KingSound KS-H3?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by blackwolf1006, Aug 8, 2014.
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  1. pataburd
    Look at the M-03 portable?

  2. JimL11
    I would go with the Stax SRM252 over the Kingsound.  It's cheaper, and you can pick up a used one for around $250.  In both the Stax and Kingsound you are limited by the relatively low current available in a portable (no room for big heatsinks).  Having seen the schematics of both Kingsound and Stax desktop amps, I think Stax has better designs.
  3. Krisna13
    Hi all, Im looking into buying the Kingsound H3s. I already have a star system (L300 and arm 252 amp). I was wondering in the H3s will work with the srm 252 amp?
  4. JimL11
    Should work, the bias voltage and jacks are compatible. The main limitation of the 252 is its low current capability, which limits how loudly it can play, but for many, perhaps most, people that is not an issue.
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  5. Matez
  6. Krisna13
    Thanks for the reply. The stax have a voltage of 580 and Kingsound 550, as far as I'm aware they are both pro bias (5pin). SO in theory they should work, I'm still unsure if I should pull the plug though, in the fear of breaking either the SRM 252 of Kingsound H3. Im getting the H3's second for pretty cheap, but still... If any one else could confirm the two are compatible that would be lovely. Thank you again for the reply :)
  7. VandyMan
    KS H3 works with pro bias. I have used the H3 with the STAX 727 ii and the BHSE without issues.
  8. pataburd
    I am thinking about getting the H-03/M-10 out of the closet. Have been busy and practically headphone-less for well over a year, consigned to computer-fi: Monk Plus earbuds, the 1More Quads and of course the Martin Logan Mikros 90.
  9. Matez
    I currently am rocking H-03 with iESL and iCAN Pro (both by iFi Audio) and, as HE-1000 owner, I have to say that I'm impressed. These cans obviously aren't for every type of music out there, but when real instruments come into play, the outcome is great; very mellow, smooth and tangible in general. Bass has additive value, it's not overbearing at all and highs are exceptionally smooth and resolving. The iFi/Kingsound setup is very relaxing, posh so to speak. Some audience might want more bass oomph for instance, or more direct approach in general. But subjectively the sound I'm getting is very refined and likable.
  10. pataburd
    That sounds good. Will unpack/hook up the H-03 later this week, Deo volente.
  11. VandyMan
    If you can get a good price and are more into mid-range than bass or treble extension, the H-03 is a good choice. Generally though, I think most people will be happier with the STAX L-x00 range.
  12. pataburd
    I had the Stax SR-507 and found them hard from the upper midrange on up.
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  13. pataburd
    Finally got the Kingsound H-03/M-10 combo out of the closet and up-and-running.

    Streaming (Lenovo G50-->AQ Jitterbug-->USB Disruptor/DaBigGenius-->Emotiva Little Ego dac-->Ted's Headfood UPOCC copper* 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable-->KS M-10 w/MAC power cable-->KS H-03);

    Kraftwerk ("The Robots", Headphone Surround 3-D mix) and it sounds "eerily" good. I am giving the SR-507 another go as well (the Stax should be coming in next week).

    "Autobahn" is engrossing in its front-to-back and side-to-side dimensional shifts. Bass (with no boost) is flat, deep and fast.

    Gary Burton, "Reunion" with Pat Metheny. Replaced the Magnetic Floater vibration absorber feet with mryrtle wood blocks** and everything sounds much better (the M-10 is oriented horizontally). Gary Burton's vibes solo gives way to Mitchel Forman's excellent piano slot on the title cut.

    KingSound provides a worthy rendition of "Origin", featuring Metheny on acoustic guitar.

    [Ultimately opted for Ted's UPOCC silver hook-up cable* and Herbie's gabon ebony footers** underneath the M-10 for best sound.]

    Glad I got these back out! :o2smile:
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  14. pataburd
    Schubert's 9th Symphony, Nikolaus Harnoncort, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.
    This is where the KingSound shines.
  15. pataburd
    Have been a/b-ing the KingSound H-03 and Stax SR-507, with the KS-M10 amp.
    No contest in terms of detail retrieval: the Stax wins.
    The KS H-03 do have a smooth, liquid sound with better bass carry.
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