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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. PantsUK
    Just wondering how many people (especially with issues of harsh treble has truly burned the ZS6 in. I had the same issue with the ZS5 (no sure of the version) and they turned out to be preferable to me to my Shure SE535s yes really that good IMO. Now I have the ZS6 and my immediate impressions straight out of the box was the same if not worse than the ZS5, the treble peaks were so sharp and harsh it was almost unlistenable fast forward 2-3 days of constant loud playback running through a random playlist and they sound bloody fantastic, not in a position to compare to the ZS5 or SE535s or any other of my collection but so far so great. Anyway the "myth" of burn in with these are real. I'm using the standard cable but some low cost Red sort of Memoryfoam tips from gearbest as the standard tips hurt my ears for some reason did on the ZS5 as well but prefer the silicone tips on them again from Gearbest.

    These are the tips
    New Bee Memory Foam and Silicone Ear Tips
    - RED WITH BLACK 207706601

    and a quick pic
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  2. Rilke
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  3. graphidz
    So managed to try the ZS5v1 with a fiio q1mk2 and holy moly did it got so much better. I could even say it got to its max potential (or it may just be that it sounded so good for me and it can go further lol). I can't really explain well, but one thing that really bugged me about using through my iPhone 6s+ was how the instrument separation and clarity could be so much better what with the multi driver setup, and the fiio actually fixed it a lot.
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  4. TJK81
    Just purchased ZS6 / green for 29 dollars from GB. Looking forward...
    Will make comparison with ZS5v2 and give suggestion.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
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  5. tworule
    I hit a few times. no sound. thanks for the tip though :D
  6. CoiL
    LOL, another ZS5 user got "orgasm" ;D

    ZS5 are source dependent and need enough juice (only little) to sound great.

    Ppl complaining about ZS5 should start upgrading source/amp before bashing them down.
  7. Viber
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  8. Jay Magaling
    We pretty much have the same experience. I came from my only other IEM, the ZS3. When I listened to them A/B, there was almost no bass on the ZS5, because of bad seal with the medium Starlines. Considered ordering generic comply foam from Ali until I tried out large starlines again. Seal improved a lot. M starlines for ZS3, L starlines for ZS5.
  9. Fox2twenty
    Holy moly.. I feel like I need to jump on the bandwagon...
  10. mrmoto050
    Once again Quality Control issues.
  11. djmakemynight
    You know you want to. Green is the new limited edition.:grin:
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  12. TJK81
    That's the reason why i purchased them:blush:
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  13. Carrow
    ZS6 on Massdrop!

    Just copped mine from Gearbest for €25 with untracked shipping - their tracking numbers never bloody work so I figured I'd save them the hassle this time.
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
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