KingSound KS-H3?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by blackwolf1006, Aug 8, 2014.
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  1. pataburd
    Ran the H-03 with the SRM-1, Mk 2. The Stax is a much more detail-rendering amplifier than the M-10, and really "wakes up" the H-03.
    The SR-507 sound very good with the SRM-1, Mk 2--way more detailed than the H-03 (which now sound veiled by comparison). The H-03 still have a more liquid/"tube-like" presentation with more bass weight/warmth/presence, compared to the SR-507.
    The KGSS DX is scheduled to arrive today and all I have on hand at the house are the KS H-03 (the SR-507 are at my apartment).
    Can't wait to hear the KGSS!
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  2. pataburd
    Briefly auditioned the KGSS DX with the KS H-03 last night.
    The most detailed and transparent performance I have heard to date with the H-03, although I did note that leading edge transient attack (especially from cymbal strikes) came across (or not quite came across) as rather subdued, at least compared with what I am used to hearing otherwise.
    Rounded out the evening listening to my longtime favorite dynamic, on-ear, closed headphones: the Martin Logan Mikros 90 (with Ted's Headphood UPOCC silver cable), beautifully balanced: frequency-wise, dynamically and tonally.
    Have to get (retrieve them from a remote location) the SR-507 up-and-running with the KGSS DX.
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  3. DikALex777
    Can anyone reccommend ear pads replacement for Kingsound KS-H3? On one page i saw that Fostex TH900 ear pads are compatible. Can anyone confirm?
  4. VandyMan
    I replaced mine with these: 'Dekoni Audio Fostex TH900 Elite Hybrid Replacement Memory Foam Ear Pad Set'

    I got them on Amazon. They fit perfectly and I found them to be a huge improvement over the stock pads.
  5. pataburd
    Sold the SR-507. . . . and the KGSS.

    Am currently amping the H-03 with the Stax SRM-1/MK2, to good effect.

    Thank you for the earpads tip--which I may act upon: What kind of sonic improvements come with the Dekoni earpads?
  6. pataburd
    Just ordered a pair.
    : )
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  7. VandyMan
    Better bass. Much more balanced sound overall. Better soundstage. Midrange losses a little of the tube-like sound, probably because the overall frequency response is more even. I'll be interested to read your impressions. Hope you like them.
  8. DikALex777
    I ordered a pair as well, will post my impressions as soon as they arrive and i give it a try.
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  9. pataburd
    Thank you for the response. I preferred the bass response and warmth of the H-03 to that of the SR-507. Will post impressions next week, Deo volente.
  10. pataburd
    The Dekoni Elite (all sheepskin) earpads arrived yesterday. They fit the H-03 well, after a bit of patient stretching.

    I oriented the tapered (narrow) edge down. The Dekonis put more space between the surface of my ear and the driver compared to the stock pads. Although the Dekonis offer less inner diameter, my ears did not feel unduly confined or uncomfortable.

    Compared to the stock pads, the sound with the Dekonis is more coherent, more dense and organic. That apparently stock-pad-induced upper midrange/lower treble sharpness has been ameliorated, replaced with more and better resolved detail. Bass is weightier and better focused. Spatial realism has also improved. This seems like a no-downside change--at least based on my initial impressions.

    Am amping the H-03 with the Stax SRM-1/MK 2.

    I will try dialing the tapered edge of the Dekonis to directly forward of the ear.

    Also wanted to poll users about their preferred orientation of the Nekonis: How do you orient the narrow/tapered edge?

    My initial placement, i.e. with the tapered edge dialed down, leaves a little gap under my earlobes, but may enhance spatial realism and "airiness".

    I am waiting for a pair of the Dekoni Elite hybrid pads (velour ear contact and sheepskin). The all sheepskin Dekonis, given their reduced inside diameter, can get warm, compared with stock.
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  11. pataburd
    Just a side note: While I found the Stax SR-507 more technically proficient than the Kingsound H-03, I still find the H-03 more musically enjoyable.

    I really do not miss the SR-507. I think I had very high expectations for the Stax, but these expectations were never quite realized (even when pairing the SR-507 with a KGSS amp).
  12. VandyMan
    Nice mini-review. I had an almost identical impressions. Since my original pads fell apart and I could not find anyone to sell me KS replacements, I had no choice. Turned out for the best!

    I have mine installed the same as they would be on a Fostex TH900. Thick part in back, thin part in front, seam aligned with the point where the headband attaches to the cup. The headphone tilts slightly inward towards your face.
  13. pataburd
    Same orientation for me with the K70x: thin edge up front.
    Will rotate the Nekonis 90 degrees with seam frontal and listen for improvements.
  14. Socalguy

    My M20 was having popping & crackling from the left channel. I left it on overnight as you suggested. Problem fixed. Thanks.

    On a side note, my M 003 just died. I'm in the states. The US dealer says just buy new one. Not worth fixing. HK headquarters says cover shipping, and they will fix. Is my only option to send it back to Hong Kong? Shipping is pricey...over ~$125 USD one way using UPS (that would be ~$250 both ways)
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