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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vladstef
    Not completely sure whether there is a v3 or not, just saying that I have every reason to doubt the evidence of its existence. Remains to be confirmed (which won't be easy, v1 and potential v3 have both one BA in the nozzle, I guess if new orders suddenly start having just one BA this whole thing should be investigated further).
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  2. Slater
    Welcome friend, and congrats on your 1st IEM purchase!

    I hope your ZS3 arrive in proper working order.

    The most recent ZS3 batch seems to have an issue with some having a DOA defective driver issue (it doesn't affect all of them in this batch; just much higher % defects than usual for KZ).

    Be sure to test them thoroughly in case 1 side dies (you'll still be within a return period).

    More info here:
  3. HaNs SuPeR
    Thank You. I will be sure to test thoroughly before 30 day return period is up.
    I ordered from Yinyoo, Fulfilled by Amazon.
    I guess who knows what batch they are selling.
    Supposed to be here Sunday :)
  4. maxxevv
    The current Gearbest marketing materials seem to suggest a ZS6 v2.

    And if you look at the current ZS5 materials, which is very interesting in the stated use of different (instead of identical )BA drivers and note the location of the 2 BA drivers.

    New Picture.jpg
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  5. fluteloop
    Yes exactly this...You're inside my head, you put the point down much better.

    I alluded to the design being incomplete when they were in no rush to cut corners anyway but in that instance of "we're on a wave let's get them out" then yeah that's asking for trouble. I realise most companies in a competitive market are that way inclined, I just don't see the point in bringing a half arsed or incomplete product to market only to have to jig it and then release a better version, the stuff must be so cheap to make that they're still turning a profit and the consumer can't complain because it's still great value. i'm hoping they aren't as sinister as other corporations and they've formulated their own Hype-train-delivery system and will make a habit of this vi vii viii nonsense, it's going to be the thing that turns me off... but my wishful thinking and naivety will always get the better of me and Cash rules everything around me.

    When Upper management is disconnected from the hands-on guys there's always going to be mishaps but it's amazing how crafty they can be with posters and withholding information, people like to want to know why, or how, so they will eventually conjure up their own standards when there's a void of information so they can relax and rest assured there's no loose ends on the information scale.

    I'm all for that but it helps to have knowledge of how the game is played and what crafty methods they can utilise all the while understanding how the technology works. Much can be figured out using only those parameters.
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  6. fluteloop

    expecting another set of zs3 shortly so i'll report back once I Test them.

    Can anyone confirm if the current line up is staying put. The New Line-up is additional Models or is everything just selling out and the new line up take over ?

    I think I better take a break from this thread.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 3, 2018
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  7. fluteloop
    I always listen to my headphones on low vol. I just EQ accordingly and give them enough power and if the Isolation is right the sound
    the distortion test. way to go lol
  8. RuiPP
    Thanks for your help.
    I like a nice sub(bass). I listen to all genres of music, but mainly EDM. Isolation and a music control button are important. Use them as bluetooth earphones would be cool, but that's not very important.
  9. Jay Magaling
    I asked george about the ZS3 and he said that they asked KZ about strict QC with it and they now have new stocks that shouldn't be defective anymore.
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  10. RuiPP
    Thanks. Which model is this?
    Now it's Spring Festival and several stores are closed. Where can I get them?
  11. razorpakk
    Might be the fact they're virtually free or the insertion angle which works better than any other iem, but I keep coming back to the ATR, no matter what else I'm using.
  12. williamclarkonet
    All this talk about how good the bass ison the kz zsr is makes me want to get a pair! i want to see if they will de-throne my current favorite kz zs3
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  13. jeromeaparis
    Got a ZSR, after two days of break in, I found adapted tips to my ears (triple flange) cause the muzle is very big, even with the smallest included tips..
    Compared with my ZS3, it's another beast.
    The ZS3 has nice dynamic strong bass, it has a warm fun sound, but few details on medium, and very few trebles, even after removing the foams and change the cable for a silver plated.
    The ZSR is like a super ZST: it realy has medium & trebles with a lot of details, you can realy discover a lot of things alive in the records, even in a low resolution musical podcast at 128kbps... The bass are sharper than ZST and ZS3, so they take less space, but their volume stays the same as it goes down and down till infra ! They can push hard, but only if it is so in the record.
    There is less trebles than with the ZST but more details, on mediums too. Voices can be sometimes a bit recessed (I think this is solved with a fourth driver on the ZS6)

  14. ivo001
    I've retired my Meizu EP-51 and switched to KZ ZS3 + Spinfit CP100-L + Bluetooth cable for gym sessions. They have a very firm fit, which is nice. The ZST tended to slip out some times, and the Ep-51 is just a strage IEM/earbud hybrid.
  15. nadezhda 6004
    So what's your final verdict for ZSR and ZS6 as far as bass is concerned?

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