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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    "Best" depends on a number of factors. What's "best" for one person can be the "worst" for someone else.

    Let's start by answering the following questions:

    - Do you have a particular sound preference with headphones?
    - What genres of music do you listen to?
    - What is your budget?
    - Do you have to have a removable cable, or is a fixed cable OK?
    - Do you care about isolation (ie music leaking out or external sounds leaking in)?
    - Do you care if the IEM is worn down, or do you like behind-the-ear IEMs?
    - Do you have small ears? Or odd shaped ears?
    - Do you need a microphone or music control button
    - Do you plan on sleeping with the IEM?
    - Do you want the option to use them as bluetooth earphones?
  2. Podster
    That preference is a very big one as I am not treble sensitive and the ED9 and ZST are two of my favorites at their perspective price points!

    Slater brings most of the individual items that can guide you to what might be your right pick the first time.

    Nothing wrong with Otto's choices at all and I would probably go with the HDS1's for a first KS, not out much and once you report how those sound to you we can guide you in either direction.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  3. Slater
    Good advice - start in the 'middle' of KZs sound profiles and see what you like from there. Although the HDS1 is getting pretty hard to find these days.
  4. DocHoliday
    A great place to start.
    Notice how small they are by comparing the size of the eartip to the body of the IEM.

    71sXtryRtvL.jpg 71d7MErL9IL.jpg geekbuying-cb5d8a4b-2385-4230-bd2b-aea97f25f8e6.jpg
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  5. bsoplinger
    Is it even possible to find these? It took a bit of work to find the HDS3 that would ship to the USA, even if they aren't supposed to be as good as the HDS1.
  6. Jay Magaling
    Grey ZS6s are definitely v2. Check out the graphics on the product description on Gearbest. The only thing to worry about is if they released v2 in red/black colors too.
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  7. DocHoliday

    ******* ALERT *******

    *******A G A I N *******
    Could it be that KZ has been listening to us and has heeded our calls to re-release the ZS5 in it's original format? Hmmmmmmm........

    mrmoto050, I think you may be on to something here and we shouldn't dismiss it. I still have the images (exploded views) of the original ZS5(i) and the subsequent ZS5(ii). When KZ changed the layout of the ZS5(i) drivers they issued new images of what we now call the ZS5(ii). It appears that the image has changed once again so mrmoto050 may be correct. We may actually be seeing the images of the ZS5(iii).

    Follow along and try to keep up.

    This is the original image of the ZS5(i) and note the two separate locations of the BA receivers
    ZS5 version 1.jpg

    This is a better image of the ZS5(i).

    Now note in this image the location of both BA receivers in the nozzle of the ZS5(ii). HTB12fB1XiERMeJjy0Fcq6A7opXaX-3.jpg

    This is another image of the ZS5(ii).

    . ZS5 version 2b.jpg

    Now look at the new images of the ZS5 and make no mistake, these are newly issued images. Compare the actual image that was initially published to this one and you can see that this is different.


    If KZ has done what we all have been hoping they would do, which is go back to the original design, then there will be much to celebrate.

    First, for those of you that are unaware, although the ZS5(i) does have 2BAs and 2DDs and the driver housings have a similar shape to the ZS6, the ZS5 is in fact an IEM with different tuning.

    The vents on the ZS5 were designed to be between the faceplate and the main body of the IEM. If you look at the very first image you will notice that the blue ZS5 seems to have an unusual gap between the faceplate and the main body of the housing. This gap is actually the ZS5's hidden vent designed right into the driver housing. The ZS6 has the vents directly on the faceplates.

    Note the labeling of the DDs in the image above. Note which DD is responsible for low frequencies and which DD is responsible for bass and lower midrange frequencies. This was not so in the original ZS5(i) [see very last image for confirmation]. However, it is how the ZS6 was designed. In the ZS6 the 6mm DD is responsible for the sub-bass and the larger DD is responsible for the midrange and upper bass. This is why the ZS6 bass section is so tight and clean for such a full-bodied bass. There was a clear difference in the texture and control of the lower frequencies between the ZS5(i) and ZS6. The ZS5(i) bass is soft and broad while the ZS6 bass is tighter with clear delineation between the sub-bass and mid-bass. It looks like KZ is tuning the ZS5(iii) to inherit the ZS6's more focused bass. In addition, because the micro-driver (6mm) will now focus on sub-bass this means the larger driver focusing on midrange will not be forced into submission. I thought the midrange on the ZS5(i) was not as vivid as one would expect considering the midrange had a dedicated driver. In hindsight, it makes sense that the midrange was just overshadowed by the bass of the larger driver. This new configuration should give the vocals more presence.

    I will definitely be buying a new ZS5(iii) because it will sound different than the ZS5(i).
    The ZS5(iii) will likely contain a crossover resulting in the sound signature having an even more focused presentation.

    KZ is certainly keeping us on our toes, though I wish they would offer the new configuration in two new colors (ZS2 blue resin and ZS1 coffee resin) or better yet aluminum housings that keep the ZS5's hidden side vents. If they do go with aluminum housings for the ZS5(iii)
    then they can offer it to us in dark chocolate with brass screws and deep purple with brass screws. Can you imagine both of those colors with a satin sheen. Good GOD in heaven! I'll take both, please.


    This is the configuration of the original ZS5(i)
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  8. Jay Magaling
    @DocHoliday now the only thing KZ needs to do is to indicate the revision number on the damn boxes!

    We know you're visiting this thread KZ!!!

    Oh. And it might be a good idea to release a ZS6 with the same driver positions as the ZS5 v3 (if it's possible?).
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  9. TLDRonin

    Good detective work!

    Now if only there was a surefire way to get the new version...
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  10. Slater
    I just checked and found a number of HDS3 on both ebay and Aliexpress.

    I only found a handful of HDS1 on ebay, and they are stupidly expensive.
  11. mrmoto050
  12. WalterTorino
  13. vladstef
    Back in the day when ZS5 came out, I discussed with people how it's a bit weird that small dynamic was used for sub. Turns out that it was just a mistake in promo material. This "new" photo is actually the oldest one. Sorry for killing the fun...
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  14. Jay Magaling
    The "High Mid-range BA" and the "Treble BA" on these "new" graphic for ZS5 were only introduced when the ZSR came out. The smaller DD is also the one used for the ZS6's sub bass. So no. It's not a mistake
  15. themindfreak
    Must be the QC issue in the early ZS5 V1 batch. I had terrible QC issue with ZS5 V1 as well

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