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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday
    Before things get out of hand I think I will contact the seller I usually order from. I will ask him if KZ sent him new images to publish for the ZS5. If you typically order from the same seller (for some of you it's George@GearBest) then please ask your seller if KZ has issued new images for the ZS5. This will put the controversy to bed once and for all, but do note that all of the images in my original post were sourced from the same seller on three separate occasions.

    Hope this was helpful.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  2. DocHoliday
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  3. fluteloop

    yeah but if you're referring to Gearbest links they also carry different suppliers so there will be different links.
  4. fluteloop
    I'm not trying to persuade anyone, or cause an Argument, they don't need to swap the Armatures because the armatures they use are Wideband and will produce the required frequencies, they just needed to modify the x-over (if they actually have modified the IEM in any way) and if they have modified it in any way, meaning if they've had to reconfigure the x-over this late after the release then you'd have to fire the Engineer for not designing it properly in the beginning, Unless the EE had no experience with Sound X-Overs or phonics.. it honestly doesn't make sense, they already went to all the trouble, they wouldn't have designed the xover incorrectly.. unless they rolled the upper mids off a bit late causing some issues in the higher frequencies which would have been corrected with a few proto trial units. It would be almost a certainty they made a few and tested them first. All they would have to do - IF they have changed anything it is Tweak the X-over to Tighten up the Slopes where one driver drops off and the next responds. no need to change drivers, but they can change the poster which is keep it the same and just point to the other BA in the poster and give it a name like "Mid driver" that is essentially just saying "that now has more mid emphasis" the reason I think they just Changed the poster and not the IEM itself is because The first poster is Ambiguous. what the new poster looks like to me is what the the original poster should have been. if i'm not making sense.. let me know. Cheers :D
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  5. hakuzen
    agree 100%, i also guess that the differences, if any, will reside in the crossover. time will tell us..
    and yes, the audio engineer, or the testers, or all of them should be fired.. or forced to improve their methodology
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  6. Podster
    In defense of the poor Engineers/Testers maybe upper management has told them in no uncertain terms no change until current back stock is sold:thinking: Just sayin'
  7. khighly
    Happens with ZST and ZS6 as well. I didn't have the ZS5's when I first brought it up. They pan correctly and each side is wired correctly.
  8. svil3
  9. fluteloop
    Solid possibility too. ahhh yes... upper management... it still exists.

    I hope they don't Fire those guy and yeah, time will tell, I was just thinking to myself, there's no reason why they couldn't refine the x-over as time went on and Doing it so close to a new models release is smart as they can refine it and treat it like an opportunity to test run a few things while they transition to the next design. they would be learning every day too. I did exaggerate with the whole job Canning thing It was joke as I think they've done a great job and I think others would agree, we wouldn't be here discussing it if it didn't stir something within.. it's my favourite sound company, IEM's anyway, i've put my other purchases on hold, i want to see what the response from other companies will be in the wake of the next Line up. Exciting times for the consumer.
  10. Otto Motor
    My word: grab the cheapos first while they last. The EDR1 and EDR2 are still available cheaply, but probably not for long anymore. They also constitute the best value of all KZ earphones.

    The ZS series does not run away right now.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  11. hakuzen
    about firing employees.. it pretended to be a (unfortunate) joke, or an statement about kz could do even better.
    my experience as a worker in companies also tells me upper management uses to be technical ignorant and uses to decide based on pure marketing uniquely. thanks god there are exceptions somewhere..
    can imagine it: engineers: "alpha version is ready to start being tested, it uses a crossover now and there are not buried drivers.." upper management: "no alpha version, let's deploy it now! we are on a wave, let customers test it while you plan another upgrade. graphic designers, prepare the posters right now, emphasizing everything that the customers want to see, although it is false"
    i'm also fond of KZ. their quality-price ratio is superb. we can understand that their prices don't allow them to be too finicky with details or QC. no problem, while their iems sound well enough for the budget. i've had 2 qc issues (one zs5v1, one zs3) from 45 kz purchased iems. gearbest refunded 100% of the zs5, and i didn't notify about the broken zs3. i can't complain.
  12. Slater
    Great idea!

    I would recommend being very careful heating the shrink tubing, so nothing gets damaged (like the BA driver diaphragms or the plastic nozzle on the ZS5 v2).
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  13. Slater
    So are you saying that the bottom line is that there's no ZS5 v3 after all?
  14. Wiljen
    I think that is still open for debate Slater but we are waiting for replies from vendors on whether KZ sent update image files for the Zs5 recently that would indicate a change.
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  15. HaNs SuPeR
    KZ ZS3 will be here in a couple days.

    I'm looking for suggestions for Tips. Want to do a little tip rolling.
    Are there some rules of thumb regarding tips and sound signature ?
    Do certain types or sizes tend to produce a certain signature ?
    Also any brand recommendations ? I'm in the States and use Amazon mostly.

    These will be my first IEM.
    Excited after following this thread and reading up on KZ and other budget IEMs for quite a while.
    The more I read the harder it was to pull the trigger on something.
    So many options.
    And of course new KZ stuff coming out making me want to wait.

    It sounds like I should just get myself banned from here as this seems to be quite addictive.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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