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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    Using those filters would be a lot like using the thin foam from earbud covers that @Slater suggested. So it isn't too much of a surprise that you got similar results.

    Its nice to see that there are simple cheap mods to try. I just picked up the HiFiMan RE-600 which come with similar (identical?) filters. Although I like the sound of my ZS5 V2 and ZS6 as they are now in stock condition, perhaps I'll give them a try using these filters just to see. I would have tried the earbud foam if I had earbud covers but didn't.
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  2. Cruelhand Luke
    I'm all about that blue tape and a sharpie.

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  3. Cruelhand Luke
    you're crazy the seats in the '17 civic are awesome!
    sorry...too much time on the boards has me feeling contrarian
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
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  4. HungryPanda
    Mine have to be a bit neater:

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  5. Slater
  6. Strat Rider
    I just received my ZS6 to replace my ZS5 v1, that is missing one side.(DOH !! yes I lost one) burned them in slightly by letting my indoor cat :pouting_cat: listen to nature sounds :lion_face:.
    After a 4 hour night of listening to varied music types I decided to listen to some Steely Dan, and connected my CMOY BB amp, while I love the signature of the Zs6 with New Bee Foams, I am not in favor of carrying my Altoids amp everywhere. Does anyone have experience, advice, reccomendations or (Ridicule for losing one earpiece) for a portable amp, worthy of driving these iem's?
    I believe it was @B9Scrambler that reviewed the recent offering from Walnut which seems to be worth a listen.
  7. Cruelhand Luke
    I removed the memory wire from my ZS3 following @Slater instructions....but there was no string cheese inside! Do you think I got counterfeits, or is this just a newer version sans string cheese?:thinking:
  8. Cruelhand Luke
    I have a Fiio A3 and it powers my IEMs nicely. I have the ZS5 and it sounds great with it, but the one that really seems to like the pairing is my ES3...it really cleans up the sound. I haven't done enough a/b to determine exactly how it sounds better other than a general impression of being smoother, richer, darker background etc.
  9. B9Scrambler
    The Walnut F1 has gobs of power, more than enough for anything KZ sells, and despite it's brighter signature actually seems to pair pretty well with the ZS6. It's a beefy device though so you wouldn't be saving much space at all moving from the Altoids can to it. Still for 25 bucks or whatever you can find it for it's a solid choice.
  10. oyobass
    Photos? Who do you think I am, some kind of @Slater or something? :laughing:

    I'll see what I can do...
  11. HungryPanda
    I use a Topping NX5 when out and about
  12. Mellowship
    Topping NX1, NX2...
    The Cmoy is a great amp, but a little bulky, and I guess the Walnut is not much smaller (but might be lighter!).
  13. eaglesgift
    Doesn't it have a high output impedance though?
  14. Strat Rider
    Thanks for that thought, i have a pair of ES3 on the way
  15. B9Scrambler
    It sure does; https://www.head-fi.org/threads/walnut-f1.858439/

    That said, I haven't noticed any distortion with the ZS6 nor does it hiss when plugged in. Heck, even the ClarityOne EB110 which is notorious for hissing with a source mis-match was mostly silent though the F1.
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