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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    People are also saying I have the same problem as you, I think we will like our ZS3s better. :)
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  2. rad7
    I hope so too!
    I've been trying to find iems (<$25) that sound less bright than the ZSTs & have a gentle, non-fatiguing signature, but with good bass and decent clarity for some time now. Some of the other recommendations that I got till now are KZ ED7, KZ ED10, KZ ED3c (blue or red, not silver), Joyroom E103, Tennmak Pro, Kinera BA-05,etc. I thought I should start my search with the well-received and cheap ZS3s.
  3. fickennein
    So i got my ZST 3 days ago. I like it. The soundstage is pretty wide, and the detail and clarity is perfect. It's just that it lacks a punch in the bass, it has more of a rumbling kind of bass.
    So, if i want to keep the treble/clarity from the ZST and a more punchy bass, which KZ should i try next?
    Also how does the ED9 or ED7 compared to ZST?

  4. Ruben123

    Monoprice 8320, Vivo xe800, urbanfun
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  5. wgrish7

    I got the 5th gen from gearbest. I am using my oneplus x phones' dac. Is it possible to prove that I got a faulty unit?
  6. kokakolia

    Just go for the ED7s because they're definitely the cheapest of the bunch.

    You're looking at $7~$10 depending where you buy. That's practically lunch money for an earphone without much to complain about. IMO, they have the perfect sound signature. But most people here who lust for treble will disagree.
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  7. kokakolia
    The ED9 packs some bass (it punches hard). It's kinda boomy and works well with EDM. The ED7 is much lighter in the bass, but you can still hear it and feel it. 
    If you like the ZSTs, I think you should avoid the ED7s because you may find them dull. They don't have that boosted treble shine. They just have decent treble. 
  8. SomeTechNoob
    ED9s do have quite recessed mids though, so that might be something to keep in mind. I like my vocals so I don't find myself using the ED9 very often.
  9. kokakolia
    Yeah! The ED9s have artificially boosted treble, recessed mids and boomy bass. The ED9s sound so thin. They make most folk/rock/indie music sound...off. I immediately hated these earphones upon first listen. But I can see why people like them, especially with electronic music. 
    With that in mind, you should really give the ED7s a try. They're awesome for vocal music and rock. 
  10. SomeTechNoob
    I've got way too many IEMs at the moment.  Maybe after a couple start dying...
    Happily using my KZ ZS3 at the moment.  Really liking the sound signature.  Warm and smooth.
  11. eaglearrow
    Zs3 would be a good place to start. From your description, i feel zs3 shall cater all your requirements. I had recently ordered a zs3 for my friend and after having a listen, i ordered one for myself. It costed me just about $8 in gearbest.
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  12. Daveydguk
    I've got my ZST's connected to xduoo x3 using kz silver cable. With some tweaking they sound great in the bass range. Try reducing the 1000/2000 EQ range as I found them to be too bright in this area. Also changed the buds to softer kz zs2 buds which are more comfortable and give better isolation. Not sure if the ZS3's would sound any better ?
  13. fickennein

    How is the ZS3 compared to ED9 guys? But i heard some ppl have a hard time fitting them.
  14. AplexApple
    I went with the ZST instead. Just shipped out a few hours ago, hopefully they'll be here in the next few days. 
    I'll make another post comparing them to the Xiaomi Hybrids when they arrive. 
    Hopefully they don't disappoint!
  15. SomeTechNoob

    ZS3 isn't nearly as V shaped compared to the ED9 with stock tips. ZS3 brings out more vocals and the treble isn't has harsh. Less midbass but more subbass. ZS3 is the way to go imo.

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