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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DSebastiao
    This thread gets a lot of activity, any feedback on the ZS10? Also, any feedback on KZ's foam tips?
  2. Slater
    That's standard procedure. All you do is take a video with your phone, holding up 1 ear at a time to the phone microphone for 5-10 seconds.

    What I do is prepare a few small notecards ahead of time (written in black marker so it's easy to read) "Right Side - Sound is OK", "Left Side - No Sound" (or "Broken" or something similar). This way there's no language barrier from me speaking, and they can use Google Translate to translate the text on the notecards if they need to.

    When when I make my video, I lay out the earpieces and notecards in front of me. I hold up the "Right Side - Sound OK" card for like 5 seconds, then I show myself picking up the R earpiece and hold it up to the mic so you can hear music for about 5 seconds. Then I repeat for the L side (notecard plus hold up to mic). Finally, I upload the video to YouTube, so all I have to do is send a URL link in the Customer Service message.

    I've used this method numerous times with Aliexpress and Gearbest, and it has never failed me. The whole process takes a few minutes and you're done.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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  3. skedra
    I'll put my 2 cents on the zs10. Listened to them for about 10-12h now. The low end is not as punchy as zs6, the mids are generally good but because of the treble rolloff female vocals seem a bit lacking. Treble to me is now a bit too tame but at least there's close to no sibilance.

    Detail wise they resolve well, can't judge how well exactly just yet.

    Generally I think I like them more than zs6 in most cases apart from female vocals. And the comfort is worse than the zs6 too.
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  4. friuns
    thats bad i liked zs6 bass
  5. Slater
  6. DSebastiao
    I'm yet to understand why they went with 4BA + 1DD and didn't just add 1BA to the 2 + 2 setup of the ZS6.

    What this point i feel like not getting any of the 2.
  7. skedra
    So did I, comfort and bass of zs6 is what I miss on them. I co do with the rest especially considering they are usually used in noisy environments on the go anyway. Will see how spinfits work when I get those
  8. WalterTorino
    Good bye, zs10...
  9. skedra
    It's not thaaat bad, it's just less. Especially when it comes to sub bass. I haven't tried to eq them yet
  10. WalterTorino
    The most sad thing about it is that even lows of the zs6 is not enought for me. So, it looks like the zs10 is gonna be a real dissapointment for me :frowning2:
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  11. Mr.HiAudio
    Yeah, i think that, a good bass more like(comfortable) than bigger bass. If u are like a bass in iems, u should buy a foam eartips or wide eartips(or find only dd iems, for example: tfz( but, 99$)) :) sorry for my bad English :D
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  12. skedra
    The thing is, I personally couldn't get the zs6 loud on certain songs because of murder treble. Where's I can do that with with zs10. So with eq I can see them being more bassy comfortably.
  13. skedra
    Yeah DD IEMs will always feel more punchy, and zs10 has what id call good bass even though I'd like more punch. As for foam I mostly play them on comply so there's that :)
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  14. Mr.HiAudio
    Offtop : if u r need a super woofer bass, buy denon c700 from ali (you can find store called "original earphones" ) . Original or not - i don't know, but, BUT , bass(woofer bass) is so pretty for me(massive surrounded bass) . Just wow and all :)
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  15. Slater
    Because 5 > 4

    I’m with you though. The empty space inside of the ZS6 for the BA would have been a no-brainer. And just tinker with the models of BA in the nozzle and the crossover to tune out the sharp treble.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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