KingSound KS-H3?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by blackwolf1006, Aug 8, 2014.
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  1. labrat
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  2. gunwale
    I guess you can skip the VAT if you are shipping out of europe?
    You will probably still get tax in your own country custom but it depends on which country you are shipping to.
  3. gunwale

    got it from france to singapore in just 4 days.
  4. bozoskeletonz
    I am looking for a bit of help.
    I am thinking about the KS-H2 headphones to try some electrostatics but am not sure what to do about driving it.  I dont want the M10, it's a little out of my budget range (the H2's are really cheap).  Is there something more affordable to try these headphones out on?  What about something like the SRD-4 if it has the pro-bias 5 pin output?  Thanks for the help, I have always wanted to try some electrostatics!
  5. gunwale
    try instead although the kh2 is cheap at audiophpnics
  6. bozoskeletonz
    Those look very nice, but I am definitely an open headphone guy.  Plus the KH2 is really cheap at the moment, I'm just afraid of not being able to get an affordable/correct amplifier for it.
  7. gunwale
    k2 is open but it sounds like a closed headphone (read the reviews at headphonics). i am using the m03 which is like 400 to 500 dollars and its a good amp for all headphones. there isnt really a cheaper pro bias 5 pin amp. cheapest stax amp is like 400 to 500 dollars too.
  8. bozoskeletonz
    Cool, the input is much appreciated.  It looks like I'll pass for now, 
  9. gunwale
    welcome. i am actually refreshing audiophonic on daily basis to snipe of any cheap kingsound kh3 or amp. (i have a feeling the amps prices will drop soon)
  10. bozoskeletonz
    What about this? Think this would work with an amplifier?

    It looks like it has the pro bias output on the front.  
    Thanks again :)
  11. gunwale
  12. JimL11

    No, that is an adapter for an electret headset.  Electret headsets are different from electrostatic headphones because they have a diaphragm that is permanently charged and does not need a bias supply.  They were made for a while but no company (including Stax, Kingsound, HiFiMan, Ether or anyone else) currently makes electret headphones.  All the currently made electrostatic headphones require a bias supply.  If you see electret in the description, then those adapters will not work with any currently manufactured electrostatic headphone.  So unless you buy an obsolete electret headphone, buying the adapter will be a complete waste of your money.
  13. gunwale
    there are electrets like the mj2 or shark. i hope he hasnt buy it yet.
  14. bozoskeletonz
    Thanks so much for explaining this so clearly. I looked for hours and this sums it up perfectly. Much appreciated! I'll be holding off on these headphones for now then.
  15. JimL11
    If you want to try some electrostatic headphones why limit yourself to new ones?  Stax headphones last a very long time, and there are some good used ones that are available for less than a new Kingsound.  Some good ones include SR-5 normal bias (I've had mine since the 1980s and it still works fine), Gamma Pro, Lambda normal bias, and Lambda Nova Signature, all of which can be found on ebay or Head-Fi from time to time for a few hundred dollars.  Koss ESP950s are available new on Amazon including their own amp (although you can do better on the amp) for as little as $600 or so on sale.  If you don't like them you can sell a used Stax or Koss on ebay for probably close to what you paid for them.
    In terms of amps, a Stax SRM-T1 or equivalent occasionally shows up on ebay for around $450-$600.  They are old enough that they will need their power supply capacitors replaced for reliability but that shouldn't cost too much to do, especially if you can wield a soldering iron.  If you're worried about the fact that they use output tubes, don't be.  A lot of these amps are still running their original power tubes even though they are 25-30 years old.  I bought one recently, replaced the power suppy caps and it worked fine, and it still had the original power tubes which still tested good on my tube tester. Based on the published schematics the SRM-T1 is a significantly better amp design than any Kingsound amp, IMO.
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