too much choices. And china is always ready to help you there :) Let's buy one more KZ
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  4. loomisjohnson
    it's all about your personal priorities. last week i went to a fancy restaurant where cocktails were like $20 and a few oysters were $15. all the while i was thinking that i would be much happier grabbing a few tacos and spending the difference on, say, that nicehck hk6 in my shopping cart, which won't fade into oblivion a few seconds after consumption.
  5. DocHoliday
    That's me..... always thinking that it would be better spending the money on an out of print CD so I can make a clean duplicate file in WAV or FLAC format



    or sampling an IEM with a different sound signature.

    2018-05-16 08.55.12.png
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  6. SciOC
    Mazlows hierarchy of needs comes to mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs?wprov=sfla1
    For some reason I don't think I'd have the anxiety/depression issues I have if I was using all my time struggling to survive. I wonder how much of our modern mental problems and crazy habits are really symptoms of how easy we actually have the basics of life in modern society. The bad part is, it's only going to get worse. We have all this free time where our brains are left to their own devices rather than working out how to survive or not get eaten by a bear that they just after to focus on relatively unimportant stuff that we give unrealistically enhanced importance to.

    I consider my obsession with audio to be a mostly positive aspect of my life, and I enjoy the collect them all attitude.

    YOU very well might be better served buying one nice pair or you might not, it depends if you could adequately demo all the sets you want to hear and it you really know what you want...

    Collecting a lot of cheap KZs can really help you figure out what you do and don't like and keep you "up to date" on recent technological advanced without breaking the bank.

    Some may be mistakes, but they're cheap mistakes. i can tell you one of my big audio mistakes is the oppo pm-3, i'd rather listen to my kz zsr than those and I'm sure i could buy all of kz's IEMs for less than what I paid for that single pair of pm-3s. I think all of us have some audio regrets, and buying KZ is always at least a cheap mistake if it doesn't love up to the hype...

    Plus, damned if it doesn't distract my crazy mind from my other issues, i'd much rather argue about whether or not the new 16 driver KZ is going to be worth it, or if the es4 truly had an improved BA, than to have my brain wondering if I encountered a bat walking under a bridge and if I'll get rabies because I didn't notice it flew into me...

    There are a lot worse things to have your mind do while idling than this...
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  7. DSebastiao
    Guys, is it true that the connector's for ALL kz iem's are 0.75mm?
  8. Saoshyant
    Quite a lot of them, but old ZS3 and new ZS3 for example use different sizes.
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  9. AKMW44
    Help please, I'm I after a cheap replacement audio cable with volume control for kzzs6, so. 75mm 2 pin I believe . Thanks for any suggestions. Nearly forgot to say around a tenner.
  10. pbui44
  11. Zlivan
  12. DocHoliday
    I won't be casting stones at KZ over semantics; I can hear the difference in the ZSR's presentation when comparing it to previous KZ hybrids, all of which did employ the 30095 BA.

    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  13. HerrXRDS
    Looking at their history, I don't think that ZSA has any crossover filter so I don't think it can be that much different from their other 1DD+1BA offerings. Personally I'm more interested in the ES4. Might not look as good as the ZSA, but the new graphene DD and the crossover filter should make for an interesting sound. Still, after the ZS10 pre-order disappointment, I'll wait for some reviews before ordering this one.
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  14. Podster
    Indeed Doc and I think KZ is making major headway even if they are having to release a model a week to get there:laughing:
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  15. loomisjohnson
    (double posted)
    Good People:
    I'm informed that the mods have 86'd OttoMotor from this and the chifi thread, ostensibly for mentioning the banned seller. Personally, I think that's a big loss to this community--whatever you think of his style (his is a warlike race), he's a very well-informed guy with a great ear, significantly better than mine. I've also never known him to be abusive, profane or heretical; hopefully the mods can be prevailed upon to reverse their decree.
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