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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DSebastiao
    Does it have the nozzle tip to hold the tips in place?
  2. Otto Motor
    Here a photo! The ZSR has a really long nozzle.

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  3. ChaoticKinesis
    It's all just speculation here but I'd sooner believe that the ZSR frequency response looks the way it does because they either implemented some kind of notch filter at 4-6 kHz or they just put a staggered crossover with a high-pass filter on the 30095 somewhere around that frequency. On the ZS10 it looks like they may have used a low-pass filter somewhere in the treble range. I honestly have no idea how realistic it is for them to have a modified 30095. However, if they do I would have expected a much smoother response from the ZS10 than what we got, especially after the ZSR.

    Referring back to the ZSA picture, that frequency response looks like it has the peaks of the stock 30095. If they modified it, I would think the first thing we'd see is those peaks getting smoothed out. Therefore either the frequency response pictured is a lot less smooth than what we'll see in the final product or, more likely, all this "upgrade" language is just misleading marketing. After all, "New Upgrade Balanced Armature Unit" is not proper English and potentially in Chinglish it can mean a number of different things.
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  4. rayliam80
    Mine does not.


    But I want to say someone else mentioned in the thread they got a green KZ recently and it had the lip on the nozzle.
  5. DSebastiao
    Thanks, what cable is that?
  6. Vestat
    ZSA are now available at aliexpress... does anybody knows the difference between KZ official Store and KZ Global store on aliexpress? The price is slightly different and the offer in both stores include the silver cable for limited time.
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  7. KainHighwind
    Wow KZ releases so much models and I almost get lost... What's the purpose of releasing too much models huh? ZS5, ZSR, ZSA are the same price.
  8. HerrXRDS
    You gotta catch them all
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  9. KainHighwind
    But wouldn't catch them all will cost hundred(s) and I should just get a hundred headphone and settle with it.
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  10. Fargeg
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
  11. HungryPanda
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  12. misterchao
    I ordered it from Official store and they shipped out the next day. now like a 20 day wait. didn't even notice it comes with the silver cable. sweet
  13. Deveraux
    Should I get the ES4 or ZSA? I'm using the ZS5 v1 right now and I like it. Is either of these an upgrade to the v1?

    P.S: Can't get both
  14. nxnje
    I follow this, i'm interestes.
  15. CoiL
    Very too much early to say anything about those. I decided to wait for few first impressions from users here before I pull trigger @ ZSA.
    I ditched plans to get ZSR as gift for my wife due to too large shell (though I really really like red & white ZSR looks).

    Though, there are still 2x ZS3 shells waiting for nozzle replacement and driver change (ATE drivers)... ZS3 fits and isolates great, is relatively small and very ergonomic.
    If ZSA proves to be another minor "upgrade", I`ll just gift modded ZS3/ATE instead.
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