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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. NeonHD
    It seems that the prices are running pretty low right now, I just bought them knowing that they were $1 cheaper than the cheapest KZ ZS5 listing on eBay.
  2. NeonHD
    P.S. If treble ever does become an issue on the ZS6, I'll just stick a tiny piece of foam (possibly from the ED9 or Sony MH1C foam filters) in each of the BA nozzles, just like what slater did to the ZST.
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  3. skajohyros
    To me there is a big difference and that is why I enjoy them more. Mind you the zs6 are not bad after the BA mod.
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  4. CoiL
    ZSR will probably be my last KZ IEM if it gets on sale. Only getting it because of green shells, for modding.
    I`m heading into "next league" with iBasso IT01 (blue&red) being first one. We`ll see how my departure from KZ will be... maybe returning back if I get disappointed in ~100$ IEMs, LOL :wink:

    Atm, still having problems with my left ear and will enjoy ZS5v1 until next leap.
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  5. Ynot1
    Anyone see similarities between zs3 and it04. For the record zs3 came out first.
  6. stryed
    I really like my KZ ZS5 v2 and don't hear the harshness that some people have been complaining about anymore (it took 2 months). My go to when I'm out while my newly bought IT01 stays at home (my precious).
    The ZS6 do loook gorgeous though but the reported diminished soundstage and the KZ, keep my impulse to buy in check!
  7. Vin$ent
    Am I missing something or why isn't anyone buying the ZSR? Too expensive? Like 3 black ones sold in the past 24h. :thinking:

  8. CoiL
    Just curious - how is the ZS5v2 soundstage size (especially frontal depth) compared to IT01 ?
  9. stryed
    I ust did that :) Worth it! But not a huge jump...more resolution, seperation and sub bass but in terms of value the KZ5 hits hard (and so does the IT01).
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  10. Jay Magaling
    Maybe because of the promo starting on Jan15
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  11. stryed
    Similar. I haven't A/B them for that particular spec yet but so far nothing noticeable in that area. Soundstage is one of KZ ZS5's strong suits. Resolution/timbre and subass and seperation are better on the IT01 but I wouldn't know how to quantify that.

    I'm still in between 50-100hrs burn in, but I doubt it will affect soundstage (tighten bass and decrease treble peak perhaps).
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  12. CoiL
    Thanks for answering!

    Btw, what source gear and (if any) amping do You use?

    I really love my ZS5v1 soundstage and mids when paired with low output impedance and slightly warmish source + little amping.

    Btw, looks like ZSR is available now!
  13. stryed
    No amp. Just a surface pro 4 and a Lumia 1020. Seems enough but eyeing the fiio Q1, although I'm not sure there will be a worth while difference. I bought these because they were easy to drive.

    I'm not sure what you meant by "frontal depth" by the way, but it definitely has finer layering (vertical depth?). The seperation/imaging makes describing soundstage difficult for me. In terms of width, I'd say there isn't a immediate difference...

    The major difference would be the sub bass, and the lack of simbilance. Even though you hear the SsssS of a vocalist or cymbal, they won't sound wrong. KZ5 can be annoying for that on some tracks or version of tracks, but in general I'm not that treble sensitive (although simbilance was there during the first month)

    If hesitating, go for the IT01 or the CH9T from pioneer. I had several on my list and narrowed it down to these two for "musicality".
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  14. snip3r77
    Does zxr follow the zs5 sq? Hot treble ?
  15. Selenium
    I don't think anyone knows yet.

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