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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. hydroid
    If you have a spare mmcx cable..you might wanna consider the tennmak piano. One of the deepest subbass iem that I've heard which only cost $11 ear head, extra nozzle mesh cover and several tips only.. Including the cable will cost around $28 though. The cable in the photo is my spare balanced mmcx from penon. I'm not a basshead but I was pleasently surpised by the depth of it's subbass that rumbles like crazy.. You can search the tennmak piano at aliexpress..
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  2. DocHoliday

    Sorry, double post.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  3. DocHoliday
    In light of your dilemma, let me make a few suggestions.

    1) I and others can make some suggestions. However, spending someone else's money simply comes with an enormous sense responsibility if one gets it wrong. I will make some suggestions but your best bet is to do a bit of research here.


    The site reviews many IEMs that are under $50. It also uses a scale to illustrate the sound of the particular IEM.

    For instance:

    You can see that this IEM has more sub-bass(8) than midrange(6). It has more treble(7) than midrange(6) and so on.

    You can review many inexpensive, but great sounding IEMs on this site

    2) Some researchers find this site useful, also.


    If I were in your shoes I would take $60 - $75 and discover my own preferences.

    A good starter list for $60+/- is as follows:
    KZ ATR ($10) great middle of the road IEM
    KZ ZS3 ($10) most comfortable IEM if it fits your ears
    MEMT X5 ($20) tiny sized energetic sound
    BossHiFi S1 ($20) focused warm clarity
    Grand total $60+/-.

    KZ ATR

    KZ ZS3

    MEMT X5

    BossHiFi S1

    All four IEMs sound good but they are very different from each other.

    When all else fails, just ask yourself "What would Archer do?"

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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  4. TLDRonin
    The strange thing is that nothing really sounds off.... Is it possible I was lucky and didnt actually **** up anything important?

    I'm currently using some sports tape (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kindmax-Kinesiology-Tape-Roll/dp/B071Z248VH) since I have spare rolls from when I did track and martial arts.

    Its flexible, and has a nice fabric feel to it so it doesn't bother me at all
  5. SomeTechNoob
    If you only cut the insulation, it'll probably be fine aside from extra wear and tear. Most wires are still covered by a thin layer of enamel which will continue to insulate it even if the rubber insulation is removed.

    And anyway KZ stuff is cheap enough that you can probably afford a second pair to do correctly if you wanted.
  6. TLDRonin
    If I actually cut the wire I wouldn't be able to hear anything/it would sound obviously strange right?

    Price isn't as much of a concern as shipping time :/
  7. SomeTechNoob
    If there's sound and it isn't intermittent at all it should be fine
  8. Mellowship
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  9. barocka
    Do we now know that the gray version is the new version? KZ ZS6 v2 & KZ ZS6ii

    Did KZ solve the problem of "cymbal splashiness/sibilance" ?
  10. bsoplinger
    That seller offers a mix of sizes as one of the options. So you'd get fewer of whatever size you actually need. But you wouldn't need to know the size. And since not all nozzles are created equal, you'd be prepared for other sized nozzles too
  11. AKMW44
    Hi, can anyone recommend cheap foam tips for kz zs6 same size as comply T400 in large or medium. I've bought 3 lots of crap either to small or very very small.
  12. TLDRonin
  13. DocHoliday

    The word from George at GearBest is as follows:

    "about The ZS5, we asked the supplier,
    they do not have any new release version of ZS5"

    Thanks George for answering this question.

    In the meantime, anyone receiving a ZS5 in the next few weeks, please share your findings with the community.

    It may be that there are no changes


    There may be a lack of communication from KZ.

    I just find it odd that the imagery would change for no apparent reason.

    Maybe it's just me. We'll see. 41zBs4c6xDL._SL1500_.jpg
  14. CoiL
    I have also thought about this. As I have low output impedance source gear and use only redbook flac, then my results with IEMs differ to some extent from many users here.

    Current 5th gen regular ATE should not have any spikes in highs. ATE-S might sound different.
    Glad I didn`t get ZSR for shells or sound. Got extra ZS3 instead and holding money for IT01.

    But I`m interested if pewter grey ZS6 is different sounding than ZS6(1&2) and without treble peaks?!?
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  15. TLDRonin
    Has KZ ever addressed the zs5 v1 and v2 issue?

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