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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mellowship
  2. Podster
    Least not to the naked eye but I concur that is a sweet cable especially if you perform the ear wire surgery:wink: It's also a little longer than most (or my pair is) and I like it:grinning:

    Seriously Clean.JPG
  3. Slater
    With high impedance, couldn't it still have value to reduce the treble on ZS5 and ZS6 for those that don't want to use an impedance adapter?
  4. hakuzen
    higher impedance in front of zs6/zs5v2 does reduce those treble peaks, but to achieve about -4dB, you need 75ohms (adapter). these cables are lower than 1ohm.
    higher impedance in front of zs5v1 does make the treble peaks harsher instead, but not so much if we are talking of impedance <1ohm.
    lower impedance cables are specially recommended for zs5v1, mainly because of zs5v1's extreme low impedance and associated power hunger (but also to keep their treble).

    link providing examples of all this, together with the list of some cheapo cables for kzs:
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  5. gwompki
    I have had the ZSR for about 5 days now. I'm using it with the medium silicone tips. Surprisingly I don't like the complys on this one as much as I do on the ZST and ZS5 v1. I will say that it does not have the same level of bass impact or sub bass that the ZST has or even the ZS5. However, it has an incredible sound stage to my ears. Like really really good. These are great for rock, jazz, etc, but probably not as good for hip hop / EDM. I think the ZS5 v1 is a better all rounder, but I'm really digging the ZSR.
  6. jeromeaparis
    Sorry for the wrong translation, in my country "impedance" means resistance of a speaker under alternative voltage and various frequencies.

    Inductance is caused by a cable rolled on itself with a small diameter, it is used in speaker filters to reduce the trebles
    If you place a ferrite at the center, it will give a greater inductance (self inductance) but reduces slightly the sharpness of the sound.
    Impedance reduces or cuts the trebles. Capacitors cut or reduces the bass

    I did check the resistance of both cables (units in ohms). The silver plated has a clearly lower resistance, and it's well balanced R/L on both cables.
    KZ ZSR stock cable is 0.6 ohms
    KZ silver transparent 0.4ohms

    To soften a bit the trebles off my Superlux HD681 (a great headphone) I make a kind off inductance around a circular ferrite with the cable near the mini jack plug.


    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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  7. Slater
    Gotcha. Luckily I don't have the white tipped cable, nor do the treble peaks bother me as much as some owners
  8. riffrafff

    I measured about 0.3 Ohms more per wire on my silver-plated/white-plug models (4-wire, laboratory primary standard ohmmeter). I'm about the last person to tell you that an additional 0.3 Ohms is "high impedance," nor will I ever be able to hear it with these ears, LOL. :smile_phones:
  9. Slater
    This is why I can't wait for someone to tinker with this resistor (on both the ZS5 v2 and ZS6) so we can figure out what effect it has at different values:

    ZS5v2 ZS6 Resistor.jpg
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  10. mrmoto050
    I tend to agree, I just received a new order for the ZS6 Grey's and they are definitely a different sound profile, right out of the box. More balanced and refined sound. Awesome Bass , mids, and highs don't seem as sharp (although I didn't have a problem with my first pair. But these do sound different.(IMHO)
  11. TheVortex
    Sounds interesting, I have treble cannon ZS6 which are so bright I could put on a battleship. I will wait for more feedback with the grey ZS6's and then maybe order some.
  12. hakuzen
    forgive my ignorance, my logic is this:
    i measure DC resistance of cables using decent accuracy digital multimeter (UNI-T UT61E now) or YR1030 internal resistance meter: resistance (opposite to conductivity) to the pass of direct current.
    it depends of the material(s) of the wire (plus section and length), plugs and solders.
    but the current which travels through our phones' cables is alternating current. sinusoids with different frequencies.
    impedance refers to the resistance to the pass of these sinusoids, and this can be different for each frequency. dc resistance is a number, while impedance is represented by two curves (impedance and phase for every frequency).
    but our phones' cables use to have the same resistance for every audible frequency, except in the cases you mention (thin coiled cable, ferrites..).
    so dc resistance of these cables is a good reference of their conductivity and their normal impedance.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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  13. Wiljen
    Take the tips off and take a flashlight and see if you can see both BAs in the nozzle or only a single BA. They should appear as a small ring in the nozzle. Pretty easy way to determine if they've moved a BA back into the body.
  14. bsoplinger
    Well, you can look at it this way… that $50 gets you halfway to buying the iBasso IT01. And if you feel yourself weakening, there's a whole thread here dedicated to those, just read it to keep yourself strong :muscle:

    PS: I own a pair and really like them. Warning though, took about 200 hours of burn in to get the mids to move forward from their out of the box recessed sound. They sound nice when new, even better once you get those hours in.
  15. Podster
    I've got them same question as Wiljen, did they move a BA or did they change to one being more Mid-Centric?

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