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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly

    The ZST colorfuls are in my opinion the best you're going to get out of the top most liked in this thread. I have not tried the ZS3 yet, but I believe those are a more bass heavy sound. The ZST colorfuls are wonderful with a soundstage that is unbelievable.

    Pearl Jam - Soon Forget is quite possibly one of the best experiences I've ever had with music. I admittedly had imbibed in a small amount of the devil's lettuce before hand, but wow. Close your eyes, you can see a guy playing a ukeule in front of you, his head to maybe 3 degrees right. You can tell exactly which way his head is moving when he's singing, you can tell when he puts his head down and sings, and you can tell exactly which way the ukeule is positioned. It truly is amazing and I get that from no other KZ, or Tennmak. I get that it's a binaural recording, but it just blows my mind.

    Colorfuls ARE tuned slightly different than the OG ZST's.
  2. To.M
    Pearl Jam is one of the best expieriences in general, I remember when TEN was out ... geez time flies :smiley:
  3. Podster

    Nice, can't wait as mine have cleared outbound sorting so should ship from origin soon[​IMG] I actually think the OG ZST are nice and look forward to the colorfuls[​IMG] Are you running stock cables or upgraded/silvers? Not to get the cable nay sayers going but the silver cable opened my OG's up but most could only tell on certain recordings. My buddy has been listening to my OG's and also my 4in1's and thinks the ZST is every bit as good as the Senfer's[​IMG] So I'm really anxious to hear the colorfuls.
  4. Shadowsora
    Bummer, If I would ever buy ZST's would be the black version, if the colourful is indeed tuned better...welp, 1st world problems xD.
  5. svil3
    Well that's just one person's opinion, everybody else in this thread hasn't noted any difference in the sound between ZST colorful and the black original version.. just saying. 
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  6. dudinacas
    Those look really nice, I'd love to try a dual driver IEM... :xf_eek:
    Now I need to choose between those and the Piston Youths.
  7. DikZak

    Funny, as I received my vivo today and still waiting on ZST. Don't know how the ZST is but thought they were very different regarding sound signature. But could be wrong as well.

    Agree on the connector bit and the strain relief, those really could have been better.

    The Vivo is quite bright and the bass is decent, but I think the bass should be a little bit deeper. The bass isn't really thumbing but is there, let's say recessed. Where I can really hear the bass-guitar strings being pulled with the senzer, it's harder with the vivo. Vocals are very clean indeed. Both male and female, bit of lifelike-effect.

    I can say vivo is very detailed on par with the Senzer H1. These are both way above the ATR with the senzer being a bit of a upgrade of the ATR, similiar sound but a bit more thumbing bass and way better clarity over the spectrum. So if you like the ATR, you should check those out. The only thing I dislike is the straight connector. It has better strain relief than the vivo though.

    The vivo compared to the ATR make the ATR very dark and the vivo very bright. But has to say, clarity and detail on vivo is very good.
    They are very comfortable to wear too.

    Senzer: Excells/emphasis in Lower range with great clarity
    Vivo: Excells/emphasis in higher range with great clarity
    ATR: Good lower range, but missing detail compared against these above. For the money, never had better sounding iems. But spending twice as much will give you a lot of SQ.

    Question I would like to ask:
    How does the HLSX808 sound?
  8. rackinov
    Why stop at the piston youths? I've been using the piston threes for about a month now and love them. They're incredibly well made for the price and the sound quality is stellar. I highly recommend
  9. dudinacas

    Actually, I might do that, but if the SQ of the Youths is the same as the Piston 3 (I don't know for sure but someone said it is) then it might just be worth saving the $10. Love the looks and build quality of the 3 though.
  10. jcjwebster

    I have both and they sound the same to me. I just received the silver cable and haven't noticed any difference with it on the colored version, but I haven't been swapping them back and forth to really test. Might do it over the weekend once I'm done playing with the Tennmark Cello and 1more triples I received as well. I have to stop my wife is getting a litte pissed with all the iems I've been purchasing the last few months, this definitely gets addictive.
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  11. Degree
    Anyone had experience with this seller? https://wooeasy.aliexpress.com/store/519064
    Looking to buy the KZ ZS3, thanks!
  12. Keller1
    11 days until febuary.
    8 days until chinese new year.

    I'm hoping we get a bunch of official pictures of the ZSR / ZSR Pro soon.
    Hype train is steaming ahead in full force.
  13. B9Scrambler
    Unfortunately talk of that particular seller is banned on Head-fi. 
  14. SomeTechNoob
    I got the youths in a week ago.  They have a much thinner sound.  A far cry from the Piston 3s I have.
    I think the sound quality has gone down on the Piston lineup ever since the discontinuation of the Piston 3.  I had a Piston Colorful that sounded almost as good as the Piston 3.  I ordered another set on november 2016 and it's pretty bad compared to my old one.  All of my Pistons are working so I can easily do a/b testing.  The Piston Youth I have is slightly better, but Piston 3 has a more refined sound with less harshness in the highs and a bassier profile.
    I can't recommend the Pistons anymore due to this variance in sound quality.  You never know what you're gonna get.
    Meanwhile the KZ stuff is what goes with me nowadays.
  15. ezekiel77
    Thank you, thank you. I had a run with KZ and really enjoyed the ED9 and ED3c, thanks for the new recommendations. ZST, ATR and ED10 sounds up my alley.

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