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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SomeTechNoob
    Yup these are highly source dependent! My HTC One M9 gets me by but I plug it into my Schiit when I get home and they just absolutely sing.

    I'd like to pick up another spare v1, but we all know how hard that's going to be.
  2. snip3r77
    After needing to have foams , “proper” source , hot treble , changing stock cables.

    I think I’d be skipping this unless gearbest provide an epic price lol
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  3. Aevum
    any alternative to the KZ Bluetooth module ? it is a standard two pin connector
  4. bsoplinger
    I've seen Bluetooth 'adapters' on Alibaba with both 2 pin and MMCX connectors. No idea on quality nor pin spacing (.75 and .77 aren't those the usual ones). No idea on quality. I do know nothing was as inexpensive as the KZ ones. I do remember coming across an article mentioning that the reason that the KZ one didn't work well was that the trace on the PC board was told short and that simply soldering on a short (I seen to remember 7mm) of wire to the part of the trace that represents the antenna made a big improvement.

    Edit: after I hit return I thought I might have bookmarked the article and I did. Here's the link to the fix for the KZ Bluetooth cable.

    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
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  5. khighly
    It's like listening to a whole new pair of IEM's! Textured mids and full bass. Whoa! If you haven't listened to the ZS5v1's amped, do yourself a favor and amp these IEM's up.
  6. Fox2twenty
    Dang. Okay then!
  7. CoiL
    ZS5v1 doesn`t really need amping... just a good DAC with enough output juice from HO. Though, depends on opamp chips and signature too, if it will pair well.
    My DX5X with upgraded OPAMPs also sounds very good with v1. Would get another pair but not going to gamble getting v1 or v2.
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  8. maxxevv
    I have to agree with Coil there. Its more about the quality of the DAC output rather than the amping part. The ZS5v2 sounds somewhat different between my laptop jack and my LG G6 (Quad DAC). It sounds fair bit "airier" and tighter in the bass comparatively on the G6. Similarly thing to the ZSE which I have reiterated quite a few times on this thread.

    Its a fairly efficient earphone too. I don't have to play it any louder than my other earphones. In fact I do need to tune it down a few points for some tracks.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  9. TJK81
    I tried to plug my ZS5v2 into my power amp Denon PMA-655r... Completely new earphone... So energic (through Dragonfly they sound bit tiny), perfect mids and bass (not so deep than with Dragonfly but very very accurate)... But the most important... No sibilance... and with spiral dots they were as much bright as my K702. Donno why, but IMO they need big power to vanish or damp sibilance. Huge difference between amping through Dranonfly and Denon.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
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  10. vector84
    Well, given that the ZS5 (v1 at least) is around 4.8 ohms impedance, it's way outside of defined specs for most stuff intended for use with headphones. And when working in undefined territory, unexpected results abound. :wink:

    It may not be demanding a great deal of power overall (hence not technically needing amping), but the amount of current drawn compared to the voltage applied is very high. Different output stages can handle such demands dramatically differently - fun with undefined performance!
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  11. TJK81
    I have listened ZS5's so loud (a felt like my eardrums was pumping - extremely uncomfortable surprisingly:astonished:) for a while. I was enjoying this kind of listening through big amp. Like i enjoyed it when i brought my K702 and powered them thought Denon..
  12. Adide
    To share my experience, the ZS5v1 plays very well through my AQDragonflyBlack, I find none of the tonal areas lacking. I've unexpectedly found best fit with L Starlines - good enough isolation for commuting.
    Pleased about the upgrade in regards with my previous daily ZS3 pretty much in all areas besides lesser isolation but that has been overcome with tip rolling.
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  13. CoiL
    That`s propably because of Your power amp output impedance, which is usually pretty high. Result will be "damped" highs, more vol needed and no sibilance.
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  14. Trisse
    I noticed right away when I got my kz zs5 that they where so much better when i used them in my desktop computer with Asus sonar stx sound card. I was kinda disappointed when I plugged them into my Galaxy s6

    I actually enjoy them more than my beyerdynamics dt880 pro 300ohm headphones.

    So I bought sabaj da2 dac and now they work wonderfull with my Androids

    The Galaxy s6 have so low output volume. I recently switched my Galaxy to a Nokia 8 witch have a bit better output volume and with my Nokia I can use the zs5 without amp. Though they sound alot better with my da2 dac
  15. CYoung234
    Try tapping or hitting it a few times. A couple of people reported that one side of their ZS5 was not fully working, but a tap restored it. Obviously, do not hit it hard enough to damage them...
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