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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    My T2 hasn't arrived yet. I don't even think it's been shipped yet. I got caught in the anufacturing shortage during the Aliexpress sale.

    @Otto Motor should be able to answer this question though. Pretty sure he has both.
  2. Otto Motor
    Hmmm...difficult! They are totally different. The modded BW-ES1 sound as flat as a board. They have a very focused, minimal bass and a wide soundstage. Everything is very accurate and nothing is really bad. I did not expect this quality and have not had a signature like this before. What makes them different from much more expensive neutrally tuned iems is their slightly nasal mids in comparison.

    What I also appreciate about the BW is the nifty case and a very good cable with an ergonomic 3-button control. The modded BWs excel as a homogenous package.

    But how do they compare to the T2? I'd say everything in the BWs sounds a bit slimmer and the voices are more pronounced in the T2. After all, the T2 cost 2-4 times as much.

    BW-ES1 Jurgen stock vs advanced.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  3. Bartig
    Aw man, just got a mail from DHgate about the recent KZ deals, with the ZS6 and ZSR together for 25 dollar. The seller can’t ship the items... awaiting a refund. :frowning2:
  4. brianjai
    From what I've heard from Hong Kong forums(tons of people already receive their zs10 from Taobao)
    The treble of ZS10 is not as harsh as ZS5/6 and it has a warm sound signature. The resolution of ZS10 is very good but due to the reduced treble it may not too good for people tend to listen to more airly and high-pitch female songs.

    One of the big upgrade is the cable that KZ has upgrade their cable to "oxygen-free copper cable) with a much better memory wire.But in terms of the comfort, ZS10 has the largest size in KZ earphone to date while having the shortest nozzle. Some people has reported that it tends to fall off easily due to the latter problem.
    (I may try the ZS10 later and give my own impression afterwards)
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  5. ricemanhk
    I concur on the fit issue. It doesn't stay in too well and after just 20-30 minutes it will hurt my ears when I smile e.g. using it to watch SNL...
    A shame since the SQ is really quite good, but I might go back to ZSR as my daily driver...
  6. cyberjunkie
    My ZS10s have reached home it appears. Can't wait to go check them and take them on my short 5 day vacation!
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  7. brianjai
    I've tried the KZ ZS10 myself from a dealer with a demo available(it may've days of burn-in time)

    Overall it's like an evolved ZSR/ZST with punchier bass, much more and clearer mids than the ZSR/T, and a bit less treble than my ZST.

    Strangely enough, the size of it just fits me perfectly (I have a relatively small ears and it just sticks in my outer ear) But due to the short nozzle and the terrible stock ear tips on the demo makes the comfort in ear canal a bit worse than my ZST with spinfit tips
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  8. Slater
    Try some longer tips?
  9. MDH12AX7
    You might try Spin fit CP-100 tips. They extend out a ways past the nozzle before the cushion starts.
  10. MDH12AX7
    Screenshot_20180413-092710.png these ..
  11. youngarthur
    Seller has just cancelled my KZ ZS10!. I was desperate for these, as I am down to my last 30. head/ear phones!?.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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  12. friuns
    which seller?
  13. mbwilson111
    Only 30? Tragic. . Come to the Earbuds Roundup. We have buds!
  14. youngarthur
    3C accessories store, on Aliexpress.
  15. ivo001
    Contact them and getting pointless response again. To make photos and videos of an audio problem, sigh.


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