KingSound KS-H3?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by blackwolf1006, Aug 8, 2014.
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  1. pataburd
    Ran the H-03 with the SRM-1, Mk 2. The Stax is a much more detail-rendering amplifier than the M-10, and really "wakes up" the H-03.
    The SR-507 sound very good with the SRM-1, Mk 2--way more detailed than the H-03 (which now sound veiled by comparison). The H-03 still have a more liquid/"tube-like" presentation with more bass weight/warmth/presence, compared to the SR-507.
    The KGSS DX is scheduled to arrive today and all I have on hand at the house are the KS H-03 (the SR-507 are at my apartment).
    Can't wait to hear the KGSS!
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  2. pataburd
    Briefly auditioned the KGSS DX with the KS H-03 last night.
    The most detailed and transparent performance I have heard to date with the H-03, although I did note that leading edge transient attack (especially from cymbal strikes) came across (or not quite came across) as rather subdued, at least compared with what I am used to hearing otherwise.
    Rounded out the evening listening to my longtime favorite dynamic, on-ear, closed headphones: the Martin Logan Mikros 90 (with Ted's Headphood UPOCC silver cable), beautifully balanced: frequency-wise, dynamically and tonally.
    Have to get (retrieve them from a remote location) the SR-507 up-and-running with the KGSS DX.
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